Fearful Caverns

TypeCavern system
LocationSoutheastern area of Eurish
Mobian Residents

Dark Clan of Voidstar

Other Residents

The Fearful Caverns are the home of the Dark Clan of Voidstar. The main area is where their village is located; however, up to a certain point, the caverns become very deep and treacherous, and so the area is off-limits due to how dangerous it is.

The Caverns are located on the continent of Eurish, near the Eurish-Yurashia Border. The Dusklight Forest surrounds most of the Caverns.


The Caverns (or at least, the part that is owned by the Dark Clan) consists of one main chamber and many smaller, branching chambers. The main chamber is about the size of the average baseball stadium, while the smaller chambers tend to be the size of one-story houses. Their homes are either constructed of stone carved from the cavern walls or carved directly into them. The smaller chambers tend to house shrines or medical bays.

The Point of No Return

The nickname given to the deeper area of the Fearful Caverns, the Point of No Return is the massive, pitch-black area riddled with slippery, razor-sharp stalactites and stalagmites that render any attempts to traverse the area downright suicidal. The place has been completely blocked off by the Dark Clan as a result.

Despite the seemingly inhospitable nature of this area, live still manages to thrive down there, primarily in the form of pale-skinned, gecko-like lizards that feed off of tine insects and mineral deposits; they're almost entirely blind.

The lizards are harmless, unlike the shadowy, bat-like creatures that inhabit the Point of No Return. It's not known if they are actually living creatures, as they seemed to be comprised purely of shadowy 'smoke', and feed off the life-force of other creatures.



It is rumored that there are massive amounts of Tenebrite hidden within the Point of No Return, but due to how dangerous the area is, no one has been able to get in there and confirm these claims. Smaller amounts of Tenebrite can be found within the Dark Clan's mines.


A somewhat uncommon ore that is found within a mineshaft-type area of the Caverns, and is mined out by the Dark Clan. Caligium is used to forge weapons and tools, and is also one of their trade goods.

Flora and Fauna


Shadeblooms grow in abundance here, given how relatively dark the entire area is. They are a hardy plant and can grow readily within soil-heavy areas inside the Caverns; indeed, small farms are set up in the Caverns to allow for the cultivation of Shadeblooms.

Moonflare Roses are found in areas where the moonlight directly hits the earth, and are typically found growing outside, in more open areas. Moonflares close their petals during the daytime, and bloom only at night, and they are said to shimmer brightly during the full moon. Some spots within the Caverns have openings to the sky carved out and fitted with glass, allowing moonlight to stream down through these places; here, Moonflares are cultivated by the Dark Clan.


Skullhead Sylphs are a common resident of the Dusklight Forest that mostly surrounds the caverns, and their eerie nocturnal chattering often causes travelers to stay away from the area. However, the Sylphs are beloved and even protected by the Dark Clan, and it is common for novice Dark Clan Summoners to "start" with a Skullhead Sylph; some residents even own them as pets, enjoying their playful and curious natures.

Notable Residents



Things of Interest

The Aphotic Orb of Voidstar

Yet another rumor is that the Aphotic Orb of Voidstar is hidden deep within the Point of No Return; once again, due to how dangerous the area is, no one has been able to get in there and confirm these claims.


  • The Point of No Return was based partially off of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park.
  • The pale lizards that dwell within the Point of No Return are based off of the rhacodactylus leachianus, also known as the New Caledonian giant gecko (or simply 'leachie'), in terms of overall size and appearance. Unlike the leachie, which come in a variety of colors and patterns, the cave lizards seem to come only in a milky white, pale yellow, or pale pinkish-red color.
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