This is an article about Fire Sonic, a character created by Sonicmegaman211683 on 07/29/2015.

Fire Sonic is the alternate super state of Sonic the Hedgehog. 


Fire Sonic appears as a hedgehog with fire-colored fur, gold eyes & upward quills. He wears white gloves and lightweight, hyper friction resistant light yellow sneakers with a white strap and gold buckle.


His personality is the same as Super Sonic's personality.


This alternate super form has appeared in the 8th episode of Super Mario Brothers Z. Sonic got knocked back next to a crate of bob-ombs by Koopatrols. It was then when he saw Mario's fire flower and got angry.

He jumped up and grabbed the fire flower and started spinning while an aura of flames appeared from his body. He roughly made a hard landing and transformed into Fire Sonic.


Like Blaze and Mario, Fire Sonic is granted with Pyrokinesis. 


Fire Sonic has the ability to shoot fireballs with his palm. He can also surround himself with an aura of fire and boost at top speeds, leaving behind streaks of fire on the ground.


Like his super forms (that can fly), Fire Sonic can fly at high distances. He has enhanced strength, super speed & durability. Like his dark form, he can also move at light speeds.


Fire Sonic's weakness is being turned into stone.

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