One night in the month of October, in Hang Castle there was a meeting with all the were-mobians and the "Queen of The Were-Mobians". Her plan:to use her powers to take over the planet and transfom it into a demon planet on Halloween night. Can the heroes save the night....?


  1. You can do what you like but not add in any villains for there will be only 1
  2. Also do not attempt to change the plot. 3 times and your out
  3. Only have 3 character
  4. Do not insert locations
  5. No God Modding
  6. When your character is bitten or is cursed they are a were-mobian but on the good side



Good Side

Max the Fox (Apallo)

Static the Cat (Frost the Wolf)

Crystalline the Wolf (Frost)

Mimic the Mockingbird (Frost)

Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox (Flame)

Zarex The Hyenhog (Flame)

Alice the Robotic Cheetah (Wolf)

Rin the Wolf (Wolf)

Uila the wolf/Shocker the werewolf( Soc)

Morpheus the hedgehog(Soc)

Vulcan the hedgehog(Soc)

Jordan the Dog (Roblox3ds77)

Robbie the HedgeBoy(RTHBreturns)

Jack the Flying Squirrel(RTHBreturns0

Judas the Wolf (Onup147)

Snow the Arctic Wolf/Were-wolf (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Angus the Ermine (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Queen's Side

Queen of the Were Mobians (Apallo)


Chaos Square 13:30 (1:30 PM)

Max: -yauns- I don't know why Juniper wants to go Trick or Treating

Flame: *reading a list* So I pick up these, Then go back to Moreaus deliver them, Get my money, Go back...Store half the money, Spend the rest...Then...Yeah that works...Ok err which way was it? *he walks towards Max* Errrm...Hey do you know where this...Is? *He points at a map*

Mimic: (walks up to Flame. He is dressed like a mobster, complete with his trademark fedora and a water gun) Flame? Is that you? (points his gun at him) *in a Scarface accent* Say hello to my little friend! (squirts water at Flames face.)

Flame: *Wipes water off face and sighs* Hi Mimic, I see you have the "Haloween Spirit."

Mimic: Yeah. I love halloween! I'm practically the king when it comes to costumes. Hey, (points to Flame's lack of a halloween costume) what about you? You dressing up for Halloween tonight?

Flame: Errrm...I'm not from mobius, So where I'm from we didn't...Never mind, Dress up scarily? errm sure? *He disappears for a second and comes back dressed up with a black robe with rips on the end, and a Scythe, you cant see his face behind the robe, And his clothes are completely Black* Better? *He sighs*

Mimic: (smiles) Not bad! But, Halloween's not until this evening. (shrugs) Oh well, you and I can hang out until the time comes. And, for the record, this isn't really my costume for tonight. It's going to have a few... changes before tonight.

Flame: Well...In that case *He disappears and comes back, In his regualar Clothes* wait*...Changes?

Mimic: (Gives the "I know something you don't" smile) You'll see. (closes his eyes) This Halloween's going to rock! I can feel it! (opens his eyes) Oh, by the way, Static and Crystalline are going to be joining us too.

Flame: That's good, If it was just you, You would probably Drag me on a Pranking Spree *He smirks* I have a strange feeling that This halloween will be very Interesting...

Mimic: It better be. You know what I could go for?

Flame: Wait...Let me guess, A prank? If so i wouldn't look surprised *He seems to actually want that to be true*

Crystalline: (Walks up to them. She's wearing a gray and light green dress, dark gray boots, white gloves, and a light green bow over her left ear.) I think he was going to say "pizza", Flame.

Mimic: (smiles and raises an eyebrow) Since when did you get mind reading powers?

Crystalline: I didn't. You said to meet you here for pizza thirty minutes ago. (turns to Flame and smiles) Hi, Flame.

Mimic: Oh yeah. So, where is Sparky?

Flame: (blushes) H-Hi, Crystalline, Errm...N...*He stops in mid Word* N...Nevermind

Crystalline: (turns to Mimic) Static won't arrive for a while. Amy dragged him shopping for halloween outfits. (she smiles) Against his will, of course. But Blaze is with him, so I guess he won't mind to much.

Mimic: As long as Pink 'n Crazy doesn't make him give an opinion of every outfit she tries on. (laughs a little) So should we wait for him, or just go to that pizza place. I'm buying, (holds up Flame's wallet) and they have karaoke.

Flame: Hey! Give that back! *Hes trying to take it out of Mimic's Hand but cant because he isn't tall enough* Argh! I thought you where buying!

Mimic: I am, but I never said I'd buy with my money. (smiles mischievously)

Flame: Oh come on, Mimic! That isn't fair! *He's still trying to reach it*

Mimic: I'm kidding! Here. (gives Flame his wallet back) Do you honestly think I'd use your money without your permission?

Flame: *Still seems annoyed* Yeah...Right...

Mimic: Okay. So, until Static gets here, we have nothing to do. (looks at Max, who's pretty much ignored them for the most part) Hmm. (shrugs)

Crystalline: Do you have any ideas, Flame?

Flame: Hmm... *He seems to be pondering* Oh heres an idea! We go to get pizza or whatever and leave a sign/message for Static so he knows that we are getting pizza, Good idea?

Crystalline: (shakes her head) Static doesn't like feeling left behind. When I asked if you had any ideas, I meant ideas of what to do while we're waiting. There doesn't seem to be anything to do around here.

Zarex: *Yells at them* Hey Freak-Zoids, Nice Costumes! *Zarex is dressed up like Ryu from Street Fighter*

Flame: *Rolls his eyes* I'm not even in my costume yet, Spots.

Zarex: ZAREX!

Mimic: Actually, Spots fits you better. Oh, and as for my costume, I'll be making some changes to it later. (smiles mischievously) Which reminds me... (pulls out his water pistol and squirts Zarex in the face) *scarface accent* Say hello to my little friend! *normal accent* A mobster with a gun beats a street fighter any day of the week!

Zarex: Well now you've made my Hitlist, Happy now?! *He glares at Mimic* You 3 are going to wish you had stayed home tonight!

Flame: Why all 3 of us? What did Crystalline do?


Static: (Walks up to the group, wearing his normal attair: A blue and gold jacket with a white shirt on underneath, and a pair of blue and gold shoes) Zarex, cool it. You're over reacting. You should know that Mimic likes to get on everyone's nerves. You're no exception to the rule.

Mimic: (shrugs) Guilty as charged.

Zarex: Well maybe you should pick your targets better, Its fine to Annoy people who are nerds, Like Lame B-

Flame: *Interrupts Zarex* Nerd isn't an Insult! and my name is Flame

Zarex: Shut it, As i was saying, But It's not a good idea to Annoy people who are Awesome

Flame: Self Proclaimed...

Zarex: SHUT UP.

Crystalline: *sarcastically* Oh, yes. You're so awsome, Zarex. In fact, I'm blinded by your awsomeness.

Mimic: (snickers, trying very hard not to laugh out loud)

Zarex: Ugh, Forget you guys! *He runs off*

Flame: *Looks relieved* So errm... Pizza anyone?

Static: Sure, I'm buy- (looks for his wallet but can't find it) What? Aw, come on! I just had it here!

Flame: *Stares at mimic* I have a feeling I know what happened.

Mimic: What? You think I did it? I, for one, am disappointed in you. Blaming a friend just because he's a kleptomaniac. (crosses his arms) The nerve!

Flame: 'Cept for the fact that Your body language tells me that you took his wallet, That and you took mine earlier makes you a Prime Suspect.

Mimic: I gave it back didn't I? And what's my motive, Sherlock?

Flame: *A sherlock Holmes hat appears on his head* Well, Mimic it appears you do not understand, It is quite obvious why you would steal Static's wallet, As you see by Elementary I can gather than your a Kleptomaniac, Which is one reason also as Static said earlier You like to get on people nerves also Static and you seem to Fluctuate between friends and enemies so that would give you a motive *His hat disappears and he clears his voice* Well...That's what I think...

Mimic: (shapeshifts into a Sherlock version of himself, talking and sounding exactly like Sherlock)? Well, dear Watson, you appear to have missed a few vital clues. First of all, Static said he just had it. That would have to mean that he arrived with it. However, I did not come within so much as a meter of him since he arrived. So unless I can be in two places at the same time, which I can't, I could not have possibly stolen it. (shapeshifts back to his mobster outfit)

Static: Uh, Guys? (pulls out his wallet) I found it. I just had it in a different pocket.

Flame:Oh...Ok, I need to stop reading Sherlock Holmes books...

Mimic: What? No apology?

Flame: Oh...Errrm...Sorry for jumping to conclusions... Can we get pizza now?

Mimic: Apology accepted. Oh, and Static. You don't need to pay for the pizza. Zarex, out of the goodness of his heart, has lended us some money. (Holds up Zarex's wallet) I guess he is awsome after all!

Static: (facepalms)

Flame: He's going to blame me for that. Anyway, let's go get some pizza, Shall we?

???: Hands in the air!

???: We wil arrest you!

Jordan: Hey guys. I'm going trick or- (notices ??? and ???, then runs away) TREEEEEEEEEEEAT!

Judas:[notice static] hey static how…[sees Jordan run away] what wrong with him?


Snow and Angus: *two kids, a 10 year old arctic wolf, and an 11 and a half year old ermine walk side by side, each talking excitedly to the other* *stop talking as a dog Mobian runs past them* *look at each other, saying in unison* WHAT???

Snow: *scratches his head* Are you sure it was a good idea to come here to celebrate a holiday that represents the Day of the Dead? *he shudders as he says the word "dead"*

Angus: *nods his head assuredly, his finger pointed in the air* Of course I'm sure! I'm surer than anything today! Besides, we still have a few hours before it starts.

Snow: *looked at his best friend doubtfully* I still don't know.. what if my were-wolf abilities get out of hand? What then?

Angus: *smirks smugly* Don't worry 'bout it okay! That's why I asked my mom to make you this costume! *throws a were-wolf costume with a faint resemblance to Sonic's Were-form over him* *Snow snarls menacingly*

Snow: Angus! Get this thing off of ME! *Angus ignores him and straps an adorable little bell collar and leash around his neck*

Angus: *frowns* Hey! My mom worked day and night on this! Don't you dare call it a "thing"!

Snow: *growls and tugs on the costume, trying to force it off of him, but to no avail* *Angus throws the hood over Snow and boops him on the nose, making a squeaking sound*

Angus: *grins nonchalantly as Snow growled again and let out a puppy pout* Will you relax Snow. It's Halloween! The one time of the year where you can get free candy and dress up in awesome costumes! *he jumps in the air and high-fives thin air* *Snow glares coldly at his friend*

Snow: But I thought we agreed you wouldn't make me wear anything ridiculous!

Angus: *bared his teeth* I TOLD YOU, DON'T call my mom's hard work anything mean!

Snow: *raises his eyebrow* Technically, you didn't say I couldn't call it ridiculous, you only SAID I couldn't call it a thing! *flinches and backs away as a red fiery aura surrounds Angus*

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