When Fiona is betrayed by Scourge and on the run she tries to flee from her troubles and seeks refuge in Mobius Prime's Great Forest However, something is lurking in it that will change her life forever.

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Chapter One: Deciet

Fiona rushed through the pitch black forest trying to stay in the shadows as much as possible. She wanted a few moments to rest and to allow her mind to catch up on what was happening, but her body’s natural adrenaline was surging through her and to recall such events would only cloud her mind and with unwanted thoughts. Right now she had to hide from her former lackeys who now were on the hunt for her.

Fortune favored the moment as she was able to find a thick brush of foliage in order to conceal herself. She waited and waited while being absolutely silent. Soon however she could see feet and legs of her pursuers coming around in the distance. She knew them well, as predicted they lost her trail and didn’t seem to bother themselves to search for her in the bushes. She slightly grinned at the incompetence of the ones trying to search for her, out of all people HE could send, it would be some of the most foolish members of the Destructix. However she decided to not press her luck and waited calmly until the party got bored and moved out of sight to either report back to their boss or continued searching elsewhere.

“You can’t trust anyone.” She said as she turned over and sighed.

As Fiona laid upon her back, the now adult fox’s mind began to let in a tide of bad memories. While the old memories of her past with the Freedom Fighters, and her capture. However, her recent painful memories started to swirl around in her noggin, all she felt now is something of irony, and betrayal. Her eyes started to tear up, much as they have done when she was alone in the past. This feeling of hurt and anguish was nothing new to her, for she had felt it many times before, sadly however there was one factor that was different this time. She was betrayed by someone she loved.

“I tried, I tried to be everything I could be for you! I did everything I could for you! I betrayed my former friends, busted you out of prison! I even became your queen for you!”

“And this is what I get…..I’m such a chump for believing you...”

After a few moments of sobbing and wallowing in self-pity Fiona started to slowly crawl out of the bush and gazed at the dark forest that once was her home. Although a tad less gloomy than the one on the anti-world the loneliness of the forest was still depressing as the woman pulled herself back together to get out of her predicament.

“Now where do I go? Who would take me? Scourge hates me, the Freedom Fighters hate me, and I’m sure as heck not going back to deal with Eggman..I’m alone now, as I’ve always been.”

Soon the dusk hour came and the forest was shrouded in more darkness savor the light from the stars and moon. All Fiona really could do is find a nice place to create a potential living area for herself to live out her miserable life alone in the forest.

“Perhaps I can dig a burrow or something, foxes are good at making holes right?” Fiona said to herself out loud.

“I think we are” a voice said suddenly from behind her.

Fiona’s fur started to straighten up in excitement and her tail straightened up as she turned around and put up both her hands in a combat stance. Starring at her face to face was what appeared to be a young male fox wearing spiked bracelets.

“Miles!" She exclaimed

“Miles? That’s a stupid name. Nope, no Miles for miles here!” the fox replied back to her.

“Then scram kid, I don’t have time to babysit a twerp now.” Fiona said trying to intimidate the young fox.

“Make me, lady.” The child said as he showed a mocking smirk upon his face.

“You asked for it brat!” She said as he tried to slap him

When she got close something odd happened though, before she knew it the kid has a hold of her hand with a tight grip that was bizarre for a normal kid to possess. As he clinched her hand he tugged on it to pull Fiona down to his level. In a second she was thrusted towards him with such force that it caught her by surprise. Then the fox began to use her own hand to slap herself across the face.

“Stop hitting yourself.” The fox child said mockingly as he toyed with her.

After his enjoyment was had, the child pushed her back as he let go of her wrist and Fiona was pushed back as she fell upon the ground. Her mind was still trying to make sense of what had just happened, this small kid had suddenly tossed her around like a rag doll and easily was able make her slap herself. Had she gone mad?

“Y-you can’t be real! T-this must all be a bad dream. I bet I’m asleep in my bedroom back at his castle right now!”

“You’re a crazy person, are you loony?” the kid mockingly asked her.

“I-You must have been sent by Scourge to finish me off!”

“What?” the fox replied looking at her with the upmost amusement and disbelief.

“Well too bad! Fiona Fox ain’t going to go down that easily! Not even he can push me around now!” She said

“Oh you seemed to be quite easy to be pushed around from what I’ve seen.” The kid said as he chuckled.

“What do you want, you freak?!?!” Fiona said now enraged by the mocking.

“Your anger is delicious!”

“Go! Get outta here!” Fiona said as she picked up a small rock and tossed it against his head.

“Ha ha! I love it!” the fox said as the rock simply bounced off his head.

“Y-you’re a monster! A demon!” Fiona said hysterically.

Soon something very bizarre happened towards the fox. He started to be enveloped by a strange aura of bright red and bright purple as if he were set aflame by some supernatural force in the night. However he seemed to be pleased by this and grinning as Fiona’s face went pale with her sanity diminishing with each passing second.

“Your sacrifices are nice.” The fox said now as his eyes began to glow with a light neon green illumination.

“I’m dead aren’t I?” Fiona asked the being in utter disbelief at what she was witnessing.

“On the contrary, I can make you feel more alive than ever before, mortal.” The fox said as he grinned.

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