Firaga 1


Age: 17

Likes: Warm spots, Setting things on fire

Dislikes: Water, Cold areas.

Strengths: Her pyrokinesis is extremely powerful and she can create fires at temperatures as low as 32 degrees.

Weaknesses: She does run out of fire power after using her abilities for a while so she has to constantly warm up.

VOICE ACTOR: Hynden Walch - You may recognize her as the voice of Starfire from Teen Titans and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time


She is a huge people person and a bit of a psychopath when it comes to using her pyrokinesis. Even though they are compete opposites, she really likes Frostbite the Hedgehog and tries so hard to get him to open up more to people and to be a little more laid back.

Firaga love to hang out with people so you can imagine her having alot of friends. The one she cares for most is Frostbite even though they are almost comlete opposites. After she moved to mobius she became friends with many people, but she became best friends with Blaze who taught her new fire techniques.


During the elemental wars off of mobius, Her fire powers were even stronger than that of her fathers and mothers combined. So they figured she would be strong enough to win the war as they sent her off to the front of the battle. She hated war and was able to just barely escaoe with some minor damage. She made it to mobius and planned to never return, But when she met Frostbite who convinced her to team up with him in training to go back and stop the war to bring peace, she fell in love but doesn't know how to express it to him.

But she is different from all the others who wish to stop the war... She may also want to make it worse. You see when she was young she was cursed with a dark flame after her parents abused their abilities to start a war, so now darkness sits in her heart just waiting to come out and destroy the fury of war until there is nothing left, even if it means destroying the planet itself.


Fire Powers

  • Ember is her ability to manipulate the body heat of any living thing, she can raise it or lower it to cause sickness upon her enemies
  • Flame whirl is a tornado made of fire, It's not very large but it can do massive damage to anything flammable
  • Burst Feet is an ability where Firaga can use fire powers on her feet as sort of a rocket boot effect to make herself fly
  • Solar Charge is the ability to harness the suns energy to increase the power of her attacks
  • Solar burst is her ability to take all of her energy and explode it into a blast hotter than the sun, however it lasts only for a millisecond and she instantly burns out and has to recharge after using it, Despite it's extremely short time it can do massive and deadly damage.

Dark Powers

  • Dark Stare, If you make her mad or upset she will freeze and paralyze with fear with a cold stare that strikes fear in anyone who sees it.
  • Dark Flame is when her all her abilities become fused with a dark aura which causes extra power. This happens when she gives in to the darkness in her heart.


Top 100 Regular Battle Theme 70 - Kingdom Hearts - Fragments of Sorrow

Top 100 Regular Battle Theme 70 - Kingdom Hearts - Fragments of Sorrow

This theme symbolises the fear of the war that her parents tried to put her through as well as the battle against the darkness in her heart that she is fighting. When I made her, I knew this would be her theme from the moments I tyoed the first word onto this page.


"Is it hot in here or is it just me, I'm Firaga" - Introducing herself

"Get ready to burn!" - Battling an enemy

"On a scale of hot to not, you'd be a definite not" - Defeating an enemy

"Ugh the darkness messed up my concentration!" - Losing to an enemy

"Yeah, It's just me!" - Getting an S rank on a mission


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