This is an article about Felicity Cat, a character created by Shade234 on 04/25/2013.

Felicity the Cat is a reporter who has recently come to Soleanna.


Felicity is a cream colored cat with black hair. She wears a red headband, a purple dress with white laces and a black belt, purple boots, and white gloves with black cuffs on them. She also has wings connected to her dress which she can hover with.


Felicity is a very nice person, but since she is a reporter, she'll do anything for a scoop. She is very girly, although she excels in martial arts. Also, Felicity is very nosy. She often eavesdrops on people's conversations.


Felicity wanted to become a reporter at a young age. She started journalism during her freshman year of high school and has loved digging for the truth ever since. Felicity also trained in Martial Arts for ten years. She has come to Soleanna to report on a sad story and find out what really happened.


  • Gliding: Felicity is able to ride the wind currents with help from the wings on her dress.
  • Martial Arts: Felicity can perform a wide variety of Martial Arts, such as Karate and Ju-Jitsu.
  • Stealth: Being a reporter, Felicity often has to sneak around.
  • Climbing: Felicity is able to climb trees and walls quite easily.


  • Cooking: Felicity loves to cook. Felicity's Double Chocolate Chip Cookies have been called her best creation.


  • Nosiness: Felicity is very nosy. She often eavesdrops on people's private information. This causes her to get into trouble.
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