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Feng is a Yak that once lived in the frozen Tundra Mountains in Chu-Nan. He loved the Himalayas like his home until it was taken over by G.U.N reasearchers. His village and himself were quickly defeated, and Feng was forced to leave or else face the same fate as the rest of his village.


Feng the Yak

Feng the Yak
Biographical Information
  • Physical: 20
  • Big Boy
  • Big Blue
Physical Description
  • Fur:White
  • Eyes:Grey
  • Hair:White
  • Skin:Blue
  • Red chinese shirt
  • Brown coat
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations "The Heng Warriors"
  • Slight Martial Arts
  • Melee Weapon Specialist
  • Cryokinesis
  • Super Strength
Romantic Intrest Ting the Panda
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Eric Ladin
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)thumb|200px|right
Original CreatorFamotill(Personality Based off of Ellis a L4D 2 Character)

Feng lived his whole life within his village. He would never travel very far unless it was required. Here he was taught how to use weapons as many in his village did. He was given his father's lucky fighting pole. Honored, Feng trained hard every day to become a master like his father. He incorperated his ice abilities to make attacks stronger and fierce. Feng lived his whole life in his village until it was taken over. G.U.N rushed into the village and seized control unfourtanetly most Yak saw them as a threat and attacked. Being in a life or death sistuation G.U.N members had no choice, but to use force and killed all who opposed. While they knew it wasn't right to take their homes G.U.N had to protect the lives of everyone on the planet. Kill a few save billions. Feng was the last to survive though he was shot for his attacks. Feng was forced to flee taking along his pole as well as photos of his mother and father. He ran off down not stopping. Feng had travelled multiple days and was growing weak. His vision was blured and his mental state was almost critical from the gun wound. He was found by an old man. The old man brought him to The Village of Eternal Rivers. Here the man used medicine to heal Feng.Eternally greatful Feng promised to help. The man offered Feng a spot in "The Heng Warriors" after testing his abilities of course. Feng accepted of course and promised to never let anyone close to him be hurt again.


Feng is a very kind giant. He is very nice, and shows no fear. However in the brains dpeartment he is lacking somewhat. He has common sense, but he is not smart as he himself would admit. He is very confident in his abilities. Feng doesn't hate humans or G.U.N for that matter. Though due to this he is wary of humans or other strangers. Feng is often a believer in his own immortality meaning he believes he can't be hurt. He sees every wrong turn or event as another way to impress his friends. Oddly despite his asian heritage Feng has a sourthern American(Texas, Georgia, etc.) dialect. He is often made fun of for this considering where he is from. Overall Feng has a positive outlook on almost everythung often making him an annoyance to most people. Feng also being quite muscular and well built upper body wise focuses on working out like push-ups and weight lifting. Feng also likes to tell stories of adventures he and his friend went on,but some of them seem completely inpossible raising the question of this friends actual existence. Though it is unlikely he too survived the G.U.N attack if he even was real.


  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Friends
  • Winning
  • Any Challenge
  • Pretty Much anything positive


  • Being Bored
  • Negatativity
  • Heat
  • G.U.N

Biggest Fears

  • Losing Those closest to him



Lei the Ferret
Ling the Mouse
Ting the Panda
Xia the Hedgehog
Chuanli the Tiger
Huizhong the Grasshopper
Xifeng the Phoenix




Feng has very slow attacks making him a somewhat lacking martial artist. To make up for it he has a very strong defence with his nearly unshatterable ice as well as his body. He also has an incredible jumping ability able to lift opponents ten feet off the ground and slam them down. However offense by terms of his fists is his last resort. He usually uses his pole to overload enemies with a barrage of quick attacks. This allows him to strike from a farther distance,block himself, and even attack an enemy where they least expect.Feng is also a gifted Cryokinetic, He can use his ice to add to already powerful attacks as well as slow down his opponent. Feng also can use his ice to make multiples of himself as tey shoot a barrage of icicles at the opponent as Feng delivers the final blow with his pole. Feng's immense strength combined with his pole and cryokinetic abilities make him a serious threat.


"Time to show 'em whose boss!"

"Try Me!"

"So not cool"

"I ever tell you about the time me and my buddy went skiing all the way down Mt.Everest?! Best time ever!"

"I ever tell ya bout the time me and my buddy lit fireworks ontop of the village, but he got burned cause he tried to hit it! Man he was burned from the hair down!"

"I ever tell ya bout the time we met the emporor of Chu-Nan and saved him from this big scary villain dude?Hey wait a second I guess that was you guys, aw heck wait till I tell my buddy bout that one!"

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