The Fast Fashion is an Extreme Gear used in many games. It is Christina's personal extreme gear. It is used also as a decoration in the Mariala Party Series by defeating Mary in Story Mode.

Appearances in Games


The Fast Fashion is very colorful. The board is Purple with a white line going through it.  There are also stars colored Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow. 

Christina Riders

Christina and the Fast Fashion


The Fast Fashion is known for it's speed. It has incredible speed and power. There is a hidden engine that seems to be faster than a turbo charged power booster. Christina needs to adapt to it first though. Also it has two breaks for an advantage. For example if on a steep slope, it is able to ride down. Alo that is used for grinding on the rails.


Adapting to Christina

In order for the Fast Fashion to work properly, Christina needs to get used to it. She and her friends just love the design. It goes perfectly with her personality. She wants to use the board to get to places quicker. This also is getting her non-extreme gearists jealous of her speed. 

Using it to what?

In Mariala Party, the board is used for a shortcut.  the stars are used at Sunshine Garden. A star is based off it's color such as:

  • Blue Stars=1
  • Green Stars= 3
  • Pink Stars= 10
  • Yellow Stars=20
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