Fiona Reynard (also known as Fiona the Fox) is a mobian fox and Marsha's older half-sister once put into an enslavement camp by Dr. Eggman and used to run with the criminals of Gaia. She has since then turned over a new leaf and now resides in Knothole.


Fiona is an anthropomorphic fox with dark red fur and tan fur on her muzzle, inside her ears, on her stomach, and on the tip of her tail. She has blue eyes and sports a sharper version of Sally Acorn's haircut with a yellow hair bow perched on top.

For attire, she wears a black crop-top hoodie, black straps with silver buttons, black pants, black elbow-long fingerless gloves, and black, white, and yellow sneakers with black straps.


Early Life

Fiona was born to Evelyn Kittredge and her first husband, John Reynard, who was a known con artist. Her parents separated while still very young and was put into the full custody of her mother while her father left Mobotropolis, never to be heard from again. Soon after, Evelyn married Alyosha Vixi and had Annushka by the time Fiona was 5. When their parents went missing shortly after, she and Annushka ended up as orphans, but Fiona remained with her baby sister so she could protect her.

Annushka and Fiona were separated during Dr. Eggman's coup and Fiona was among many captured and put to work in his enslavement camps to mine for resources for his empire. After years of being imprisoned, Fiona dug her way out and escaped from her camp.

Believing that her sister was long gone, Fiona fell into a life of crime, becoming a treasure hunter and becoming involved in petty crimes. She would often find herself as a partner to Nicolette the Weasel and have rivalry from Rouge the Bat. After discovering that her sister was indeed alive, Fiona retired to Knothole Village, where she now attempts to turn over a new leaf and to get to know the sister she now has.


Fiona is a determined fighter but is somewhat prideful, and tends to hold grudges. She has a record of mild illegal activity, including robbery. She is also extremely clever and has acute memory. However, she is reluctant to talk about her past.

Because of her past, Fiona is claustrophobic (fear of tight spaces) and merinthophobic (fear of being tied up/bound) and tends to lose her cool when she is unable to escape a situation. She tends to have nightmares in the form of horrific flashbacks. She has trust-issues and has little friends as a result.

Powers and Abilities

Like most foxes, Fiona was born with a higher IQ than average and is extremly clever. Fiona also has a variety of skills that she learned during her criminal life, much similar to Marsha's variety of skills picked up during her time as a Freedom Fighter. This includes hand-to-hand combat. knife proficiency, treasure hunting, and medical skills.


Because of her time in Eggman's imprisonment camp, Fiona is both claustrophobic and meriinthophobic, and doesn't function well when unable to escape an uncomfortable situation.

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