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Fire and Ice is a anime series focusing on Chilly the Cat. The anime itself was created by Kitten-Cookie. The anime focuses on Chilly and her adventures, and dealing with her and her friend's problems. There is a total of 1 season so far.


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Main Characters

Chilly the Cat

  • Full Name: Chilly Mist
  • Age: 11
  • Powers: Cryokinesis(ice), Pyrokinesis(fire), Psychokinesis(psychic energy)

Spirit the Cat

  • Full Name: Spirit Ariana
  • Age: 11
  • Powers: Photokinesis(light), Logikinesis(logic)

Opal the Cat

  • Full Name: Opalescence Xiana Pelletier
  • Age: 12
  • Power(s): Psychokinesis(psychic energy), Crystallokinesis(crystals)


Season 1

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  • The name of the anime was based off Chilly's powers, Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis.
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