Fefnir the Oxdragon

Biographical Information
AgeEarly 20's
  • Unknown mother (dragon)
  • Unknown father (ox)
  • Half-Blood
  • Oxdragon
Romantic Interests Cloe the Hedgehog
Physical Description
  • Scales: Red with yellow strips, and silver-white underbelly
  • Eyes: Completely blue
  • Height: 7'6"
  • Weight: 168 lbs
Attire Guardian's Armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations His clan (guardian)
Weaponry Dual Blaster that can double as sword
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Likes Solitude, Protecting his clan
Dislikes Crowds, His clan being threatened, People who believe they are stronger due to being pureblooded
Original CreatorKagimizu

Fefnir the Oxdragon is an extremely powerful and large armored dragon-ox crossbreed. He is a renegade and Guardian of the Lava Desert. Despite being a fugitive who's location is well known, his sheer power prevents anyone from hunting. He is a stoic and strong being, though he detests claims of pureblood being stronger. This is because of the harsh childhood he had, due to being a crossbreed born into a noble dragon clan.


Early life

The moment Fefnir hatched, everyone knew Fefnir was different. This was because of his large bull horns, his strange tail design, and lack of wings. Disgusted by this "impure blood", Fefnir's father was exiled, never allowed to come near the Dragon Clan ever again, leaving Fefnir to be raised by his mother. Despite his mother's best efforts to protect and encourage Fefnir, he was constantly looked down upon and sometimes even beaten. However, Fefnir vowed to prove he was just as strong as anyone, and constantly trained himself to the peak of strength.

Rise to Greatness, And Fall

Soon, Fefnir's results were noticed, as he was by far the strongest "dragon" in the clan, easily able to do what 5 dragons could not. This soon gained Fefnir the notireity of the clan, and he was selected to become the clan's guardian, which had previously been held solely by the greatest true dragons. Granted the "Guardian's Armor", which had been crafted in ancient times, Fefnir was hailed as the strongest in the clan. However, this earned him the envy of other dragons, particularly those who believed pureblood was greater. At one point, a group of dragons, led by the runner-up for the position of Guardian, ambushed Fefnir. Needless to say, Fefnir's strength alone proved more than a match to take them down. Fefnir believed that it was done, but the leader, consuned with anger and jealousy, killed himself. With the rest of the group's testimony, it was believed that the Guardian had killed the group's leader, violating the one rule a Guardian had to follow, "To never kill one's fellow clansmen". With this, it was decided that Fefnir was to be executed. However, Fefnir was not going to take this quietly...

Guardian Turned Fugitive

Deciding that he could no longer live among his clan, but was not going to be put to death, Fefnir escaped from imprisonment and stole the Guardian's Armor. While the Clan's Elite Guard tried to contain him, Fefnir was more than a match for all of them combined, and escaped. Fefnir escaped to the mountains, and stayed there. Despite being a fugitive and supposed murderer, Fefnir refused to abandon his clan, and decided to protect it from the shadows, and did just that, stopping any threats before they could even reach the Clan. The Clan soon learned of this and Fefnir's location, but his strength, combined with what he had done for the Clan, convinced them to simply leave him be.


Fefnir's status as a crossbreed has granted him great advantages. As an oxdragon, Fefnir's raw strength is by far greater than that of any other dragon. This strength allows him to handle almost any opponent singlehandedly. His ox-horns are also useful for him to charge and spear his targets, then throws them great distances. Fefnir also weilds the natural ability to breath fire.

As the wearer of the "Guardian's Armor", Fefnir is bestowed with even more abilities. The armor is able to protect him not only from the strongest physical attacks, but also grants limited magical protection as well. Fefnir also weailds a large dual blaster that has great explosive power, and can also double as a giant blade of energy. This armor is also equipped with twin afterburners, which greatly boost his speed and allow for limited flight.

Ignis Procella

Latin for "fire storm", it is Fefnir's large dual blaster. Each barrel is attached to the opposite side of Fefnir's right arm. It is capable of releasing a flurry of high-speed energy blasts, dual or single large balls of energy, or dual or single continuous energy blasts.

Draco Gladius

Latin for "Dragon Sword", it is Fefnir's large energy blade. His Ignis Procella forms the large blade of energy from its dual blasters, forming a large red blade of energy in the form of a broadsword. It wields incredible cutting power, and due to being formed out of raw energy, its form can be lengthened or otherwise manipulated.


Despite his great advantages, Fefnir is also cursed with disadvantages. Because he lacks wings, Fefnir is unable to fly, and is limited solely to ground combat. He also lacks any natural ability or protection in terms of magic, leaving him utterly vulnerable to spells without his armor. His armor can also be nullified, taking away all of the benefits it gives him, leaving Fefnir with just his natural abilities alone. While this normally isn't much of a disadvantage, it can leave him vulnerable to those who rely on technology and magic. Due to living in solitude, Fefnir also lacks experience interacting with females, and can often be caught off-guard by a woman's advances and flirtations. Being the chivalrous type, he also tries to avoid harming females, and holds back when he actually does attack.


Fefnir is depicted as a strong yet calm individual, shaped by his experiences. He has been described as "Having his father's strength and will, and his mother's temper and heart". Fefnir is extremely even-tempered, to the point of being passive, able to take any type of verbal abuse. His will is also immensly strong, making it virtually impossible for him to be "tamed".

Fefnir's life has also left him with scars however. Because of the betrayal he felt at the hands of his clansmen, he finds it icredibly hard to trust someone, preferring solitude to any type of company. For all of his temper and heart, Fefnir will become enraged when one mentions pureblood being greater. While he does not show it, he makes his opinion on the matter clear, either with subtle threats or a hard glare. But in spite all of his scars, Fefnir is extremely loyal to those who earn his trust, and will put his life on the line for his clan or his friends without a second thought.


  • Fefnir is heavily influenced by the Mega Man series, primarily by Dragoon and Fefnir, who he is named after.
  • While most characters are 3–4 feet tall, Fefnir stands at a towering 7–8 feet tall, being a total of 11 feet in length if one counts his tail.

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