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Felix is a 23 year old Echidna who is best friends with Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog. He has also trained under endac but was u worthy to own a bond with a dragon.


Felix is one of the top Dragon Knights of Wyver city. Felix was 19 when he met Endac and became a great friend of his. When felix Failed in his training under Endac, he was shown to be a Dragon Knight under Endac's comand and to help guard Wyvern City. He was given the honor to be an emerald Guardian like Knuckles the Echidna (his "Idol") as well as guarding the hidden Dragon Emerald hidden inside the Life Flame. Felix's codename was Red Flame, and his fire power was Lava Flow...he can control the eruption of volcanoes.


Felix is a crimson red Echidna who wears leather armor most times. He uses only his fists and feet in combat like Knuckles, but he does not own spiked gloves, although he packs a pretty powerful punch also Felix is a pyromancer. He also wears a cape sometimes which is black and red, a tan long coat, a red shirt, grey pants, and red shoes with white laces


  • Pyro Punch -Fire surrounds his hand as he punches
  • Pyro Kick -Fire surrounds his foot as he kicks
  • Blast Blazer -A powerful blast of fire is shot from his hand
  • Scorching Beast -He summons fire that takes a beastly form
  • Solar Flare -Unleashes a solar flare of fire
  • Soul Furnace - Calls forth a powerful fire attack
  • HellFire Eruption-Calls fire from the underworld to attack his oppents

Super Forms

Super Felix, Hyper Felix, Chaos Guard Felix, Volcanic Beast Felix, HellFire Echidna Felix, Soul Scorcher Felix


"Can't your dad already do that...?"(Said after Raelon says "...I'm bored...LETS GO BLOW UP THE HOOVER DAM AGAIN")

"Krados has shurikens, Endac has a bow...what the f*** do I have that's ranged?"

"Voidex go!"

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