Ferrell the Fox is a young male fox who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He appears in Shadows of the Past and is the protagonist of its sequel, the short story Secrets of the Past. Ferrell is a heavily scarred, terribly maimed red fox who lived in ancient times as the son of Garrett and his unknown mate.


Ferrell is a small, skinny red fox with a horribly scarred pelt. He has long, dreadful scars on his flanks, one on his right arm, one on his left leg, a scarred muzzle, his right eye is missing(covered by an eyepatch), and he has ripped ears. He wears a gray t-shirt and beige shorts to hide his scars.


Ferrell is somewhat complicated. He has been terribly traumatized by Argus the Wolf's attack on him while possessed by Sonic.EXE, and is now naturally suspicious of wolves. He does seem to be capable of telling when someone is lying, since he snapped at Redpelt(SotP) when the leader asked Ferrell to show his Pack around.


Before the Series: At an unknown point in time, Ferrell was born to Garrett and his mate before she died. Garrett then raised Ferrell alone, with help from his Charmeleon friend Fireclaw.

Shadows of the Past: During a meeting that Garrett and Fireclaw attended, Ferrell stayed at a village of Pokemon. Two days later, during another meeting, Fireclaw stayed behind to watch Ferrell. While Fireclaw was getting a drink from the river, "Argus.EXE" attacked and savaged the young fox cub. Ferrell survived, but was horribly scarred and traumatized. He was kept in the village while Garrett battled "Argus.EXE", resulting in the deaths of both Garrett and Argus.

Secrets of the Past: In the Prologue, Ferrell wakes up from a nightmare, and reflects that a lot of the time, he had constant nightmares of when Argus attacked him. He goes back to sleep, and does not dream at all. Later, Ferrell and Fireclaw find the returning Red Fox Pack, and go down to meet him. A large fox named Reed holds Ferrell down, ignoring his Packmates' orders to let the scarred loner up, and only does so when Fireclaw flings him off and roars. When Dawn decides to take a look at him, she is startled to see the extent of the damage Argus did to him. Redpelt asks Ferrell to show him around, but the young loner bristles and snarls that he will never let the leader control him, ignoring Redpelt's rage. He then stalks off. Afterward, Ferrell has a strange and very vague nightmare warning him that "Darkness is coming!". After his dreams, he meets Echo, a pretty vixen who had previously asked him if he was the fox who survived being savaged by Argus. Ferrell vehemently denies having a crush on Echo when Proudfoot and Fireclaw tease him about it, and they later head out to deal with a border skirmish between Gray Wolves and Red Foxes. A wolf blames Reed, who sneers at him, while Ferrell states to the Red Fox warrior that he believes the wolf over Reed. Proudfoot sneers at Reed, who attacks Ferrell, making his scars hurt. Reed pounds Ferrell's soft belly, and the younger loner tears free. When Reed leaps for him again, Ferrell is on his back and flips the older warrior away. This makes Reed land on a sharp rock that breaks his spine, killing him. After that, Ferrell leaves, but Echo goes with him.




Ferrells suffers from PTSD and night terrors.

The flip maneuver Ferrell uses against Reed is a reference to the 1994 Disney animated classic The Lion King, specifically what Simba does to flip Scar off Pride Rock in the final battle.

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