This is an article about Feye the Fairy, a character created by Clairebear165 on 10/31/2016.


Feye is a very tiny mobian fairy with bright pink fur, purple eyes, large ears, and wears a pink tank top and skirt. Her muzzle, arms, chest, and the inside of her ears are beige. She has two bangs with deep blue orbs on the ends, and she also wears a necklace with the same blue orb. Feye doesn't wear any shoes or gloves. She also has a pair of lightning bolt-shaped wings. She has a pattern on her forehead. A rectangle in the middle with two circles detached from the two bottom corners and one more in the middle, slightly lower than the other two. The three are detached by two curved lines.

'Mind' Symbol


Feye is described as a happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She tends to look on the bright side, not very fond of negative emotions. She can be very emotional, and these emotions can spiral out of control. She is very hyper, but can be serious when needed.


Feye appears in Chaos Academy.


Mind Reading

Being a mind fairy, Feye is able to read other's minds. This power can be neutralized by either high intelligence or of the use of an Aetherstone


Using her wings, Feye is able to fly.


Feye has limited knowledge about magic and technology. Oddly enough, she is more skilled in using technology than magic.


Due to her small size, Feye barely has any physical strength. And, like all fairies, steel and iron can harm her.

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