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Felix the Jerboa

Felix the Jerboa is a repairman and carpenter who lives in an apartment in Station Square. He has a bit of a Southern accent, and his two best friends are a lion named Ralph and a young raccoon named Penelope.

He is based on Fix-It Felix Jr. from the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

Physical Description

Felix has light sandy fur with white chest and stomach, darker-colored markings around his eyes, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. He has a long, thin tail tipped with a tuft that is the same color as his hair, fairly long whiskers and large ears.

He wears a light blue, button-down shirt, a white undershirt, blue jeans, brown shoes, brown work gloves, a tool belt and a blue and yellow hat. The hat has two "F"s on it.



Felix has lived in Station Square his entire life, in the same apartment where he now lives. His mother died when he was only 2, and thus he lived with his father, Felix Sr. His father was also a repairman, and taught his son the tricks of the trade at a relatively early age.

Around the age of 15, Felix had befriended a lion named Ralph, who was about two years older than the jerboa. Poor Ralph didn't have many friends, since most people saw him as a clumsy good-for-nothing. Felix, however, was one of the very few people willing to befriend the teenage lion, and the two soon became fast friends.


Felix Jr. was about 15 when his father fell ill with an unknown disease. The doctors said that Felix Sr. wouldn't last long at all, and within the space of a month, the old man had perished, but not before giving his son his trusted hammer.

This painful loss caused Felix and Ralph to form an even closer bond, since they only had each other now.

Meeting Penelope

Beast Legends


Base Stats
Stamina Good
Attack Average
Spcl. Atk N/A
Defense Average
Spcl. Def Average
Speed Great
Reflexes Superior
Magic N/A
Psyche N/A
Intellect Great
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Superior
Olfactory Superior

Aside from his ability to fix pretty much anything (save for the most complex of machines), he's a really good jumper (given his species), and has great reflexes, but in terms of physical power, he's rather weak. He is still able to attack somewhat, but prefers not to. However, being a rodent, he has a painful bite.


Nanite Hammer

Unbeknownst to the handyman, the hammer given to him by his father is actually a nanite dispenser encased in a shell. Since he doesn't know of its special properties, he just thinks he's blessed to be as good at his job as he is.

Even more incredibly, the nanite-hammer seems to only work for him; it will behave like a regular hammer for anyone else. Again, however, Felix has no knowledge of this.


While this may not be considered a resistance, he, like all members of his species, is fairly adept at tolerating desert-level temperatures; his large ears allow heat to escape easily.


Felix is quite fragile, and doesn't take strong blows too well.

If the scruff of his neck is firmly grabbed, it renders him near immobile, much like how a cat would react if it's scruff were grabbed. He's one of the numerous non-reptilian/avian Mobians to have retained this trait from their feral ancestors.

Forms and Fusions

Twisted Dimension Felix

This is the version of Felix that appears in the Twisted Dimension in the RP Hedgehog's Guide to the Multiverse. During an Overlord sweep of Station Square, Felix, who was hiding out with Ralph and Penelope, managed to stall the Overlord mechs long enough to allow his friends to escape. He ended up getting captured in the process, however, and, thanks to the Overlords discovering that he had a nanite hammer, forced him to work for them.

Roughly three years of cruel treatment and labor far more dangerous than he was used to had left him a weary and timid shell of his former self. The only thing that seems to keep him going is the thought that Ralph and Penelope are alive and well.

Friends and Foes






  • Sgt. Tamora the Doberman - He has a gigantic crush on her, the kind that leaves him giggling and blushing in her presence. She finds this quite adorable, and frequently teases him about it (light-heartedly, of course).


Felix is probably one of the nicest and most hospitable people you could ever meet, and he loves to help others with their problems. He's a bit gullible, however, and therefore quite easy to take advantage of. Anger is not something that comes easily to him; usually the worst he'll experience is irritation. Only in extreme circumstances will he feel actual fury; usually this is because of enemies endangering his closest friends.

One of his hobbies is to go to old ruins and abandoned buildings and take pictures, and even explore a bit. The wall of his room is decorated with photos of his excursions. He also likes to bake, although he's not that good at it. This doesn't stop him from baking pies for Ralph, Penelope, Tamora and himself to share.

He is very protective of his hammer, to the point of extreme possessiveness. He allows nobody to touch it, unless he trusts them immensely.


  • Fixing things
  • Exploring old buildings
  • Pie
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Helping people
  • Baking


  • Strangers trying to take his hammer

Biggest Fears

  • His friends getting hurt



  • Just like his movie "counterpart", he is voiced by Jack McBrayer.

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