According to his colleague and friend Syndrome, Fireball the Hedgehog is "a bronze haired adrenaline junkie with sunshades and a certain bite of an attitude". He is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character who features primarily in roleplays on SVT and in the literary works of his creator, for whom he acts as an avatar.


Fireball is an anthropomorphic hedgehog. His fur colour and quills are shades of almost metallic bronze. He is a little tall for his species, approximately 3'7. His quills are slightly shorter than the average, but have a razor-sharp edge.

Fireball is rarely seen without his black sunglasses. As his glasses are prone to damage or loss during his adventures, he often has to replace them, and they do not have a consistent style, they are normally sleek plastic or subtle metal rims. Fireball's eyes are rarely seen, but they are an odd mixture of green, blue and brown, and the colour appears to change if you look deep into them.

Fireball usually wears black and white trainers, which are very tough but still worn out with wear and tear. He also wears white inventory gloves, of the same variety worn by Sonic and the gang.


"Adventure seeker, on an empty street,
Just an alley creeper, light on his feet
A young fighter screaming, with no time for doubt,
With the pain and anger, can't see a way out,
It ain't much I'm asking, I heard him say,
Gotta find me a future, move out of my way,
I want it all."
-I Want It All, Queen
Fireball defines himself as an adventure junkie. He actively seeks out a lifestyle of action and adventure. He enjoys confrontation, comradeship and adrenaline.

Fireball tries to examine new people he meets to understand them better, and is careful not to judge too quickly in case he underestimates a potential foe. He is considerate to those he considers friends, and loving to those he considers closer. He is perceived sometimes to be arrogant with a holier-than-thou attitude, this stems from his confidence and his desire to be the best.

Fireball tends to fight on the side of heroes, although his competitive tendencies may lead to clashes with others on his side. He can work on his own, although he works best when partnered with another adventurer. He is happy being part of a team, although he will tend to do his own thing if he thinks it is right. He also has a large problem with authority, which can lead to issues if he disagrees with the leader of a team or any other authority figures.

Fireball seems to have a cool and calm composure most of the time, but his reckless 'cowboy' attitude can sometimes lead him to unnecessary danger or loss.


Fireball's key skill is his speed. At a full sprint Fireball has been clocked at approximatley 320 m/s, just this side of the speed of sound in air. However, this speed can only be kept up for small distances, and he is more likely to be seen moving at around 50 m/s (112 mph). His full speed is usually achieved through his use of the spin dash technique, using which he is able to 'rev-up' and build his speed by rolling on the spot until a very high angular velocity is reached, and then releasing this speed, rolling in a straight line ahead. Both running and spin dashing has been known to leave behind a trail of fire caused by the friction between the ground and his feet.

By harnessing the power of a Chaos Emerald and many rings, Fireball can use the Chaos Control to distort time in a manner that appears to allow him or other objects to 'teleport' between locations at a tremendous speed. He has had limited practise with this technique and so it requires much concentration from him.


In battle, Fireball often spins into his opponents. This allows him to use the razor-sharp spines to cut through armour or cause more damage to flesh.

Fireball has a black belt in Karate-Do-Shotokai, he also has some skills in a variety of other things, though is not expert in them, such as map reading, music (especially guitar), horse riding, survival skills, street fighting, skiing, swimming (for a hedgehog he is excellent, but generally he is below par), computer cracking and programming.

Fireball is a terrible cook, but claims he makes up for it by being excellent in bed.


Fireball's Childhood

Fireball grew up on North Island, where he was raised by his parents until the age of 15. He attended school with Sparky the Fox, who was his closest childhood friend and like a little brother to him. JJ the Echidna was also a close friend of his. Although JJ lived on Angel Island, he visited Fireball and Sparky regularly. Fireball was easily the fasted in his school, and so at the Islands Junior Olympics he became rivals with the other speedy competitors, a blue hedgehog called Sonic and a purple hedgehog known as Blackstar.

Fireball left home at 16 and moved to Central City, where he quickly joined a team known as the Halo Squad, and met his friend and attourney Socks the Rabbit.


Super Fireball

After collected 50 rings and all seven Chaos Emeralds, Fireball is able to transform into his super form, Super Fireball. In appearence, Super Fireball looks much like Fireball. As with Super Sonic, his quills are extended and point upwards. He takes on a glowing metallic golden colour instead of his usual bronze, and as the energy pulses through him he glimmers with white. In his super form, Fireball gains a number of abilities. The most obvious of these are the ability to fly, and near-invulnerability to harm. Additionally, using the powers of individual Chaos Emeralds, he is able to perform several energy-based 'attacks', all of which deplete his reserve of rings.

Special Attacks

  • Chaos Firebolt - The red emerald gives Super Fireball the ability to aim and shoot a bolt of fire.
  • Chaos Spear - The yellow emerald gives Super Fireball the ability to launch an forceful projectile.
  • Chaos Bind - The green emerald gives Super Fireball the ability to invoke a dark matter cage.
  • Chaos Magnet - The cyan emerald gives Super Fireball the ability to create an electric field which draws rings towards him.
  • Chaos Wave - The grey/white emerald gives Super Fireball the ability to create a seismic shockwave that extends from his position in a growing circle.
  • Chaos Blast - The purple emerald gives Super Fireball the ability to launch a wave of energy that causes severe damage to every object within a limited radius.
  • Chaos Splash - The blue emerald gives Super Fireball limited control over water. The technique has not been seen and so its exact results are unknown.

Super Fireball has also surfaced before, after Fireball shared a kiss with Nyte the Jungle Cat. Nyte was unaware at the time she was using a technique which became known as the 'Kiss of Life', where she is able to share her power to heal or power-up others. Subsequent power-ups turned Fireball into a platinum-coloured Hyper Fireball, and then to the bright red Deity Fireball, who was possessed by an angered Chaos Incarnate, the spirit of Chaos energy. It is worth noting, however, that this event took place out of the canon storyline and so 'officially' never happened, and so the results of further power-ups (e.g. collecting the powered-up Super Emeralds) may not have this effect on Fireball.

Werewolf Fireball

Infected with the curse of lycanthropy through a werewolf bite, Fireball went on a world-wide pilgrimage to attempt to find a cure for lycanthropy. It is worth noting that the correct term for his status would be ‘hedgewolf’, rather than ‘werewolf’. He tried several methods to cure himself. Unable to locate a cure which did not have a catch, he attempted to take his own life with a silver dagger. Luckily, however, the timing of this event (Spring Equinox at dawn), and combination of the “cures” he had already attempted, ultimately were able to rid his mind, soul and body of this curse.

Fireball and Hawk

Fireball found companionship in a Golden Eagle that he found in the forest. He trained the bird of prey, who was surprisingly intelligent and learned fast. He named the eagle Hawk, and Fireball and Hawk became an inseperable team. Tragically, Hawk was brutally murdered by Nyte during the events of Shade is Dead. Fireball retained an ability to understand and communicate with birds of prey to an almost Doolittlian extent for several months after Hawk's death, it is theorised that Hawk's spirit was guiding him.


Maelstrom is the demon-slave that Fireball was transformed into during the events of Jungle Fever. NyteShade summoned the demon to possess Fireball's body and mind, and transform him into her slave, whom she named Maelstrom. In appearence Maelstrom is a large snake, that takes on many of Fireball's characteristics. He has pointed hedgehog ears, dark sunshades and bronze-coloured scales. He also has shrunken arms, that are mostly useless. Maelstrom was eventually vanquished from Fireball's body, mostly as the demon-possesion clashed with his wolf-lycanthropy (see Werewolf Fireball). Maelstrom has a forked tongue and speaks with extended 'ss' sounds in sibilants.

Maelstrom acts like a pet to NyteShade, and has a strong desire to please her. He is happy to be her demon-slave and detests the fact that he has to share his body with the mortal hedgehog, Fireball.

In Maelstrom's pure form (without Fireball) he has no arms or noticeable ears. His skin is pea green and his tail is lengthened. Maelstrom can still be summoned for short periods of time in his pure form by NyteShade. However, after it became apparent that Maelstrom had developed romantic feelings for his mistress, Nyte is now more reluctant to summon his services.

Dark Fireball

When in contact with any of the three Dark Emeralds, Fireball becomes Dark Fireball. This alternative super form brings out the evil in Fireball, without him realising that any change has taken place. The various emeralds distort him in different ways, and each brings a unique set of barely charted abilities. The emeralds only affect Fireball, however, when he is in their vicinity. After a certain distance from the emeralds is reached, Fireball returns to his usual self.

  • Hate - The Hate Emerald turns Fireball a sickly green-black colour, giving him the ability to fly, cast dark balls of energy and gain superhuman strength. The emerald turns Fireball into a bitter, hateful monster who despises everything he sees.
  • Rage - The Rage Emerald also builds Fireball's muscles, it turns him a fiery red colour and his eyes flash unstabily as if lit by candles. His vision, because of this, becomes red and movement causes him to see blurry trails. He becomes incredibly angry at any mild annoyance and will occasionally even catch fire. In this form he is immune to harm by fire and has increased speed.
  • Pain - The third emerald, believed to be known as Pain, has never been in contact with Fireball and so its effect on him is unknown.


This section is still to be added, see main article Obscurité.


Windstrike is a version of Fireball from an alternative reality. A device used to travel between realities created by Stride Slywhin, landed several adventurors in the Mirror Underground universe, a world which was in many ways an opposite to the Underground universe. Stride Slywhin, Azrael and NyteShade were destructive and malicious, and had reformed the Angels of Chaos as a terrorist force that used SVT City as a playground to kill and destroy.

Windstrike represented the only adventuror standing in their way. However, while he was not exactly evil, he didn't seem very driven in his goals, and so spent more time talking to his foes than fighting them. In many ways he shared a strange friendship with this version of the Angels of Chaos.

Windstrike looks identical to Fireball, except for the fact that he has silver fur rather than bronze. He is very talkative, but is ultimatley rather lazy and somewhat clumsy. His speed and abilites are also identical to Fireball's, except that when Windstrike runs he does not leave a trail of fire, but rather a gust of wind.

Windstrike was eventually returned to his home reality, after befriending Fireball (much to NyteShade's disapproval), despite their initial controversy.


Due to a bizarre series of events, Fireball has on several occasions been temporarily magically changed to female. The vast majority of these occasions have taken place outside the canon storyline, however occasionally Fireball has had to deal with the loss of his masculinity in his adventures. The female Fireball adopted the name Flare insisting by way of explanation that she was Fireball's sister or cousin. Flare's main problems were dealing with sexuality, as she struggled to deal with Fireball's womenizing tendencies and her own newly found interest in men. Flare also found her physical abilities were weakened and her emotions and hormones were difficult to control.


Fireball and Sparky

Fireball and Sparky have been best friends since they were children. Both growing up on North Island, they went to the same school and lived near each other. In the summer months and winter holidays, they would go on adventures around the island with JJ the Echidna, mostly involving playing games in the forests, roleplaying, playing music together, cycling, hillwalking etc. As Sparky was an orphan, he was often taken in by Fireball's parents. Thus the two formed a bond like brothers. Sparky was actually the first to give Fireball his nickname, due to his speed, before he was fast enough to leave a trail of fire behind him, and long before it was widely adopted by the public when he left North Island. Sparky moved to SVT City before Fireball did, and this was the main reason Fireball chose to move there.

When Sparky was turned into a vampire, Fireball was devastated by the loss of his friend. He was able to summon Sparky's father, a fire-elemental Ultimate, who was able to reverse the infection.

Fireball and Sparky remain close friends, however their paths cross less often, as Sparky leads a team of crimefighters, and Fireball lives an active life of adventuring.

Fireball and NyteShade

Fireball met Shade during the events of the Station Square Standoff. Knowing that the being and her friends possessed god-like powers, and domainated the city with their arrogant abuse of power, Fireball saw it his duty to stop them. The battle left both Fireball and Shade severley injured, and both held a grudge against each other.

Further meetings always saw the two at each other's throats, culminating in the now-legendary Battle of Casino Night City. Where the two fought for days, taking down a chunk of the city with them. There were some times where the two reluctantly teamed up, but it seemed that they were natural enemies.

When Shade died in mysterious circumstances, Fireball found himself both overjoyed, and saddened. Although she was his worst enemy, in many ways she was also his best friend. He did not, at the time, realise that Shade had been re-incarnated in the body of Nyte, who preceeded to attack Fireball, angered by his apparent happiness.

After the events known as Jungle Fever, the now fused being known as NyteShade, approached Fireball with an offer of friendship, claiming she was tired of fighting, and believed they could work side-by-side. Fireball hesitantly agreed.

From there the two grow into adventuring partners, taking on challenges together. Their friendship grew to the point where they were an inseperable team. Through this time their relationship took almost every conceivable turn. Grief-stricken over the loss of a loved one, Shade's dark nature took over and she went on a murderous spree in a populated city. Fireball and Stride Slywhin where able to stop her and contain her. In her hedgehog form, Fireball had found Shade very attractive, and as she was able to shift her form, she often adopted this look around him, and the two occasionally shared a lust-driven romantic interest. When Fireball was weakened, Shade was always there to take care of him and help him heal, and when Shade's bloodthirst was strong, Fireball was there to keep her grounded and stop her from commiting acts she would regret.

Being of part vampiric descent, NyteShade has always had vampire blood in her, when this was awakened by Obscurité, NyteShade became a powerful vampire. In a small town known as Ghost Town, Shade was attacked by a vampire hunter, who wanted to kill her. She was driven into a church, where Fireball rescued her. But realising there was no cure, Fireball himself shot her with a crossbow, killing her instantly. He hoped that, as before, she would be able to re-incarnate and return without her vampiric traits. Shade did return, but eventually, so did her vampiric side, as a creature known as Serena. Serena claims to have been a major player in the SVT Fallout.

NyteShade has now settled down and become a family women and Fireball is the godfather of her third child Zander Evangel. Although their adventures together are more rare, both are still close friends.

Fireball and Romance

Fireball's first romantic relationship since his move to SVT City was with a crimson coloured hedgehog with ice-blue quills that he met through Runix. On revealing that she has very little understanding of her powers, Fireball encouraged her to forfeit her immortality, which she eventually agreed to.

The hedgehog stood by Fireball while he battled lycanthropy, but this put a heavy strain on their relationship. Growing further from her family, she became disinterested with adventure as she attempted to come to terms with her newfound mortality. Fireball found her withdrawl frustrating, not fully understanding her reasons, and eventually terminated their relationship. Although he attempted to continue to watch over her and remain friends, she made it clear that she no longer wished to be a part of her life, and was quick to restore her immortality.

Fireball instantly became attracted to Jade Slywhin, the daughter of Stride and Shade from an alternative future. He fell for her "in-your-face" attitude and the figure she inherited from her mother. All the Slywhin children had been told stories of their parents contemporaries, and Jade was excited by the idea of meeting a childhood hero and was attracted to his confidence and character. Although they knew Stride would disapprove, she warped the two of them to a secret location and they revealed their feelings and shared a kiss. As predicted, Stride, who at this point was overlord of the Machinist Planet and had learned and mastered shadowmancy, taught by his wife, Shade, reacted angrily and send an army to find and kill Fireball. Luckily for Fireball, the future was altered and this version of Stride and Shade never came to be. The timeline re-wrote itself, and although Fireball could recall these events, to Stride and Shade it never took place (as it hadn't happened to the present day them).

Fireball also had a brief fling with the hedgehog Shady while living near her in suburban SVT. Both working active musicians, they attended the same parties and hung out together. This potential relationship was interrupted when Fireball returned to SVT City centre and began a relationship with Syndrome.

Shady's friend Mandi also fell for Fireball, and convinced him to go on a date with her to Crystal Beach. Although he enjoyed himself, he was careful not to betray Syndrome, as he was dating her at this time.

Fireball and Syndrome

Fireball and Syndrome first met while both investigating a death in an outpost within the Arctic Circle. While initially there were certain tensions between the two, both trying to prove themselves as tough adventurors to each other, they quickly found they had an interest in each other, though at first did not act on it.

After numerous adventures together, working side-by-side, Fireball and Syndrome formed a strong friendship. When Syndrome is stalked and tortured by bounty hunter Infinity, Fireball attempts to rescue her by challanging him to a battle in Fireball vs. Infinity. Fireball defeats Infinity, believing to have killed him.

During the events of the Death of Syndrome, when reports emerge that Syndrome was murdered, Fireball is quick to uncover that Syndrome is alive, and takes the investigation of the attack very personally, first blaming D'artangon and then taking her to the hospital himself where she is put on life support and he watches over her. The two are seperated by the events of the SVT Fallout and it is not until Marionette that they meet again. Fireball realises, however, that it is not Syndrome who is in control of her body, it is Infinity, and he is forced to do battle with the bounty hunter once more. As the adventure continues, Fireball, along with several others, are taken into Syndrome's mindscape, where Fireball learns more about Syndrome's history. Although her abusive past scares him, he accepts her as she is. When Syndrome's mind is restored, Fireball shares his first kiss with Syndrome. The pair realise that they have shared feelings for each other for some time, and form a romantic relationship.

They grow inseperable, spending most of their private lives and their working lives together. During Syndrome vs. Nyteshade, Fireball interrupts the fight to come to Syndrome's aid, as he believes NyteShade is cheating by using superpowers that Syndrome can't match. This is important as it is the first time where Fireball must choose between the two most important women in his life. Their relationship is also put to the test as Syndrome evolves away from her hedgehog species, to become more feline, and then more human, which dampens Fireball's attraction to her.

Fireball’s death brings their relationship to an abrupt end. When Fireball is reborn, he finds that Syndrome has moved on, and is now dating Wind. Fireball is infuriated, in his eyes Wind has stolen her, and he attacks Wind during Bad Blood: Evangel Estate Open House. However, he is unable to confront Syndrome as she has been missing for some time.

Fireball's Family

Although little is recorded about Fireball's origins. It is known that he was raised by two loving parents on North Island. His parents are still alive and well, and his "brother" Hedgehog the Hedgehog currently lives on North Island.

Fireball's parents consider Hedgehog Fireball's younger brother, as he looks identical, and has no living parents of his own.


Idea of Fireball

I think sometimes in the old Sonic cartoon, Sonic sometimes left a trail of fire behind him, but I mostly got this idea from Back to the Future, when the Delorean leaves a trail of fire behind it as it travels through time.

It's fairly obvious that Fireball was almost entirely ripped off from the character Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic has always been my favorite of the series, and I wanted to play as him, without having to bother about always trying to do the things that Sonic would do and say the things he'd say. So I cloned him.

With that basic template he's gone through quite a bit of customization. A drastic personality change for a start, Fireball's attitude is quite different from Sonic's. He's also got sunglasses, which is a nod to Sprike, my previous fan-character, who began as a clone of Protoman from the Megaman games. Unlike Sprike, who was created primarily for sprite comics, Fireball was created for roleplay; so I tried to keep his backstory quite separate to the events of the main characters in the series, although they are of a similar vein, so as to keep it realistic in its world. (For example, if he was supposed to be friends with Tails, why isn't Tails ever in the roleplays?)

Although a lot of my own personality comes through in Fireball, at the beginning I tried to keep this in mind when deciding the sort of things he does: I enjoy roleplay that is fast-paced, adventure-driven and lots of battle. Therefore Fireball should seek out these sort of things, that way I'll get the most fun out of playing him.

He's bronze because pretty much every color is already taken by one or more characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series or their super form. I decided right from the start that bronze/ gold-when-super made a good combination.

Origin of Names


Sonic gets called the 'Blue Blur' as he is a blue ball travelling at high speeds. A bronzen ball at high speed leaving behind a trail of fire... what would you call it?


I came up with the name "Windstrike" when I was trying to think of an 'opposite' for Fireball to be set in the alternative reality. Instead of focusing on fire, I went for another element. Since the Fireball/Sparky/JJ alliance already has fire/electricity/ice, I thought wind would be a good alternative element. So similar to Fireball leaving a trail of fire, Windstrike leaves a gust of wind when he runs, therefore was nicknamed "Windstrike".


Obscurité often talks in french. The word, obscurité, is french for darkness.


It's another word for fire, isn't it? Plus its kind of girly because it sounds like 'flair'. I was also considering 'Ember' but I think that would put people in the mind of an old, dying fire. Not a feminine one.

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