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Focused, motivated, cheerful, and…oddly fused with a mysterious being, one whose giant red eyes are visible on Fay's front. No matter really, Fay will still get her mission done on time and will make sure that everyone else on the mission is just as excited as she is…but she'll never tell anyone why there's another being looking out of her stomach.


Fay has white fur and wings, light pinkish-purple skin, light pinkish-purple, straight hair (which comes down to the middle of her neck), and light pinkish-purple eyes. She is approximately an average height, but is fairly narrow, and has about average-sized ears (making them fairly small for bat standards). Fay is generally seen wearing a crop top, shorts, boots, and fingerless gloves, all in magenta. Perhaps the most notable aspect of her appearance are the two large, bright red eyes, ones that occasionally blink and can be clearly seen on the front of her exposed midriff.


Fay is unusually cheerful and focused, two things that aren't often seen together. Whenever Fay is in charge, she is both very motivated and very motivating, making her an all-around great team player and a force to be reckoned with. She can also be quite kind and sweet, generally being able to brighten up anyone's day.

Fay does have a darker side, though, mainly concerning her slightly twisted sense of morality. While she does want to do the right thing, she'll sometimes take drastic measures to do so, with one example of said drastic measures being that she fused with another being in order to gain superpowers despite the massive risk, just to have a chance of being able to save the world.

Strengths and Powers

Fay has three tiers of offensive powers. Her lowest and most commonly used tier is a variety of martial arts inspired by choreography in music videos. These attacks are somewhat damaging and can be used at melee range, but have the drawback that Fay mostly improvises them and has practically never rehearsed any one move.

Her middle and highest tiers are both based on lasers and are made possible by Fay's fusion with the other being. Her middle tier allows her to launch somewhat damaging cyan lasers out of her fingertips; these can travel for long distances, but take a second or two to charge. Her highest tiers allows her to launch lasers out of her palms; these have all of the advantages of the middle tier and are both lethal and thick to boot, but they take several seconds to charge.

Fay also has a couple of minor strengths. She is fairly athletic, allowing her to move around at high speeds. Also, Fay can use her wings to fly around at a moderate rate or to boost her speed.

Bulletproof Form

If Fay is getting beaten down and needs more damage resistance than speed, or if her team just really needs a tank, Fay can go into her Bulletproof Form. This isn't technically another form, but it might as well be one for the changes that it makes to Fay's fighting style. In this form, what is essentially a wall of lasers forms around Fay, making it difficult for shots to penetrate this wall and hit her. The downside is that she can't move very fast while in it in order to let the laser wall keep up with her, and she hates being slow, so she'll only use this form if she really needs to.



Usually, Fay's statistics look like this:

This character's sixstat code is 155333

  • Health: 1 – Fay's resistance to damage is fairly low.
  • Damage: 5 – Fay can do a good deal of damage with her lasers, especially the charged ones.
  • Speed: 5 – Fay's athleticism and flight lets her speeds be well above average.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Fay's reflexes, unlike her speed, are about average.
  • Intelligence: 3 – Fay is reasonably intelligent, but not more so than the average citizen.
  • Regen: 3 – Curiously enough, despite Fay's low damage resistance, her regeneration from damage is about average. It is possible that the other being may be the cause of this.

Bulletproof Form

When Fay is in her Bulletproof Form, her statistics look like this:

This character's sixstat code is 741233

  • Health: 7 – Fay's resistance to damage is incredibly high, almost insanely so, as almost all attacks will just bounce off of her shield.
  • Damage: 4 – Fay can do a fair amount with her lasers, but not as much as she normally can due to having to maintain the laser shield, which limits the efficiency of her lasers.
  • Speed: 1 – Fay becomes quite slow in this form. It drives her nuts.
  • Reflexes: 2 – Fay's reflexes become slower than average in this form, as she can't respond as quickly as she'd like to threats. This also drives her crazy.
  • Intelligence: 3 – Fay is still reasonably intelligent in this form.
  • Regen: 3 – Should Fay get hit in this form, her regeneration from damage is still about average.

Fun Facts

  • Fay is reasonably good at dancing, although her style is indiscernible and would probably cause anyone who expects her to do anything in a certain style to cringe.
  • Thank Speedy for giving me the links to this video and this video, as the choreography in these inspired me to give Fay her dance-based powers. The first video was also what inspired the name of Fay's Bulletproof Form.
  • Fay absolutely hates anything touching her midriff, as that part of her is very sensitive, largely due to the fact that the other being is located there. This is the reason why she wears a crop top, which, in turn, is what leads most people to find out about the other being.
  • Fay has no History section as of the moment, as I am intentionally leaving her history as an engima for the moment.
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