Finnick the Lycanroc is a male Midnight Form Lycanroc who makes a minor appearance in the new The Legend of Fox the Brave story The Dusk Wolf. He is Boulder the Lycanroc's biological father, and it is implied in the chapter A Name for Evil that Finnick and Lucas the Lycanroc are good friends, likely over their shared duty of fathering Boulder. Unlike the other Midnight Lycanroc portrayed in the series(which are shown as aggressive and snide), Finnick is actually rather benevolent and friendly, having kept this mindset since he was a Rockruff. It was confirmed by the creator and may be mentioned in Reign of Terror that Finnick passed away of old age.


Finnick is a Midnight Lycanroc; therefore he resembles a short anthropomorphic wolf with white paws, a white face, muzzle, shaggy chest, belly, and mane. His tips of his floppy ears, his claws, and the overhanging tip of his mane are dark, grayish-brown, he has a small white tuft of fur for his tail, and he has solid red eyes with two lines distinguishing his pupils, irises, and sclera.


Unlike other Midnight Lycanroc, who are portrayed as snide, vindictive, and mean, Finnick is the complete opposite. He is friendly, kind, and completely opposed to the mindsets of other Midnight Lycanroc. Finicky also cares deeply for his son Boulder, and a future concept has him befriending Austin Smith despite the Storm Fighter's intense dislike of Lycus the Lycanroc, who is also a Midnight Lycanroc.


Before the Series: Finnick was born into the Poni Moon Pack, but was different for a number of reasons. While other Rockruff were eagerly training and awaiting the day they evolved into Lycanroc, Finnick was much less eager to fight. He was rather philosophical from quite a young age, questioning his Packmates' desires to fight and cause trouble, and while his mother didn't always agree with him, she still defended his beliefs from his more aggressive Packmates. After an unknown amount of time, Finnick's mother passed away, and he fell for a pretty female Shiny Midnight Lycanroc named Luna(whose name means "moon" in Spanish). Shortly after they had their son Boulder, Luna left, and after some more time, Finnick's different mindset got him banished from his Pack while his sadistic leader, Crash, eagerly sneered at Finnick that he'd be more than happy to bring Boulder up as a "proper" Midnight Lycanroc. After some time, Finnick made his way to the Four Worlds and soon joined the Megastone Rogues after hearing his son lived there under the care of a Midday Lycanroc loner.

The Dusk Wolf: Finnick first appears in the chapter A Name for Evil as Boulder is explaining his vision of Dr. Finitevus and Enerjak. Finnick is mentioned to be standing next to a sitting Lucas near Fox and Splash. After Fox confirms Enerjak after Boulder describes him, Boulder asks his father if he knew about Enerjak. Finnick states that the last Enerjak that appeared existed long before the event known as "The Coming of Alola", therefore before Finnick or any Alolan Pokemon arrived at the Worlds. Later, when Boulder leaves to find an explanation for his visions, Finnick sadly and unhappily bids his son farewell. Finnick is last seen during the Raid on Angel Island apart of Fox's patrol. He is mentioned to be snarling furiously.


Currently, Finnick's only known attack is Stone Edge. He can also use the Z-Move Continental Crush; he has been seen using this move with Shamar's help to demonstrate Z-Moves to Storm and Boulder, who were practicing to use Z-Moves as well.


Finnick's Ability is unknown, but it is likely either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit


Finicky has enhanced durability and like all Midnight Lycanroc, can utilize dealing back twice the damage he has suffered in a fight(i.e. via Counter)


Being a Rock-Type, Lucas is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, and Poison-Type Pokemon.


Boulder the Lycanroc

Finnick is Boulder's father, and very close to him. Like almost everyone else, Finnick does not understand the importance of Boulder's new ability to foretell future major events and view the past.

Lucas the Lycanroc

It is faintly implied in the chapter A Name for Evil in The Dusk Wolf that Finnick and Lucas are good friends because they are seen next to each other in Cori's computer room. It's likely they became friends over the fact that Lucas cared for Boulder in Finnick's absence.

Crash the Lycanroc

Though Crash only had one physical appearance in Hunter's Trial, Finnick's past has been explained by the series' creator, Burpy's Dream, and that Crash was the leader of the Poni Moon Pack when Finnick was banished. This was to be mentioned by Crunch in The Dusk Wolf, but never happened.

Austin Smith

A future story concept has Finnick befriend Austin and Storm despite their intense dislike of Midnight Lycanroc(purely because of Lycus, possibly making it a bias).


Finnick's name was inspired by the character of the same name from the 2016 Disney film Zootopia.

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