This is an article about Fin Goldeneye, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 03/25/2015.



Fin has the appearance of a tall, humanoid sheep with black fur and light-brown skin. He wears only a fancy, blue suit-top with gold linings throughout and edges that stretch to his knees, as well as plain white gloves, with his emblem being on the back of his right glove. His face is hidden behind a pale grey mask with only a sleek red curve and two thick black lines imitating a close-eyed smile painted on, as well as a small black astrological symbol for Sagittarius on the forehead area. Around his shoulders are large hairy spheres with a similar appearance to eyes, with rings of varying color in a pattern. As it turns out, these are his ACTUAL eyes, with the "head" attachment just being a decoy for the rare cases that he gets outsniped by an opponent. Almost nobody knows where his real face is, or if he even has one. Around his hips lies a similar feature, these being instead more ovular and have no eye-patterns. His legs start out thick but thin out the further down one looks, ending in black stubby hooves instead of feet.


Fin is the whole package DELUXE and more in terms of eccentrics. He's arrogant to a T, confident even in the face of beings strong enough to level entire cities, and also very smug. He speaks with a posh british accent and constantly insults and underestimates anyone of a lower class, regardless of strength. Fin can be described as a "living calculator," always running numbers through his head faster than most people can even transmit the brain-power to even move a finger, to factor in every slight change in the scenario so that he can get a clean, effective kill. Fin is also a huge obsessive when it comes to collecting, where if he gets one thing in a series, he must have at least three copies of the entire set in first edition and without even a scratch on the box. If he were to be backed into a corner, one can truly see Fin's desperate and fearful true self, heavily emphasised by his willingness to throw out any amount of money just to get people to fight for him.


Fin possesses the off power of pressure-location. By diverting all of his attention to the pressure of the ground, Fin can see just where an opponent is even without looking. With this, hiding is completely pointless, as he'll be able to sense where you are whether out in the open or behind cover, then quickly plot a complex route to flush out all possible spaces that you could move to and snipe you from where you stand. Fin also excels in Solid-Geomancy, where he can actually manipulate the ground to create pillars, either to create cover or to force an opponent out of their hiding spot and out into the sky, where he can then easily lock-on and fire.


Fin, being an expert assassin, knows of multiple thousands of different ways to kill, and as such always has at least three different plans for each of his hunts based on what species his target is, what powers they possess, height, weight, gender, pretty much everything about that person factors into his plans. With his stubby feet, one would expect Fin to have horrible balance but the exact opposite occurs. Fin can stand atop a peak with a point as thin as a tack with ease, having trained himself in the ways of balance throughout his early years as a Crucite youngling. Fin's wealth also factors into his fighting style, as he is so confident that he will not miss his mark that he fires high-speed bullets of money at his targets, usually things like 50-cent pieces, rolled-up paper bills, and even credit cards that move so quickly that they cut not only through the air, but also through your skull and whatever is between him and your demise.


What may be Fin's biggest advantage is also his biggest flaw. When factoring all of the different variables in a situation, Fin takes cover to sort out the change in formula of the event, where one could strike if they are stealthy enough. Fin, being knowledgable only on Solid-Geomancy, has no knowledge on manipulation of softer, looser materials like mud or sand, making fights against him in place such as a swamp or desert disadvantageous to him. His personality can also factor in to his flaws. When one surpasses his low expectations, Fin will sometimes be blown away be the whole thing, and will need time to re-adjust his mental posture. He also tends to lose his cool when even so much as a hair touches anything of his that he holds value for, such as his collectables.

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