"You've grown annoying. Begone."
—Faustinko, when a subject has stopped providing him with entertainment.

Dr. Faustinko Witherleaf or simply Faustinko is an immortal, morally unethical scholar hedgehog who is alarmingly proficient in the forces of darkness. He is constantly travelling in an attempt to quench his curiosity, boredom and thirst for knowledge. He is the living ancestor of Krinkinko the Hedgehog and Rapid The Hedgehog among others due to his amorous ways.


Early Years

Faustinko was born Cannibis Adabert Baum. His parents were Adalbert Baum and Adelaide Baum, an aristocratic hedgehog and bat respectively who resided in the old town of Terpotipole. Due to his family's wealth, he was given anything he asked for, making him grow spoiled. He excelled in academics, quickly surpassing each and everyone in his town. He loved discovering new things and would frequently leave his "tiny, boring town" in order to document the surrounding area's flora and fauna. Even during his teenage years Faustinko had an intense love of learning. Unfortunately for him, his amazing I.Q. made gaining new information almost impossible. He would grow increasingly annoyed when his teachers nor his parents could answer his complex questions. As a result, he began to throw fits until his parents would buy him complex books. These books about science would stave his hunger for knowledge temporarily. In an attempt to put his knowledge to practice, he began experimenting on himself to test his knowledge on the elements. He focused his experiments on darkness due to claiming it to be "the easiest of the elements to culture since we all as sapient beings possess at least a sliver of it". He experimented on animals, sacrificing many of them before deeming it safe to use for himself. Thus Faustinko first developed his darkness-based supernatural abilities, nothing compared to his power today but nothing to scoff at either. In addition to knowledge, he pined for his childhood friend, Nadja. She frequently dismissed him for their more athletic peers. One of the reasons he devoloped his powers was an attempt to grow stronger in an attempt to impress her. Unfortunately for him, she grew fearful of him due to his dark powers and due to the whispers of him experimenting on people and animals. Growing even more distant and bitter, Faustinko continued his experiments, finding the subjects' reactions entertaining and his results fruitful.

College Years

As Faustinko approached his twenties, his whole town grew fearful of the aura of darkness he possessed and due to the screams that could be heard in the forest before he emmerged. Growing wary of their secluded son and tired of the rumors that sprang up about them, his parents sent him off to college in a far off country. Despite the college being the best college in all of Mobius at that time, Faustinko still found the cirriculum quite elementary. Despite this he still enjoyed himself due to all the new things to discover and the exotic food. While making observations about the land's flora in a field one day, he discovered a pleasant plant he had never heard of before, The Witherleaf. Faustinko was so pleased with the exotic plant that he changed his last name to Witherleaf.

Faustinko kept attending the school despite rarely learning anything. One day, Faustinko got in an arguement with one of his professors, said professor ultimately humiliating Faustinko in front of the entire class despite the latter being correct. Faustinko was so displeased that he brutally murdered his professor with his dark powers. Due to this fiasco, Faustinko was sent to prison for ten years before finally being released.


After being released, Faustinko decided to return to Terpotipole. He returned to discover that science was outlawed, deeming it witchcraft (which was no doubt due to Faustinko's own special brand of experimentation). He also discovered his dear Nadja was married and had three children. Overcome with grief, Faustinko left the country. He searched high and low for new things but his hunger for knowledge could not be quelched. He soon grew bored and depressed with life.

Becoming Faustinko

Bored and depressed with life, Faustinko tried to kill himself several times but kept failing due to his dark powers protecting him. After his sixth unsucessful attempt at his life, he was visited by a hedgehog who went by the name Mephiles the Dark. Mephiles offered the depressed hedgehog all the knowledge in the world, heightened demonic power and the power to seduce any woman in exchange for his soul, which he would claim in twenty-five years. Reluctant at first, Faustinko agreed as long as he would be granted immortality. Baffled, Mephiles agreed and Faustinko signed his name in blood on a contract. 

In this time, Faustinko murdered Nadja's old husband and children then married her. Due to his power of seduction, Nadja overlooked that her beloved husband was murdered. Faustinko became happy due to his wealth of knowledge and the fact that he could be with his beloved. He constantly trained with his new powers, sharpening them like a knife. Due to his powers, he renamed himself Faustinko, an ancient word that meant, Followerer of the Darkness. During this time, Faustinko was finally, truly, happy without the suffering of others. Right when Faustinko was the happiest, Mephiles returned to claim Faustinko's soul. Faustinko and Nadja fought back to no avail. Nadja was easily killed and Faustinko's soul was easily claimed.

The True Faustinko is Born

After Mephiles was erased from existance, instead of Faustinko simply being sucessful in his last suicide attempt, history simply rewrote itself, brining anohter Mephiles from another dimension to come to Faustinko. Faustinko, knowing what had occurred already and retaining his powers, took the up offer once more growing even stronger. The downside being he could no longer seduce any woman but his deception was still quite good. Faustinko, being the genius he was, created a dimensional pendant that would prevent anyone from another dimension from harming him. Faustinko repeated what he did last time but his curiosity and cockiness got the better of him as he began cheating on Nadjsa with various women. Whenever he would leave for frequent amounts of time he would always leave under the pretense of a "busniness trip". Due to this, he began a habit of making illegitimate children. One woman he was particularly interested was a Amazon rare jungle hedgehog. He would see this woman the most due to her powers over naure which interested him. The woman in turn fell in love with him due to his charm and charisma. With his help, she and other jungle headghogs created a tribe that would be known as Jaggerleaf Village. 

Faustinko's wife eventually found out about her husband's trysts and was furious. She screamed and cried as Faustinko commanded her to shut up in annoyance. Since she would not, he decided to murder her. He then packed all of his books and went to live with the Amazon girl. He concieved a child with her, mainly to study him. He learned things such as his powerful darkform being heriditary. He outlived the amazon and his son, administrating the village affairs in the shadows. After growing bored of the village he left.


And so Faustinko wandered around the globe, looking for things to quench his curiosity. He also looked for entertainment. During this time he wooed many women. He searched for the meaning of life and people began calling him a doctor due to the miracles he could weave. He continued to grow in the dark arts, instigating many wars and personally dissecting many people in he name of science. Due to his constant travel, he began to be known as The Great Wanderer. Despite not being able to die of old age, his appearance grew older, possibly due to the nature of the darkness he so dearly loved. Due to his love of secrecy and due to his appearance, he began donning his signature brown cloak.

As the great wanderer he conducting many experiments such as experimenting on a woman pregnant with his desendent to encance the baby's dark power, nearly killing her in the process. Nowadays he still wanders, remaining elusive as ever. It's rumored that he is looking for a fountain of youth.


Faustinko is mostly shown wearing a light brown cloak that obscures his hands and completely hides his face. It has a red 'x' on the front.

Faustinko is a short headghog with spines that are in a messy fashion. He is shown to be slightly wrinkly and has a hunch when walking. He has dark purple eyes, very pronounced canine teeth and black and purple fur. He has a heart-shaped birthmark on his right hand. He is shown having very pale and abnormally pointy ears. His tail is crooked like an echidna's.


Faustinko is a very cold, manipulating and calculating man. He is shown to be quite selfish, not caring about anything about himself and as such should not be expected to be loyal towards anyone. He has a very warped sense of humor, enjoying the screams and pain of others. He also is very vain, believing himself to be the most powerful and smartest man in existance challenging anyone who believes otherwise that he feels will be entertaining to kill. Most of the things he does are out of his intense curiosity such as him constantly trying to learn new things. He hates boredom and will go to great lengths to assure he's entertained, which is unfortunate due to his treatment of women and his warped since of humor. He is a sore loser and will bend the rules of a challenge to assure his success. He hates boring people and likes to make them suffer in an attempt to make them useful for him. Although he loves the company of women, he is also very secretive, not liking to be under the spotlight and as such is constantly on the move. Even though he holds his family in higher regard than the rest of the population he still mistreats and lies to them. It should be noted that he will do good things (such as operate on people) if he finds it interesting enough though for the most part, he feels the trials of do-gooders are entertaining to watch but utterly drab to partake in. Despite his evil nature, Faustinko is never shown to become enraged outright, he merely grows horribly annoyed when others would be angry. When annoyed, Faustinko will kill people instantly instead of toying with them. He is a outspoken social darwinist. He is shown to be extremely perverted.

As a philosopher, he constantly ponders obtruse questions regarding life.

Abilities and Powers

Faustinko claims being the most powerful being of darkness who every lived and even if he isn't, it's not a farfetched boast. Fuastinko is shown to command the power of darkness and all things demonic with extreme precision, power and finesse. He can create a poisonous mist around him that will slowly drain of nearby life form's power and give it to himself. He is extremely swift especially in the darkness and is shown to make a large sphere of darkness. He can use the darkness to augment his physical power, giving himself super strength, He travels by opening corridors of darkness to travel to any shaded spot on the planet. In addition to his corridors, he can travel by slowly sinking into the ground. He has the power to materialize shadows, with them retaining the strength of their owner. He is shown to cause migraines by simply snapping and can open the darkness in people's hearts, making them go berserk. He can shoot tendrils of dark thorns, either stabbing or trapping his oponents. He is known to use his dark powers to heal himself and others if need be but it comes at a price of slight fatigue for a thirty-hour period. His most used dark power is creating sixteen-octopus like tentacles of darkness that originate from below his cloak and using it to attack his opponents. The tentacles are shown to be very swift, long and sharp. Faustinko gains even more dark abilities in addition to his strenth increasing when he turns into his powerful Dark Form. In addition to his supernatural abilities, Faustinko is shown to be very cunning and great at decieving people. He loves playing up a person's fears and likes pitting allies against eachother. Due to his many years of living, Faustinko has picked up on many styles of martial arts and can counter them well. It should be noted that these are only the powers of Faustinko that are widely known. 

Faustinko's greatest weakness is light, the only element that he cannot resist. Even though he is the weakest towards light, years of training has made him a lot more resistant to it than other dark users. That said, light is one's best bet if they ever want to survive against him.


"You've grown annoying. Begone." ~Faustinko, when a subject has stopped providing him with entertainment.


Naraku's Theme Song

Naraku's Theme Song

Faustinko's Theme

Xehanort - Birth by Sleep- Extended

Xehanort - Birth by Sleep- Extended

Faustinko's Second Theme

Darkness of the Unknown Dragon Xemnas - KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2

Darkness of the Unknown Dragon Xemnas - KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX - Soundtrack Extended-0

Faustinko's Battle Theme


  • Faustinko's original name was Cannibis, continueing the theme of Krinkinko's ancestors being named after plants.
  • Faustinko quite enjoys videogames.
  • Under various penames, Faustinko has written various encyclodias on many species of life.
  • Faustinko's favorite food is Meat Lover's Pizza.
  • Faustinko is loosely based off of the character, Faust .
  • Faustinko was originally made for Wh!te$tar's blog, SFW Training Grounds 2 .
  • He is partially inspired/based off of Master Xehanort and Naraku.
    • He shares some similarities with another one of Sonicfan919's characters, Juan Carlos from Consort of Illusion.


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