This is an article about Fate the Cat, a character created by Neoexlucky on 07/22/2013.

Fate the Cat

Season 1 fate

Fate season2

Biographical Information
Age  19       
  • Fate
  • Agent
  • Destiny
  • Operative
  • Hunter
Relatives Unknown
Romantic Interest(s)


Physical Description
Species Mobian/Cat
Gender Female
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Hair: Yellow
  • G.U.N Costume
  • Normal Costume
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation  Neutral
Weaponry Dual Pistols
  • Homing Attack
  • Claw Kick
  • Stealth
  • Climbing
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Yumi Uchiyama
American V.A. Tabitha St. Germain
Theme Song(s) N/A
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Fate is a former Agent of G.U.N who worked most of her life training with the organization, but quit so that she could leave with her little sister, who is being chased by G.U.N for unknown reasons. Fate is the older sister of Echo the Cat.


Fate is a golden cat with blond hair and yellow eyes. She wears a black Sweater that shows her stomach and black pants with an Orange Belt. She also wear a brown bandanna that was missing from her G.U.N appearence.


Fate is kind and always wants to help others. She is a good person and knows the difference between right and wrong. She can be a bit mysterious and come off as a jerk sometimes but she is always doing the right thing. She is smart and couragous but has a hard time working with people.


Code: MIA

During Fate's life, suspected at around the age of 13, Fate was drafted into a training program for G.U.N students in order to give the children instructions on how to properly use their abilities to help G.U.N. Fate excelled in her training, and when graduated, she was given the title of 'Hunter' for her tracking abilities. However, when she turned 19, Fate quit the organization for unknown reasons and it is currently known that Fate and her little sister are running from G.U.N.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 4
Attack 5
Spcl. Atk 4
Defense 6
Spcl. Def 2
Speed 4
Reflexes 7
Spcl. Ref 5
Psyche 5
Intellect 6
Total 48/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Above-average
Hearing Above-average


Friendships (Add if you want)

Neo the Fox

Neutrals (Add if you want)

Zero Evol

Enemies (Add if you want)



Special Abilities

Sixth Sense

Fate can sense the precence of others around her, and is able to track them using these means.


Fate can assist and make almost any attack stronger, including dark attacks. She can't assist Demons.


Cat Reflexes

Fate is a cat and has a great reflex system.

Guns Galore

Fate has a firm knowledge of guns. Though she prefers pistols.



Fate, can be easily countered with dark attacks.


Fate has a very low resistence to magical attacks, and cannot block them almost at all. Her only option with magic are to run from it.


Fate has a weak immune system and as such Poison deals extra damage to her.



  • Early Designs show Fate using electricity and being Orange instead of yellow.
  • Fate's original name was Trinity, then Destiny, it was changed several times along with her appearence.
  • Fate is a lesbian
  • Fate's left pistol has a light blue handle, and has "Peacekeeper" engraved on it. Fate's right pistol has a dark red handle, and has "Warmaker" engraved on it.

Theme Song

Fate does not have a theme song yet.

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