The Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg has a civilized form of government.

Fast Facts

  • Constitution Timeline
  • Drafted/Ratified 1798
  • Amended 1801, 1809, 1850, 1874, 1898 and 1905.
  • Rewritten 1909
  • Ratified 1911
  • Amended 1929, 1953, 1958 and 1970.
  • Today's version was ratified on January 30, 1971.
  • Form of Government: Parliamentary Republic
  • Seat of Government: Mobius Corners


The country was also a constitutional monarchy. The monarch has no legislative powers, though. In Emeraldsbourg, the monarch can bestow honors and pardon citizens, as well as assemble the country's Parliament. Acts could also be granted Royal Assent by the King/Queen. This system is similar to the United Kingdom. However, constant issues have forced the country to abolish the monarchy on December 1, 2008.



The country has 3 forms of government. There are no states or provinces, however.


Each county acts as a state (sort of). There are 18 counties in the entire country, not counting territories such as the Leeway Islands and San Rico. The counties are as follows: Green Hill, Essex, Emerald, Sand, Hunter, Buckner, Chaos, Mobo, Palmer, Abbey, Bedford, Allis, Waxachie, College, Sullivan, Stewburt, Richards and Ellis. The government there works out like this:

  • Each county divides itself into districts, with 1 (or in some cases 2) representatives, and they report directly to the County Council. The County Council then sends representatives to the National Government.
  • The counties manage, well, county services.

Federal Government

Parliament is the official law-making body. It has 2 houses: the House of Legislators and the General Assembly. The current prime minister is Timothy Edward Palmford. His term ends in November 2011.

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