Fire Fang

Fire Fang is a strong, close-range attack.


Coating their teeth in fire, the user lunges and bites down on the foe, scorching everything around the bite area. The strength of this attack is determined by how strong the user's bite force is.

As it is a biting attack, the user needs to get their face extremely close to the foe, leaving the more vulnerable areas of their head (eyes, ears, etc.) potentially open to attack. Being an Fire-aligned move, this attack can inflict burns.


Pokemon Users

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  • Ice Fang - Ice variant
  • Aqua Fang - Water variant
  • Thunder Fang - Electric variant
  • Divine Fang - Light variant
  • Shadow Fang - Dark variant
  • Poison Fang - Poison variant
  • Crunch - Elementless variant

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