The Story Continues........

Dark The Hedgehog was on the run, literally because of his disturbance, a few days ago against those Knights with almost killing them by that very sword. Ever since then, he has been running and fighting against Knights and weird things started to happen to him as he was getting more slower in speed as each days passed in this world for him to not know why or how he was losing his speed as he began to worry.

"Get back here?!" One of the Knights yelled as they ran after Dark, but couldn't catch up to him as he ran off with a smirk on his lips and they could hear his laughter as they failed to catch him once again.

Dark eventually stop running to begin walking and he looked at himself to have a sorrow kind of look and then, he looked at his hand to clutch it into a fist. 'Just what the hell is going on with me?! What am I getting slower?!'

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