Dark walked around on his own to not encounter or see anybody for days and he liked it that way as he was walking on the road path, only seeing grass, dirt and the sky. As he was walking, a carriage with horses pasted him to his surprise and he wondered where it was going to run after it at fast speed to catch up to it and get on the back of it, sitting on. Once the carriage stopped at some kind of gate with a Knight guarding it or, at least that what it looked like to him, Dark got off it to walk to the right side of the carriage to be able to hear and see what's going on as he saw the two civilians,who were a married couple come out, looking scared for some reason. He watched the married couple as they went up to the Knight, who looked to be an echidna by the look of the armor and he continuously watched and listened with complete caution.

"Give me everything that is valuable and food worth that's in that carriage and you can go in." The Knight said as he looked at them with a evil smirk across his lips.

"But, this is everything we have and we have chi-"

"Give it to me, peasants?!"

"We need it for our family at home and if we don't, we'll starve."

"You disrespectful peasants, spoke back to me like that and don't listen. Heh...………...You'll pay for your insolence." With that, the Knight went towards one of the carriage sides to take off the wooden wheel to throw it off to the side before going to the couple and drawing his sword in a intent to hurt them.

'What should-' Dark's thought was interrupted by a information out of nowhere coming to his head for him to look back at his back to see a strange sword in it's black sheath and he grab the sword's handle to draw it out slowly and held it out in front of him. 'What kind of sword is this? Oh, well, at least, I can do something about that stupid Knight.'

Dark saw the Knight swing their sword at the couple, who held each other tight and he ran at the knight to make the sword clash against the sword he was wielding in his hand.

"What the? Who are you?!" The Knight yelled as he glared at Dark.

"Your worse nightmare, you ungrateful bastard." Dark said to push him back with his little bit of his strength.

The Knight was stopped himself to be in shock as he looked at his enemy in front of him and he recognized the blade in his hand to be more shocked than before. 'That can't be...…….That hedgehog was chosen by that sword of all people here in this world and it had to be this hedgehog...….'

The Knight was angered as he asked, "Where did you get that sword?"

"That's none of your concern, low-life."

"Why, you-"

Dark chuckled with a smirk across his face as they went at each other with their swords clashing at the other and Dark was having a struggle since he wasn't used to using a sword as a weapon especially this one as he got pushed back the Knight while managing to stop himself from hitting the tree behind him and he stood up, holding the sword tight in his hand. 'Dammit. I'm gonna lose if I keep on going like this and I hate losing.' Dark thought as he frowned while seeing the Knight smirking in sheer confidence.

"You're a horrible sword fighter and you're not worth of that sword and being chosen by it. I will end you here and now by my skill and my sword's blade. I'll make sure it'll be the most painful death you have." The Knight said, darkly as he walked towards Dark.

'Let me help you.' A male british voice said in Dark's mind, which Dark heard and he looked at the side of him to see a spiritual vision of a white hedgehog with bright blue eyes, light brown muzzle and he was wearing a red scarf and black and white shoes. Dark was feeling kind of skeptical as he saw the other hedgehog with him very untrusting of it, but he hating to lose or even being defeated by a corrupted Knight like that and with that, Dark nod his head, accepting the help and the white hedgehog took temporarily control of Dark's body with Dark's blue as Dark gasped with the other hedgehog in control. 'Dark' looked at the Knight with a determined look,having blue-colored eyes and he got into his fighting stance with holding the sword inwards in his left hand and one foot in front of him.

"Ready to die?"


With that, 'Dark' and the Knight went at each other with their swords and their swords clashed again and again against the other, but the Knight was caught off guard as he was losing to the hedgehog with him barely holding his ground against him.

"Who are you?!" The Knight asked in completely frustration as his sword crashes against Dark's and they holding it. Dark was now in complete control of his body to wonder who was that hedgehog, who chose to help him, but he brushed it off, letting it go in the back of his mind. The only response the Knight got from Dark was complete silence,which annoyed the Knight to a maximum and Dark knew it to smirk before yelling out in power and it was overwhelming to Knight as Dark released 5% of his power with a gust of winds, releasing around him. 'What the hell is this power?' The Knight thought as he felt overwhelmed, looking at Dark in shock and Dark sent him flying back with his strength to see the Knight hit the metal gate hard as he was on the ground with his helmet off and the Knight's sword stabbed in the ground far away from his touch. A shadow was towered over him to look up,seeing Dark, who put the blade of the strange sword up to his face.

"You ruined the ways of being a Knight and have lost the reasoning and the true meaning of being a true Knight. I will show you, a stupid mindless and corrupted echidna the true meaning of being a true Knight and it will be the show the error of your ways of doing things, and bring you back to the light." Dark said with a british accent,which wasn't him since that white hedgehog from before took temporarily control of him for a few seconds before giving him back control to make him wonder who that hedgehog is and where he came from.

"Get him?!" The Enchidna yelled for Dark to be alarmed and looked to side and around to see other Knights had surrounded him for him to smirk with it widen a bit and he didn't know where to go as he turning around,paying attention to them, but nonetheless as he saw them as weak fools to laugh loudly, which shocked every knight while caught them off-guard.

"What insolent fools, you all are." Dark said in sheer confidence.

"Take him down, immediately!" The Knight yelled.

The other Knights nod their heads to run at their enemy,Dark and Dark smirked more as he ran at them and took them down within a split second with them on the ground,groaning in pain and that left the Knight without the helmet in complete shock as he stood up on his two feet.

"Wanna try as well?"

"You'll pay for this?!" The Knight said, frown in pure anger as he grabbed his sword to run at Dark while not thinking straight.

"I guess so." Dark went at him and their swords clashed for the Knight's sword to be out of his hands and was stabbed against a tree with the knight on the ground again after Dark kicked him.

"Pick a fight that you can win, you fool." With that, Dark ran off at super fast speed, leaving a humiliated and hurt Knight on the ground, before he could leave, he fixed the wheel for the carriage with ease.

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