No# so far - 45
Males - 25
Females - 20
Characters with strikes through their names are either deceased or no longer a member of the Clan.


Soldiers are among the most well-rounded forces that fight for the Fire Clan, with respectable offensive capabilities. Decently agile, they can also hit quite hard, primarily with physical attacks, but they have a decent connection with the Chaos Force as well. Their defenses aren't anything special, however, yet they can either be close-quarters or ranged fighters.

  1. Torxes the Ram - Male; the head soldier. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Tulekahju the Mongoose - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  3. Ledakan the Thylacine - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  4. Korvetama the Raccoon - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  5. Kyndill the Coyote - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  6. Incendie the Stoat - Female; the sister of Ardente. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  7. Ardente the Stoat - Male; the brother of Incendie. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  8. Vulkaan the Hedgelynx - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  9. Neraka the Skunk - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  10. Gegote the Badger - Male; the brother of Pyroli. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  11. Flame The Cat - Male


Knights are the tanks of the battlefield, trained to take great deals of abuse and retaliate with powerful physical attacks. However, they are generally not very agile, and tend to be melee-exclusive; they also don't have a terribly strong connection to the Chaos Force.

  1. Bruciare the Catchilla - Male; an Inferno Fire specialist. Owned by Flashfire212 (Talk).
  2. Sedrick the Typhlosion - Male; a Mobianized Typhlosion and the brother of Tsinosra, he was banished after killing Zuzel the Hyrax. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).

Battle Mages

Battle Mages excel in dealing large amounts of damage with Elemental/energy-based attacks in a short amount of time, thanks to a strong connection with the Chaos Force. While decently fast, they are quite frail, and tend to have mediocre physical strength.

  1. Pelenai the Marten - Female; the head battle magess. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Irmied the Cheetah - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  3. Cenizas the Hedgelynx - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  4. Majivu the Deer - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  5. Flamara the Fennec - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  6. Maganon the Gymnure - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  7. Tsinosra the Typhlosion - Female; a Mobianized Typhlosion and the sister of Sedrick, she was banished along with her brother. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


Summoners are quite reliant upon the creatures they have bonded with, who fight alongside their masters. Oftentimes they carry lightweight weapons to defend themselves if they can't rely on their Summons. They are fast, but also quite frail, and have only average physical strength; they have a decently strong connection to the Chaos Force, however.

  1. Kuyeyuka the Hare - Female; the head Summoner, her main Summon is a male Salamander named Scalder. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Edan the Dragon - Male; his main Summon is a Flamma Koskerafi. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  3. Zuzel the Hyrax - Male; he was killed by Sedrick the Typhlosion; his main Summon was an Infernowl who is now being cared for by Erimis the Possum. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


Tacticians excel at strategical combat, putting emphasis on (often physical) combos performed by their own techniques or with allies, as well as the ability to analyze their environment with great accuracy and also play with the minds of their opponents. They are fairly speedy, but tend to be somewhat frail, and carry less raw power than a soldier or a knight, hence the reliance on combos. They have a mediocre connection to the Chaos Force as well.

  1. Gondol the Horse - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Pyroli the Badger - Female; the sister of Gegote. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


Assassins are famous for their dangerous and silent tactics, emphasizing speed and swift, precise attacks over durability. They excel at ambushing and dispatching foes with little to no effort and commotion. They have respectable physical strength, yet only a mediocre connection to the Chaos Force.

  1. Pochoden the Snake - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Xelax the Hedgehog - Male


Scouts aren't terribly strong in terms of overall offensive presence. However, they excel at hit-and-run tactics designed to distract and confound their enemies. Due to their speed and stealth, they often function as spies and messengers.

  1. Geschmolzen the Rat - Male; the head scout. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Rajahdys the Meerkat - Female; a mute who is best friends with Dewyn. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  3. Dewyn the Squirrel - Female; the best friend of Rajahdys, and the girlfriend of Arzator. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  4. Pragaras the Kangaroo - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  5. Helvetti the Bear - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  6. Arzator the Bobcat - Male; the boyfriend of Dewyn.


Medics have the most utility-based fighting style. Rather then engage directly in combat, they use their abilities to keep their allies and themselves healthy, and can also use ranged attacks to wear down enemies from afar; they are also able to inflict debuffs on the enemy. They are decently fast, but also quite frail, and usually have only average physical strength, with a moderate connection to the Chaos Force.

  1. Shageki the Fox - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Chaleur the Chinchilla - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  3. Staljene the Mulgara - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


While similar to the Medics, Alchemists put more emphasis on the use of special elixirs that they create, using them to heal/buff their allies, and inflict various debuffs on their enemies. While fast, they are also frail, and their overall offensive power tends to only be average.

  1. Brennandi the Falanouc - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


Blacksmiths forge most of the weapons used by the Fire Clan. They are somewhat similar to knights in that they are quite sturdy yet slow, but they primarily emphasize durability and defensive techniques over raw offensive power; however, they still have respectable physical strength, but only a mediocre connection to the Chaos Force.


Something of a cross between a medic and a battle mage, Priests/Priestesses have a relatively utility-based fighting style designed to wear down enemies and buff allies. They are also in charge of maintaining the shrines dedicated to their Gods, and are highly spiritual, with a strong connection to the Chaos Force; their spirituality allows them to manipulate the environment around them in subtle ways, and henceforth buff the power of their Element while diminishing the strength of others.

  1. Deginimas the Bilby - Female; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  2. Pazeme the Salamander - Male; owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  3. Erimis the Possum - Female; she is currently caring for the late Zuzel's Infernowl. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


Intelligent and creative, scientists are one of the few non-combative and non-civilian members of the Fire Clan, yet still quite versatile. Responsible for documenting and researching the world around them, they support their clan passively. As they generally don't fight, it is common for a scientist to carry around a ranged weapon (often a crossbow) for protection; some may carry things like daggers and rapiers as well. Scientists often utilize basic medicines and even healing abilities to help their allies further.

  1. Silumos the Dog - Male; a Basenji dog. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


Traders spend a good deal of their time traveling, delivering goods from the Fire Clan to their allies and bringing back traded goods as well. They are generally not made for combat, but it's not uncommon for a trader to carry a lightweight weapon for protection.

  1. Poletamine the Quoll - Female; the mother of Mitsero. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).


True to their name, civilians are just that; civilians. They have no noteworthy combat abilities, but sometimes carry simple weapons to defend themselves anyways. Children often transition into another role that better suits them once they're old enough, and then receive training for that role, but this is not always the case.

  1. Zeravica the Chillafox - Female; the future daughter of Shageki and Chaleur. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk)
  2. Zarijos the Chillafox - Male; the future son of Shageki and Chaleur. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
  3. Cendres the Bobcat - Female; the future daughter of Dewyn and Arzator.
  4. Quemado the Squirrel - Male; the future son of Dewyn and Arzator.
  5. Kuchoma the Bobirrel - Female; the future daughter of Dewyn and Arzator.
  6. Mitsero the Quoll - Female; the daughter of Poletamine. Owned by Ryushusupercat (Talk).
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