Farawila, Princess of Soudalia (sometimes referred to as Princess Farawila of Soudalia, Farawila of Soudalia, Princess Farawila or just Farawila) is a character created by FlowerOfTheWind who appears in Sonic Advance Adventure. Like her title says, she is the princess of Soudalia and an old friend of Sticks the Badger.


She has light brilliant red fur/hair, light orange skin, red lips, orange freckles and brown eyes. She also wears a red dress with 2 layers of skirt and wears short, high-heeled boots.


Farawila is a silly and cheerful girl who likes to entertain people with her (un)funny jokes, usually around strangers. She can also somewhat be seen as a comic relief and joker, often fooling around with Dr. Eggman which makes him angry. Despite her incompetent and bumbling behaviour, she is also a strawberry sweet character.


Most of her early history is unknown, even though she admitted that she was born and raised on Soudalia until there was massive civil war versus the South and was forced to get sent to Mobius by her mother.

Powers and abilities

Farawila possesses great Crystal Magic and has the ability to break buildings with her fist punch. She also has the ability to stop time, but doesn't do it often. She is good at wall-jumping, and even saved Sticks from Dr. Eggman's badniks.


  • Farawila means "strawberry" in Arabic.
  • Her symbol is a red shield.
  • Her name was originally going to be called "Alimah", but it got scrapped later on.
  • It is possible that Farawila has a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog due to the way she mentions him.


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