Fire Deity Enjanagi
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Elemental Deity
Long red chiton tunic

Black strapped up sandals

Black Armlets
The Three Elemental Deities
Thunder Deity Raiyuzami (Brother)

Ice Deity Hyougami (Sister)

Izanamihime (Mother, Creator)
Vulcan Flame

Hell Storm

Inferno Fusillade

Blazing Slash
Super Forms:
Kagutsuchi Enjanagi
American V.A.
Taylor Henry
Japanese V.A.
Junichi Suwabe
First Appearance:
Path of the Elemental Priestess
Original Creator:
Jeremiah Cuff

  Enjanagi is the leader of the three Mobian elemental deities who terrorized Oriyugata with his siblings Raiyuzami and Hyougami to obtain the six Izanagi Crystals until they fought Oboro's grandfather Hanzo Hyuzami and were sealed away by him after a lengthy confrontation. They were eventually released by Dr. Eggman from their imprisonment and teamed up with him to obtain the Izanagi Crystals so they can cause the end of the world. He is the main antagonist of Sonic The Fighters 3: The Fate of Oriyugata.



An Egomaniac, Enjanagi loves to cause chaos and carnage every where he goes. Enjanagi wants to collect all of the Izanagi Crystals so he reach godhood and kick start the end of the world and he is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve his goal, ally or enemy alike.


Enjanagi wears a long bright red chiton covering his muscular and toned body and has on a pair of black armlets on his arms. He also wears black straped up sandals and has orange red flames for hair.



Since Enjanagi is an elemental deity, he can control fire as his element and has several powerful attacks that he uses in his arsenal.


  • Vulcan Flame: Immolates enemies with a powerful burst of fire.
  • Hell Storm: Unleashes a barrage of flaming meteors that crashes to the ground and devastates all enemies on screen.
  • Inferno Fusillade: Rapidly scatters mutiple flames that homes in and burns enemies on screen.
  • Blazing Slash: Devastates the opponent with blade of flame energy.


Kagutsuchi Enjanagi is Enjanagi when he absorbs the powers of the Sol Emeralds that turns him into a hulking volcanic entity which also boosted his fire elemental powers, he used this form to fight Oboro Hyuzami the Shih-Tzu.


Before Sonic The Fighters 3

Enjanagi was one of the three elemental deities along with his siblings Raiyuzami and Hyougami that was created from the unstable powers of the Mobian goddess of death Izanamihime when she was imprisoned in the deepest pits of pandemonium. The elemental beings manage to break free from the pandemonium when the unfettered mother of Oboro Hyuzami, Hatsuko broke the seal that trapped them inside. With her help, the elemental deities proceeds to wreak absolute havoc throughout the Oriyugata region of Mobius. Their rampage continued for days until Hanzo Hyuzami proceeds to meet Enjanagi, Hyougami, and Raiyuzami in combat. After a long, chaotic battle against them, Hanzo managed to defeat the three elemental deities in his susano'o transformation and sealed them away in a magical chamber in Hisame Jungle. Hatsuko, who was involved the elemental deities rampage in Oriyugata, tries to plead for her father to forgive her, but an infuriated Hanzo instead discarded his love for his daughter and he banished Hatsuko from Oriyugata for her awful obsession with the idea of trying to release the Mobian death goddess Izanamihime to bring destruction on Mobius. Everthing went back to normal shortly after.

Sonic The Fighters 3: The Fate of Oriyugata

Enjanagi and his siblings are freed from their imprisonment when Dr. Eggman accidently fell on top of the magical seal that was placed in front of the cave which caused it to shattered to pieces. After that, Enjanagi, Raiyuzami, and Hyougami thanked the bumbling scientist for releasing them and formed an alliance with him to find the six Izanagi Crystals. Later on throughout the game, Enjanagi encounters Blaze, Jet, and Wave when they were attempting to grab to the Izanagi Crystal of Fire. He engaged them in battle and eventually overwhelms them with his powerful attacks.





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