Early Life



Felix has a red hat with a red coat and a grey undershirt. Felix also has black pants with black, white, and red shoes. He also wears two spiked bracelets and a black belt. Felix's fur is grey and has white chest fur. His inner ears are tan and his muzzle is white with yellow eyes.


Felix is usually a very calm person even in times of battle. Felix is also a very kind person helping the people of the world. However, he is not so kind towards villianous people. Felix also is very intelligent from studying many books that he finds that he finds useful.


  • Nyctokinesis - Felix has the powers to control darkness, also known as Nyctokinesis. Felix was born with the ability to manipulate the dark for an unknown reason.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Felix learned to fight hand-to-hand on his many adventures to various places. He has used this skill to fight with many villains and criminals that come his way.
  • Scythe Combat - Felix was trained at a young age to wield a scythe. Due to his vast knowledge of normal scythe wielding he also learned to use a double-bladed scythe. Felix tends to use both styles with his scythe named the Blackheart which has a retractable secondary blade so he can use the styles of both double-bladed and regular scythes.


Due to his Nyctokinesis he is strongly effected by Photokinesis, the control of light.



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