Cquote1 I know what you're thinking, Armageddon. "This guy couldn't take me down if he wanted to", is what you're thinking. You're wrong. In the past, I have fought your cronies day in and day out. Always holding back out of fear that I might hurt someone, or ruin something I wasn't supposed to, like I had done in my early years. Now I don't have to worry about that. It's just you and me, alone, in this dreadful dimension you call "home". You seek to destroy everything. My home, my family, the families of everyone else, and take yourself with it. And all I have to say... is "no". No more rules. I'm taking you down with everything I've got in me. And I do mean everything! Cquote2
Final Jezz to Armageddon the Evil, before their battle begins.

The Final Jezz transformation is the form Jezz the Hedgehog takes during his final confrontation with Armageddon the Evil. This transformation (known to many as simply the "Final" transformation) is a form that all Light Guardians take when faced with apocalypse-level disasters and enemies that can cause such disasters, and also requires that no other options exist. As such, this usually marks the end of a Guardian's life, hence it's name.


Final Jezz takes on a similar appearance, color-wise, to Chaos; His body turns a glowing, crystalline blue, and the pupils and irises on his eyes disappear, his whites glowing a bright green. His physical form, however, resembles his Perfect transformation, with his quills taking on a similar setup to those of Super Shadow.

Powers and Abilities

Final Jezz takes his abilities and puts them beyond any limits they originally had. He gains unparallelled strength, stamina, sensitivity, and energy levels, which Jezz uses to defeat Armageddon. He is completely and utterly invulnerable, but not immune to being knocked around by any sort of repulsive force. He gains the "Final Blast" ability, which uses up any and all energy the user has, and obliterates the immediate dimension. This form also gains control over several elements, such as fire, water, earth, air, and light.

Jezz's Chaos Powers remain, but are using a different kind of energy than Chaos Energy. What kind of energy this is was never discovered.

Known powers include, but are not limited to:

  • Final Javelin: An ability very similar to that of the Chaos Spear/Lance. Jezz launches a very powerful bolt of pure energy.
  • Final Fist: Similar to Chaos Punch. Jezz's attacking hand starts glowing white with energy and said energy explodes on contact with the enemy.
  • Teleport: An ability derived from Chaos Control. Jezz teleports.
  • Final Blast: Similar to the Chaos Blast. Ends the dimension it's used in and kills the user as well.


Jezz, and by extention any Light Guardians that happen to find themselves in this transformation, cannot survive the deactivation of this form, and therefore dies when they have averted the disaster. In addition, the Final Blast kills the user, taking the dimension it's used in with it. There is only one known instance of this technique being used, and that was Jezz the Hedgehog eliminating Armageddon the Evil and his realm.

In addition to the aforementioned results of deactivation, the Final transformation while still active is not infallible. Should the Final transformation fail the life-or-death mission it was intended to complete in the first place (i.e. protect a planet from alien invasion, or a single person from being killed by someone), the user of the transformation will die. This is known to have happened in the past, and it still happens to this day.

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