Not to be confused with the Emeraldsbourg Public Patrol (EPP), which is the national police force.

The Emeraldsbourg Military is the military/defense arm of the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg. Formed in 1790 to win independence, today the Military fights global threats worldwide. In recent years, the Glacian Nation has become a serious concern, thus the military's power was increased and the number of troops and equipment rose. There are over 2,100,000 soldiers in the military, both active, reserve and paramilitary.

The F.R.E.'s military is one of the most powerful (and feared) militaries on Mobius; their strength increased following the Rebellion.


Emeraldsbourg operates five primary sectors in its military: the EAF&C (army), PAF (air force), Parliamentary Navy (navy), MRC (medical/residential) and Spezial Ops (special/tatical operations). All operations are carried out from Central Command in Collegeville.

Central Command

Central Command is responsible for the activities of the F.R.E.'s military. The facility is located in Building D in Collegeville, a suburb of Mobius Corners.

At Central Command, the high-ranked officials are responsible for managing the military's daily activities and issuing orders. In some instances, such as in times of war, Central Command commanders will give daily briefings to other generals in the Briefing Room. However, the highlight of the Central Command facility is the control center. At the main control center, generals (who are not on the front lines,) commanders from all sections of the military, and even the Department of Homeland Defense will issue orders, keep track of both military forces and enemy forces, and communicate with sargeants and soldiers through radios, TV feeds and printouts. In addition, there are numerous C.C. outposts across the country.


  • Central Command West Allis
  • Central Command Parkview (rebuilt and armed after the Rebellion)
  • Central Command Echidna Country (operated in conjunction with the Echidna Army.)
  • Central Command San Rico (handles all territorial operations)


Central Command is the heart of the military, so all outposts and the main building have been refurbished with numerous lasers and bombproof doors; the buildings are also EMP-resistant. Also, the air vents are built to ensure that all intruders are blown out.

In addition, all buildings act as magic/Chaos inhibitors, so no magic and Chaos energy can be used.

ERU (Emeraldsbourg Rebellion Unit)

Unfortunately, Parkview was the scene of dangerous protest and destruction. Thus, the ERU was formed to suppress riots.


  • Generally all equipment the EPP has, plus a non-lethal heat ray and guns that fire blanks.
  • Bulletproof vests and shields.
  • High-Tech Visors

Emeraldsbourg Armed Forces & Corps

The E.A.F.C is the main military branch for the country and its territories. The military is made up of 3 sections: Front Line Forces, Cavalries and Engineer Corps. Front Line Forces are the main troops. They stage and fight wars and battles, along with planning. They are responsible for defending the country as well, even at home. There are over 1,350,000 troops and generals in this unit. Cavalries are troops that are used as "last resorts" in case the Front Line Forces must retreat. They surprise enemies. About 600,500 troops are in the cavalries. Engineer Corps are the engineers and scientists in the army. They develop technology, weapons, and transportation for the main troops. They also tinker (fix) materials that are used up by the main troops. There are up to 300 engineers in each county's unit. There are also Midland Corps, which are basically soldiers with better rifles, hover-cycles and bulletproof armor. There are over 40,000 soldiers in this unit. All of the army's equipment were rebuilt after the Rebellion to meet Glacian Nation standards.


Following Shahooter's rebellion, soldiers were re-trained to increase their awareness of enemies. They can strike anywhere, even launch themselves into the middle of a front.


  • T-102 (Mary): Can fire shells with good accuracy, has 2 machine guns, and is resistant to missiles, extreme temperatures and enemy guns. However, EMP, minefields and bazookas can be problematic.
  • T-103 (Al): Can fire shells with excellent accuracy, has 3 machine guns, and is resistant to EMP, minefields, and guns. However, missiles, bazookas and extreme temperatures can be problematic.
  • T-104 (Lucy): Can fire shells with good accuracy, has 4 machine guns, and is resistant to minefields, bazookas and guns. However, missiles, EMP and extreme temperatures can be problematic.
  • T-105 (Bighorn): Is resistant to EMP, bazookas, extreme temperatures and guns. Has 4 machine guns, but can only fire shells with acceptable accuracy. The tank is vulnerable to missiles and minefields.
  • T-106 (Leopard): Has 4 machine guns, and is resistant to minefields, extreme temperatures and guns. However, EMP, missiles, and bazookas can be problematic.
  • T-107 (G-Destroy): Designed for Glacian fighting. Has 4 machine guns, and is resistant to everything except missiles. However, it can only fire shells with acceptable accuracy and is in limited supply.
  • TA-108 (Magic): Designed with TA-50 Scope specs. The tank is a Chaos Syphon and Magic Drainer, and it comes with 2 machine guns.

Armored Vehicles

  • AV-101 (Jeepster): Armed with 2 machine guns (1 can rotate), this Jeep is truly to be reckoned with.
  • AV-102 (Conman): Resistant to EMP, this convoy is truly the way to get around in Glacian war.
  • AV-103 (Tiger): Resistant to bazookas and extreme temperatures, the Tiger is a convenient way to get around in a missile war.
  • AV-104 (Halflife): Armed with 2 machine guns and resistant to EMP, this armored truck is also a way to keep soldiers' equipment safe.
  • HAV-101 (Hoverkill): A hovercycle that contains a grenade launcher, is resistant to mines and EMP, and has a small gun on the dashboard. Used by MIDLAND CORPS only.


  • Parkview (Rifle) - Made after Shahooter's Rebellion, this rifle is a scope. The scope has excellent accuracy and are the main guns used by the Midland Corps.
  • E34 (Rifle) - A trainee's rifle.
  • Luglin (Pistol) - Made after Shahooter's Rebellion, this pistol is used as a last resort in case no guns have ammunition. They are used by all dvisions.
  • Salisbury M3 (Rifle) - A continuous gun with powerful bullets.
  • EG39 (Rifle) - A continuous gun with excellent range, but somewhat weak bullets.
  • EG42 (Semi-Machine Gun/Grenade Launcher) - A powerful rifle with tremendous accuracy, the ability to fire grenades and fire continuous bullets which can kill someone in less than a second, After the Rebellion, the guns were in high supply and is now the second-most used rifle in all divisions.
  • EG46 (Rifle) - A powerful gun with the ability to fire bullets continuously.
  • EMP1 (EMP launcher) - A gun that was designed after the Hunter County jail was abandoned. This gun can fire EMP blasts at enemies and regular bullets.
  • MGC01 (Shotgun) - A powerful shotgun.
  • SDT678 (Tazer) - An efficient tazer.
  • TAZR3 (Tazer) - A backup tazer, which can also shoot lasers.
  • GL12 (Grenade Launcher) - A grenade launcher that can also be used as a sniper rifle.
  • Colin .98 (Pistol) - A weak pistol. All soldiers are equipped with these.
  • .78K (Pistol) - A powerful sniper pistol.
  • AK48 (Rifle) - A rifle that can fire indestructible bullets.
  • AE49 (Grenade Launcher) - A powerful grenade launcher.
  • Star 99 (Blaster) - A powerful blaster that can also create shields.
  • Leesburg (Rifle) - A one bullet-per-second gun.
  • Emerald (Pistol) - A pistol with good accuracy,
  • TA-50 Scope (Tazer/Scoped Semi-Machine Gun/Chaos Syphon/Magic Drainer) - By far the military's most powerful gun. It has a tazer, scoped semi-machine gun, and comes with a Chaos Syphon and Magic Drainer. The gun, however, is in VERY limited stock.
  • TA-51 Scope (Chaos Syphon) - A Chaos Syphon.
  • Old Sparky (Machine Gun) - A powerful machine gun.
  • Sparky II (Machine Gun) - A powerful machine gun with a wider range.
  • Heckfire (F.T.) - A powerful flamethrower with a large shooting range.
  • Flamewire - A flamethrower that does not have much range, but is very powerful.
  • TA-53 (Scope/Flamethrower) - A scope gun/flamethrower. It can kill enemies in one shot. This gun ignores armor and shields.
  • TA-55 - A scope gun. It sprays acid before impact.
  • ACD01 - Sprays sulfuric acid at enemies.
  • Pepper Spray - For close-contact fighting.
  • Boot Knife - Most soldiers have these for close-contact fighting.
  • SWRD1 - Yes, the F.R.E. does provide its soldiers with swords for fighting. This is a basic sword.
  • SWRD XL - A sword that is infused with light (holy) energy. It can heal wounded soldiers that have been hit with a shadow attack.
  • DKSWRD - A sword that is infused with shadow (dark) energy. It can heal wounded soldiers that have been hit with a holy attack.


  • Potato - A standard grenade that takes 4 seconds to explode.
  • Smokey - A well-balanced smoke grenade that takes 2 seconds to explode.
  • "In a Flash" - A quick flashbang grenade that takes about 1 second to explode, blinding/stunning anyone in the vicinity.
  • Supernade 1 - A quick grenade that blinds, injures and/or kills anyone within close distance. It takes about 3 seconds to explode.
  • MGC76 - A grenade that produces a forcefield that cancels out any magic/Chaos attacks.

Anti-Tank Weaponry

  • FLK-02 - Designed to destroy tanks (except for Glacian ones,) to the fullest extent. The gun works better in long distances than short ones.
  • GFLK-01 - Designed to destroy only Glacian tanks. Is resistant to, and can fire through, EMP fields to destroy Glacian tanks. Very few exist.
  • T-Destroyer - Designed as a lightweight backup to the FLK-02 gun, this gun can also destroy tanks (except for Glacian ones,) and is portable.
  • FLKE30 - A flak gun that fires EMP at the target.


  • Star Cannon - Fires accurate cannons at a target, which can cause serious damage to the target(s).
  • Cannon 1 - Is used as a modern approach to the Star Cannon. This cannon can also cause serious damage.
  • MTR2 - A mortar with mediocre accuracy but explosive power.
  • MTR1 - A slightly weaker mortar with excellent accuracy.

Other Vehicles

  • Comm102 - A bulletproof vehicle that is used for communications.
  • Comm154 HD - A bullet- and magic-resistant communications vehicle.
  • All-Hazard Truck - A jeep that has no weapons, but is bomb- and bulletproof, and immune to all hazards (snow, wind, rain, etc.)
  • ATVs (Type 99 and Type 101) - ATVs that can travel at speeds up to 120 mph!
  • HoverCyc 2 - A hovercycle utilized by the Midland Corps. It is not armored and does not have weapons, except the occasional pistol.
  • HoverCyc 3 - An EMP-resistant hovercycle, used by the Midland Corps.


Each soldier usually wears a green top with green pants, a helmet and black boots (and bulletproof vests, if nessecary). - Front Line Forces

Each soldier wears a bulletproof vest, green pants, a helmet, a visor and black boots. - Midland Corps/Calvaries.

Sargeants wear everything front line forces wear, except with pads for extra protection. Generals wear the same thing, but with added pads and ribbons (if awarded).

In addition, all soldiers have vests that can camouflage with the surrounding environment.


In order from lowest to highest:

  • Rookie Private
  • Private
  • Advanced Private
  • Private First Class
  • Corporal
  • Captain
  • Sargeant
  • Deputy General
  • General
  • Commander-in-Chief (Prime Minister)

Parliamentary Air Force

The Parliamentary Air Force is, well, the air force. They attack with 6 types of jets and war planes. Over 951,000 troops work in this unit.


  • H-200 - A beginner plane with 4 machine guns (2 on each wing) and one rocket launcher.
  • B-299 - A fighter jet with 4 machine guns, one rocket launcher and a laser beam.
  • B-300 - A fighter jet with the H-200's features, plus one rocket launcher.
  • Bomber 301 - A bomber that has a bomb dropper and 2 machine guns.
  • B-400 - Basic aircraft, equipped with 2 guns.
  • GI-600 - LIMITED. The most powerful plane, the GI-600 has 4 machine guns, 2 rocket launchers, a laser beam, a bomb dropper, a shield and a plasma beam.


  • G-Wasp 100 - A basic helicopter with 4 missile launchers and 1 machine gun.
  • Bombarder 300 - A helicopter with 3 missile launchers, 2 machine guns and special parachutes.
  • S-Flight 200 - A standard helicopter with 2 machine guns and a shield.
  • E-Tran 300 - A basic helicopter that is used for medical services and basic transport.


In order from lowest to highest:

  • Rookie
  • Starter Pilot
  • Pilot
  • Advanced Pilot
  • Sargeant
  • General
  • Commander-in-Chief (Prime Minister)

Medical and Residential Corps

This unit provides medical care, insurance and housing to soldiers. It also provides recreational services. Approx. 5,000 troops are in this unit. Medical Care is free, and housing units are in all of the cities. They are not run down, instead they're clean and perfect.

Primary Residences

  • Salisbury Military Base - Salisbury County
  • Wilson AFB - Chaos County
  • Hunter AFB - Hunter County
  • Midlands Military Center - Red Bluff County
  • Green Hill Army Base - Green Hill County
  • Central Valley AFB - Allis County
  • Fort Salem - Salemsville

Parliamentary Navy

This unit provides materials and soldiers who specialize in battles at sea. They use Cannon-Boats, which fire cannons; U-Subs are submarines that fire torpedoes and water-resistant plasma beams. About 911,010 soldiers are in this unit.


  • PTL-001 - A patrol boat that contains 1 cannon.
  • PTL-005 - An advanced partol boat with 2 machine guns and 1 cannon.
  • BTL-001 - A battleship that is quick on water. This boat features 3 machine guns, 2 cannons and a radar.
  • BTL-003 - A destroyer with 5 cannons and 2 machine guns, as well as radar.
  • Convoy 001 - A quick boat that has no machine guns, but 3 cannons.
  • CB Star - A cannon boat that can only fire cannons; no machine guns.
  • CB Plus - A cannon boat with 5 cannons and a laser beam in the event that there are no cannonballs left.


  • U-Sub XS - An extra small U-Sub that has radar. Mainly used in escort missions or search/rescue missions.
  • U-Sub STD - A standard U-Sub with 1 small torpedo launcher, but no radar.
  • U-Sub P1 - A better-performing U-Sub with slow speed, but a torpedo launcher, plasma beam and small radar.
  • U-Sub XL - A U-Sub with quick speed, 2 torpedo launchers, a plasma beam and sonar, but no radar.


  • SONAR1 - A boat with 2 machine guns and sonar.
  • ESP-SONAR - A boat with sonar and an EMP shield.

Special Operation Corps (or Spezial Ops)

This unit takes care of special issues that regular soldiers cannot take care of. About 4,010 troops are in this unit.


  • Liberty - A spy car designed as a regular car. The car is fitted with a machine gun and a laser cannon.
  • Tick XL - A small bug the size of a tick that can fly. The bug watches enemies and records movements, audio and video to be sent back to Central Command.
  • Stealthbot FRE - The S. Ops' walkers, but they can turn invisible and are reistant to minefields. They are armed with laser beams and missile launchers.
  • Prower-puter - Built by Tails in 2008, these computers can control everything the Spezial Ops does.
  • Crown Blastoria - A Crown-Victoria car that works like the Liberty, but has a special scope gun, not a machine gun.
  • Advanced Communications Equipment - The members have EMP-resistant advanced communications equipment that allow seamless communication.
  • Immobi-Gun - A gun that shoots a laser that immobilizes people for a certain period of time.
  • Power Blaster - A powerful gun that acts as a machine gun AND a laser beam. There are only 5 that exist.
  • EMP Blaster - A laser gun that can shoot EMP and a laser that can stun enemies.
  • Astro-Missile - A powerful (guided) missile that can EASILY destroy most space objects, including comets, meteors and asteroids. This was built to supplement Parkview's existing Last-Resort defense system.
  • Teleporter XE - A teleporter.
  • Shield XE - A small device that, when activated, can project a shield over the user.
  • Power Car - A powerful car with 2 machine guns, a laser beam, stealth mode and an EMP launcher. Only 2 exist.
  • Negator - Designed by Tails in 2007. This can cancel out any magical attacks within the vicinity and Wyrd effects.
  • High-Tech Visor Goggles - Goggles that were designed following the Rebellion. It is a visor that has 5 settings: night-vision, daytime, data, infrared and gamma. The visor is not to be used on the offensive, just used to locate enemies and/or figure out their attack patterns.
  • Revealer - A gun that emits a signal that will destroy any cloaking ability or device, and if powerful enough, can stun him/her.
  • MNDRDR XE - A mind-reader.

Nuclear Weapons

Although the F.R.E. itself does not have a nuclear weapons program, Spezial Ops does have some small nuclear bombs. No atomic weaponry currently exist.

Counter-Glacian Measures

Following the Rebellion and during the 2010 Border Closing, the F.R.E. took steps to keep its populace safe from Glacian operatives (and Cameron the Wolf's measures). Most equipment is now outfitted with EMP resistance, and some military objects (tanks, armored cars, etc.) can fire EMP blasts, contain shields and can fire efficient weaponry.

The ??? XL

The ??? XL is a gun currently in development. It is invulnerable to any attack, can drain magic and can fire indestructible bullets.

It costs more than Route 35's entire construction.

  • Can drain ANY kind of magic, except for those of Gods and Deities
  • Can kill a Mobian in 2 shots.
  • Has three modes: Drainer, Rapidfire and Rifle.
  • Can stun anybody in their super form.

Silver Nitrate Vaccines (VSnF5)

Following the development of the Glacian Revolver, the F.R.E. began development of vaccines to keep EVERYONE safe from the effects of Silver Nitrate. The vaccine is ready for deplloyment.

Miles "Tails" Prower has already developed his own version of the vaccine, and thus, all PBC employees and his best friends are safe from the effects.

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