Cquote1 I gave you one week to end this peacefully and release the children you are holding, and you have refused this. You know very well that I am not a patient person, but I will give you one last chance: end this now, and I'll let you off easy. Cquote2
Fire Fox to King Shadow, Shadow of Time

Fire Fox is the Super Transformation of Fox the Brave. Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog-who require the Chaos Emeralds to achieve their Super Forms-Fox can achieve his at will without the need for Emeralds of any kind.


For the most part, it appears that Fox mainly just changes in color. He takes on a color scheme similar to Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Fire Fox's fur becomes a bright golden-yellow, his eyes become red, and his paws and ears become white. Also, flames cover his hands, feet, tail, and neck, and he appears to walk more on all fours than on two legs.


Fox retains his old personality for the most part. One difference is more heightened aggression since his desires to protect his Team are heightened as well.


Fire Fox first appeared in Land of Nightmares in order to combat Sonic.EXE following the death of Tai the Charizard. He only appeared briefly, using his own version of Iron Tail from Pokemon to knock Sonic.EXE back into the Land of Shadows. Fire Fox briefly appears in World of Shadows to battle Dark Enerjak, and later Nero's Madness before achieving a further transformation. Fox uses this form in The War of Time during the titular War of Time, first to battle Enerjak Prime, later to fight Mephiles; in both cases, he achieves a further form. In Austin's Terror and Austin's Return, he is mentioned to be battling Dark Enerjak, and in the latter story, Austin pulls him out of the wreckage of the Storming Base. He is also mentioned in the Dark Mobius story Secrets of the Dark World: Part 1, when Braveheart laments about his father's death while fighting.


Most noticeable of all is Fire Fox's pyrokinesis. Like Super Sonic and Super Shadow, he can fly and has super strength and super speed(though the latter is never shown). The flames on his paws, tail, and shoulders do little more than show his emotion, growing brighter when angry, dimmer when unhappy. He can also roar much like a lion.

Since the addition of Pokemon to the series, Fire Fox is capable of using all attacks, including the newly-introduced Z-Moves; though this has never been mentioned, and the criteria for using Z-Moves is currently unknown since he often prefers to use certain moves.

Fox's Confirmed Moves:


Fire Fox's weaknesses have never been mentioned at all, so it is currently unknown if he has any.

A possible weakness is that he will revert to normal if sufficiently exhausted or has lost the strength and energy to remain in the form. The latter has been mentioned a few times in the Secrets of the Dark World Trilogy, as it is what caused his death; he was knocked into a building by Dark Enerjak, where he fell to the ground, reverting to normal before being crushed underneath falling rubble.


"What are you trying to do? Tickle me!?"
Fox taunting King Shadow, Shadow of Time


Fire Fox was given his name to keep with the alliteration theme of Super Forms(i.e. Super Sonic, Burning Blaze, etc)

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