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Fengari the Lunarat is a mercenary and the twin brother of Ilios the Solarat.

Physical Description

Fengari is a relatively slim Lunarat who stands at average Mobian height. He has a medium-length muzzle that tapers somewhat to a point, large, rounded ears, and three whiskers on either side of her snout. His tail, which is far thicker and bushier than that of a normal Mobian rat (somewhat akin to a porcupine), seems to glow and glisten with Lunar energy.

As a Lunarat, Fengari is primarily pitch black in color, with a tan muzzle and chest. His hair is dark blue in color, marked with icy blue highlights that shift in intensity and shade. His body is covered in lunar-themed markings, which are also ice blue in color. A round, icy gem adorns his forehead, and his eyes are ice blue.



Fengari and his sister Ilios grew up in a particularly seedy town known as ???, born to unnamed parents. Life was tough for the small family, and, being the only Solarats and Lunarats in the town, they were side-eyed by much of the other townsfolk, and the young Fengari and Ilios were bullied frequently in school. The two were naturally scrappy, however, and protected each other well in school.

Fengari in particular was very watchful and protective of his sister, who was a year younger than him and was also born with a rare disease that required her to take an injection every day. Unsurprisingly, this medication was rather expensive, and it was rare for the family to have much in the way of extra spending money.

Schoolyard Stomp

As Fengari and Ilios grew, their natural fighting prowess, as did their natural Elemental abilities, began to shine through; unfortunately this caused the bullies at school to become more aggressive. Eventually the minor scuffles escalated into one big brawl, between the two siblings, and three particularly notorious bullies. Using their abilities, Fengari and Ilios came out on top, but due to bias against their "unnatural species", they ended up being expelled, and the three bullies were suspended for a week.

Moving On

Fed up with the poor treatment they had been receiving, the small family (with Fengari and Ilios now being 16 years old) moved away from ??? for good, taking all their belongings and what little money they had.

A Necessary "Evil"

Money was still tight for the four; both parents had to work tirelessly to support themselves and their children, and also to afford Ilios' medication. Fengari had noticed a stark personality shift in his sister; she had become agitated and irritable, primarily due to her medical needs. She told her brother that she refused to be a dead weight to her parents, and declared that she and him would find a job to help support the family.

Her idea was for the pair of them to become mercenaries, fitting for how often the two brawled against the bullies while in school.


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkGreat
Spcl. DefGood
Other Stats

Unlike his sister, who prefers to attack from afar with her crossbow, Fengari is a melee combatant, wielding a naginata to great effect. He can channel Ice, Darkness or Lunar energy into his blade.

If his foe gets too far away from him, or if they are simply a range-oriented combatant (leaving him unable to reliably attack in melee range), he carries kunai to remedy this problem. These too can have Ice, Darkness or Lunar energy channeled into them.


Fengari is highly resistant to the Elements of Ice and Darkness.


Fengari is weak to the Elements of Fire, Light and Earth.

Friends and Foes






Compared to his sister, who is playful and feisty but with a short temper, Fengari is cold and often comes off as unwelcoming. He is straightforward and prefers to eliminate his targets with minimal trouble, but this is not to say he doesn't enjoy a good challenge with his job, just like Ilios does. He is far slower to anger than his sister is, as well.



Biggest Fears



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