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Fella is a 13 year old fairy cat from the future who is apart of the Flame Fighters. Her family is unknown. She now resides with her fellow Fighters near Station Square on the coast. She has a kind and caring personality, and loves to sing and dance. She will often perform public concerts.

She has no known family, and was orphaned and raised by Penelope the Cat.


Fella has light golden fur with darker yellow tabby marks. She has green eyes and three sets of green wings. She has a lock of hair that hangs in front of her right eye, and has three golden rings on her tail. Dawn wears a light purple sleeveless dress that has cut out hip, and is secured to her neck with a gold ring and a star charm. She has dark purple fingerless gloves and fishnet arm gloves and dark purple boots with star patterns down the front.


Fella is a very kind and caring Mobian, and loves helping her friends. She is trustworthy and keeps secrets well, some about herself and some about others. However, when she wants to be (which isn't very often), Fella can be a ruthless fighting machine, though she gets exhausted easily. She loves singing and dancing, and often performs to the public, much like Mina Mongoose. She has a very melodic voice. Fella is also shy yet confident in who she is, and tries to put whatever dark experiences she has had behind her. She thinks on the bright side and is the positive voice of the Flame Fighters. However, as she got older and secrets about her past were being revealed without her meaning to, Fella shedded parts of her happy personality for darker ones, becoming cunning, strong, and free-willed. She still remained the main positive one on the team.


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Fella's real family is unknown. She was raised by Penelope the Cat, her adoptive mother.


Fella has photokinesis and has developing Chaos Powers.


Fella is very fast, her speed sometimes rivaling that of Sonic, Blaze, or Shadow. She can also see very well in bright light, and can withstand heat.


Fella has been taught by Shimmer to use her psychokinesis to fly. She has also developed a number of different attacks, including the Spinning Twirl and Psychic Blast, which are ones that she created, and Chaos Spears, Shields, and Waves.


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While Fella is very fast, at her age she can only run that fast for such a period of time. She gets tired easily during fights, and after a strong attack, takes awhile to recover her full strength.

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