Finnegan Sarsaparilla
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A once-orphaned boy who was 'adopted' into The Storm Syndicate, Finnegan Sarsaparilla is now the adopted son of the boss, Clemente Adesso.

He has an Irish accent.

Physical Description

An averagely-built Irish Setter who stands a fair bit over two feet tall, Finnegan has a somewhat short muzzle with a rather large triangular nose, two fairly long, relatively curly-furred ears that hang down the sides of his head, and a relatively fluffy, medium-length tail. He has small buck teeth that are only noticeable when his mouth is open.

His fur is primarily copper red in color, with a desert sand muzzle, chest, and stomach. His hair, which is shoulder-length and curly, is chestnut in color, and his eyes are deep ruby in color.

His outfit consists of an eggplant turtleneck sweater, black shorts, and eggplant shoes.



Finnegan grew up on the streets of Avalon, not remembering his parents in the slightest. He was around the age of five when he was found by Clemente Adesso, the head of a secretive mafia organization. He immediately took pity on the boy, and didn't hesitate to adopt him, taking him back to his home to care for.

While Clement had plans to train Finnegan to take his place as the boss when he was old enough, his primary concern was making sure the little guy had as good a life as possible; no more would he have to scrounge for scraps and sleep out in the cold.


Base Stats
Other Stats

Finnegan has no known supernatural abilities or notable combat abilities; being a child, he's not very strong, but he is decently fast. He also has a nearly photographic memory, and can easily remember specific details of whatever he sees, so long as he has the time to memorize.


Finnegan has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types. He is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks.


Finnegan has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types. His defenses aren't anything special, therefore he mostly relies on his agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks.

Friends and Foes


  • Clemente Adesso - Finnegan's adoptive father, he looks up to Clemente, and the mob boss in turn loves his adopted child to bits.
  • Eloisa Adesso - Finnegan's adoptive grandmother.




  • Clemente Adesso - Finnegan's adoptive father, he looks up to Clemente, and the mob boss in turn loves his adopted child to bits.
  • Eloisa Adesso - Finnegan's adoptive grandmother.



A shy and soft-spoken boy, Finnegan was highly nervous and timid while out on the streets, doing whatever he could to survive. He initially did not trust Clemente at first, and was only able to be lured in with the promise if food. After a while, however, his fearful nature started to melt away, and he became more easy-going and trusting.

He's still prone to anxiety, however, and is still rather timid, but he feels much safer whenever he's around Clemente. Finnegan has a strong dislike for loud noises, as they cause him a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Positive Traits

  • Empathetic
  • Gentle

Negative Traits

  • Anxiety-prone

Neutral Traits

  • Naive
  • Shy
  • Passive



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