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This is a fanfiction created by BlazingLeopard on 20/02/2015.

NOTE: This fan-fiction is part one of a two part story. Part two is a roleplay which can be viewed here.


An ancient entity has returned to wreak havoc on the world once more. It was once thought that the entity was defeated and trapped in a impenetrable magic field, but somehow, it has since escaped. It now seeks revenge on all Mobian life. In order to stop the evil from ruining the world, heroes must rise. They will have to be brave, strong and willing to risk everything, even if it means their lives, for this entity is not one to be easily defeated.

Included Characters



(In order of appearance.)

  • Hostage
  • Merc Leader
  • G.U.N Soldier
  • Cecile
  • Adrian Prowler
  • G.U.N Agent
  • Pilot
  • Lawson's Assistant

The Return: Prologue

Part 1: Astrid

Snowton, Anglian Islands - March 10th 2014, 07:04 AM

It was around seven in the morning and guard postings in mountainside mercenary base were changing. The old warehouse that the mercenaries used as the base was cold and ice covered some areas of the floor inside. Some of the windows were smashed, allowing snow to unknowingly settle on the windowsills. Crates of varying sizes rested on top of each other and containers were in clear rows. Around the edges of the warehouse, were walls made of old pieces of metal and wood to designate the different areas of the base. Some of these poorly made rooms had doors and others did not. The mercenary group's leader was a dangerous man. If things weren't done to his standards, the consequences were either death or something a lot worse.

Astrid was on top of a container outside of the warehouse. The container gave a perfect view into the leader's office. In it was desk with various paper work sprawled on top of it and shelves with different models of weapons on it. These weapons ranged from small firearms to rocket launchers. However, only a carbine had a magazine clipped into it. It was unknown to Astrid whether the magazine actually contained bullets or not, but it did not scare her. In the middle of the room was a small coffee table on which an office lamp sat on and a chair next it. A masked man was sat on the chair and the mercenary leader was stood in front of him pointing .45 calibre pistol at his forehead. Astrid opened the window to listen in on the conversation.

"Where is it?!" the leader yelled.

"I-I-I don't man!" the hostage yelled back with fright.

The leader pulled the trigger, but the pistol just clicked.

"Oh, would you look here," he said, "There’s only one bullet in there. Looks like you’re playing Russian Roulette.”

The hostage was panting and shivering with fear as the leader walked about, pulled the hammer on the back of the pistol down.

"Now, I'll ask again, where is it?"

"I don-I-I don't, man. I'm just the delivery guy," the hostage replied.

"Wrong answer," he said.

The gun's barrel moved quickly to point towards the hostage's left knee. The leader pulled the trigger, releasing the bullet upon his leg. The hostage screamed in pain.

"Now, tell me where the emerald is or you lose the other one!" he shouted.

By this point, Astrid had heard enough and was already aiming her bow toward the pistol.

"I dunno! Please don't kill me..." the hostage begged.

The leader pulled the trigger again, damaging the hostages other leg. Straight after, Astrid fired her bow and climbed through the window. The arrow hit the gun and pushed it out of his hand.

"Wha-?" he asked, confused at what'd just happened.

"Is it a chaos emerald that you are looking for?" Astrid asked.

"Who are you?!" the leader shouted.

"Not important. Now answer the question," she replied, unsheathing her dagger.

The mercenary leader simply growled and nodded.

"And what do you expect to do with it?"

"To use it."

"And do what?" she asked.

"Take over what is rightfully mine."

"You cannot wield that power. I will not let you."

"Just watch me," he replied.

After he said this, Astrid plunged the dagger into his stomach and twisted it around. She then slit his throat. The mercenary leader died quickly and mostly painlessly.

"I am truly sorry," she said, as she laid the blood-stained corpse onto the wooden floor. She walked over to the capture man and cut off his bindings and pulled off his mask.

"Through the window and run if you can," Astrid said simply, "I cannot assist you from now onwards."

"Okay, thank you so much," he said before crawling through the window. Astrid walked over to the corpse that lay on the ground and searched it's pockets. She found a mobile phone. It buzzed and the screen, a text was displayed. It read, Remember when you agreed to help me?. Astrid looked at it quizzically, not knowing what it meant. Then a helicopter flew above the building and a G.U.N soldier burst through the skylight.

"Freeze!" he shouted. He then looked at the corpse, "Did you do that?" he asked.

"Yes. He deserved it. He was a threat," she replied simply.

"Hm, I see. Well, we need you for a mission."

"G.U.N, I assume?"

"Yes ma'am," the soldier replied nodding.

"What exactly is this mission?" she asked.

"Agent Lawson will brief you soon."

"Lawson? Is this about-"

"As I said, you'll be briefed soon," the soldier interrupted.

"Alright then, let's go," she said, climbing through the window. She jumped and climbed up the building to the roof where the helicopter was landing, whereas the soldier just climbed up the rope he came down in.

As they were leaving, G.U.N units began taking over the warehouse, arresting the mercenaries and seizing all of their equipment.

Part 2: Charlotte

Blue Sea Island, Armonia - March 10th 2014, 07:30 AM

Blue Sea Island, the largest of the many islands that make up the country of Armonia, was home to many skilled and rich entrepreneurs living in the finest homes that they could afford. One of the richest among the island's residents was Adrian Prowler, a lion who owned one of the biggest weapon manufacturers in the world; Prowler Armaments. Adrian lived with both his wife Colette and his daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte was very close to both her mother and father and would help them both with a variety of tasks. Due to her father owning a weapons manufacturing company, Charlotte knows a lot about the weapons that are designed and made at her father's company. She was also very good at using them, but never at a living target. However, her skills with weapons would soon be a very useful tool against a very powerful threat.

Charlotte was in sat at a desk in her bedroom studying for a school exam. A small pile of books were resting on top of each other whilst she had one open in front of her. She read through the various paragraphs and made notes of the topics on a laptop. Whilst she studied, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," she said, quite happily. She had a very distinct French accent.

"Mademoiselle Prowler, your father wishes to speak with you," a maid said as she entered the room, also baring the French accent.

"What for?" Charlotte asked, curious. Her father never asked for her during his work hours. He was almost always incredibly busy.

"I apologise, I do not the reasoning," the maid replied.

"Ah, no need to be sorry," she assured, "You may go continue with your duties, Cecile."

"Oui, Mademoiselle Prowler," Cecile replied, turning and exiting Charlotte's bedroom.

Charlotte then folded the lid down on her laptop and followed Cecile out of her bedroom. She walked down a long corridor and then down a set of stairs which curved around like a spiral before reaching her father's office and knocking on the door.

"Come in, Charlotte," a voice said from behind the wooden door.

Charlotte opened the door and entered. "Hello, father," she said, continuing her happy mood, "What do you need me for?"

"Have a seat," Adrian said simply. His mood, unlike his daughter's was very formal and neutral.

Charlotte sat in seat placed in front of her father's desk.

"I got an e-mail from G.U.N. It wasn't like the others I usually get," he said, getting up and walking around to the front of his desk.

"They weren't asking for armaments?" Charlotte asked, now curious.

"Oui," Adrian replied simply.

"So, what was the request?" Charlotte asked.

"They want you to help with something. Something big and it involves you going on to the field," Adrian replied, now sitting on the edge of his desk.

Charlotte was concerned now. She had no combat experience, only minor weapons training. "And you want me to assist?"

Adrian sighed and closed his eyes with discontent. "Oui."

"Um, why did they choose me and no one else?" she inquired.

"I assume it is because of you know my weapons inside and out," her father replied, shrugging.

Charlotte leaned back in her seat and thought about the offer. "Does mother know of this?"

"Oui, I told her before you arrived. She said that it was not her place to decide."

There was a brief moment of silence as Charlotte took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "I will go."

"Are you absolutely certain?" her father asked almost immediately after she spoke.

"Oui, father."

Adrian stood up and sighed. "Well, I will see you soon then."

Charlotte was confused and asked, "What do you mean?"

"They are already, Charlotte. I got the e-mail just minutes before G.U.N agents arrived," he replied.

"O-oh... Right..." Charlotte said, standing up.

Adrian walked towards her and rested a hand on her shoulder. "Listen. No matter the outcome, I am proud of you for taking this offer. So is your mother."

"Thank you, father," she replied, hugging him.

There was a knock on the door before it opened itself suddenly. A smartly dressed G.U.N agent stood there, his hands held together in front of him.

"Miss Prowler," the agent said, "Your transport it waiting."

"Oh... Goodbye father," she said, releasing herself from her father and turning around to face the door.

"Be safe, Charlotte," he replied smiling.

The two of them left, with Adrian standing idly in his office. He cupped his head in his hands and sighed. He then sat back down in his office chair and looked out the window to see Charlotte enter a black SUV. The SUV drove off and as it did, he thought to himself, Why did I allow this...?

Part 3: Lawson

Federation Airlines Skyline 122, Anglian Islands Airspace - March 10th 2014, 10:35 AM

Sergeant Jacob Lawson, an agent for the G.U.N Science and Intelligence Division, sitting patiently on private jet which had been provided by the United Federation. He, along with the three others on board, was on his way to the Anglian Islands to begin constructing a plan with Astrid for something big.

"Agent, we will be landing in about two hours," said the pilot over the jet's intercom.

"Good," the agent said to himself, "The quicker the better."

He was sat in a chair near the jet's emergency exit. On the table in front of him was a laptop which had a list of various names originating from many countries. A male husky in a black suit walked through the doorway closest to the aft section of the jet. He came up to Lawson and gave him a salute.

"At ease. No need for formalities around me," he said, returning a salute of his own.

"The assassin has arrived at the specified location, sir," the husky said, still maintaining a somewhat formal tone and posture.

"What about the girl? Prowler?" Lawson asked.

"She's currently being flown in on one of our birds. She'll be there before we arrive, sir," the husky replied.

"Brilliant. She'll be quite the tool in the weeks ahead," Lawson said with a sigh of relief, "Thanks for letting me know."

Lawson then looked back at his laptop as the suited husky walked back through the doorway he arrived through. He opened a web browser. On it was a news website with the headline 'Westopolis Evacuated'. Lawson gave another sigh. Westopolis was where everything was going to happen. What "everything" was still wasn't clear to the sergeant, but he definitely knew it was bad. He also knew that the only way to stop this bad thing was to gather a team, starting with Astrid and Charlotte. Lawson scrolled down the page and saw that there were various reports of numerous people going insane to the point of suicide which, by this point, wasn't as surprising as it would've been a few hours ago. He leaned back in his seat, closed his eyes and thought to himself, This had better work if we want to live.

Part 4: Preparations

Unknown Location, Anglian Islands - March 10th 2014, 13:21 PM

Charlotte, now being escorted by four security personnel, had just gotten off of her plane and had arrived at a hidden G.U.N outpost within the Anglian Islands. She thought for a moment as she was escorted down a few corridors. Why did G.U.N want her? Are they conscripting young people now? Many questions filled her head. She looked at one of the guards. It almost seemed like he was a giant since he towered over her. He was holding a weapon manufactured by her father's company. The PA CCWSA1, or Close Combat Weapon System, was a sub-machine gun. It fired quickly at eight hundred and fifty rounds per minute and had fairly low recoil, the perfect weapon for defending people or high-security prisons. The guard returned Charlotte's gaze, making her retreat towards herself awkwardly. Eventually, the reached a fairly thick metal door. One of the guards opened it.

"Miss Prowler, please wait in here. The Agent will be with you shortly," he said, closing the door.

"Oh, oui..." Charlotte sighed as she walked away from the door towards the centre of the room she was now in.

The room was dark. The only light that filled it was a dimmed lamp on the ceiling and a single window in the top left corner of the room. A cheap wooden table and three chairs were placed directly under the lamp. Charlotte walked over to a chair and sat down, sighing once more. All of this had gone so quickly for her. It felt to her as if it were only a moment ago that she was studying for tomorrow's exam. She thought about the exam for a moment. It was for English, a language she had to know. She excelled in the subject with ease, despite it not being her native language. She thought about what she would've had to write in that paper. What questions would've been asked. Whether there would been a short essay to write in it. What kind of-

Her thought was disturbed by something moving in the shadows.

"Hello?" she asked, almost jumping out of her seat.

"You sound nervous," the voice said, "There is no need to be."

Out from the darkest part of the room walked a woman dressed in dark grey and red assassin-like clothing. Charlotte let out a sigh of relief when she saw that there was in fact a person in front of her and that she wasn't going insane all of a sudden.

"Who are you?" she asked the woman.

"Astrid. I am here for the same reason you are," the assassin said, folding her arms.

"What do you mean?" Charlotte asked.

Astrid began to walk around a bit. "You're Armonian, aren't you?"

Charlotte raised an eyebrow, "Oui, I am."

"Strange, not many Armonian's tend to speak English," Astrid mentioned.

"Well, I have to know it. My father wants me to help run his business one day. Knowing your language helps me with that," Charlotte said, straightening her posture, "I am Charlotte, by the way."

"Interesting. It is good to make your acquaintance Charlotte," Astrid replied, sitting in the chair next to the young lioness.

A few moments later, a wolf in a very businessman-like suit, opened the door and entered the room.

"Ah," he said, "Glad to see you both made it safely."

"Since when do you care about safety, Lawson?" Astrid asked sourly.

"Good to see you too, Astrid," the wolf sighed.

In Lawson's left hand was a tablet and a file labelled "Classified". He walked past Astrid and proceeded to sit on the chair opposite Charlotte, who sat patiently.

"Miss Prowler, I'm Agent Lawson. I work as a part of the G.U.N Science and Intel Division," the wolf said, placing his belongings on the desk in front of him.

"Oh, it is good to meet you Agent Lawson, but please call Charlotte. I prefer it to formalities," the young lioness replied.

"I'll make sure to remember that," he said. There was a brief moment of silence before Lawson asked a question, "Do you know why you're here, Charlotte?"

"Non, I was not told," she simply replied.

"Alright then, you, along with my dear friend Astrid here, have been chosen to assist me in mission. A very dangerous mission," he replied, leaning on the table. Astrid tutted at his reference to her.

"Were are going to need more information than, "a very dangerous mission", Lawson," Astrid remarked.

Lawson sighed, "Alright then. A couple hundred years ago, a powerful kinetic sealed away what was called "Moordenaar". Now, Moordenaar is an entity. It isn't corporeal and it has immense power."

Suddenly, Astrid was interested. "What kind of power?" she inquired.

"Well, history states that it was able to take control of people and make corpses into his own army husks."

"That isn't good for us," Charlotte pointed out.

"Exactly," Lawson added, "And soon, it'll be coming back for revenge."

"What do you mean by "revenge"? Whoever this entity seeks is most likely dead," Astrid stated.

"It wants revenge on us. Every living thing on this planet. The people of this world are who sealed it away and now that the seal is loosened, it will break free and it will kill everyone."

Charlotte looked puzzled. "So, explain why I am here. I have no combat ability, no kinetic ability and haven't even finished school yet."

"You're young. The younger you are, the more easier you are to train. And besides, I've heard that you're already a decent shot," Lawson complimented.

"Against metal cut-outs. I've never shot a person, never even pointed a weapon person. What makes you think I can do it just because a G.U.N agent is bossing me around, hm?" Charlotte asked.

"Because the people you'll be shooting are already dead."

Straight after Lawson said that, the room fell silent for at least ten seconds. Astrid then broke it by asking, "How exactly do you propose to kill someone that is already deceased?"

"Well, it's like zombies. Aim for the head," Lawson replied, getting up out of his seat, "Now, you two had better come with me. There is a lot more to do. Preparing the world for war isn't going to be an easy task now, is it."

Lawson walked out of the door and Charlotte looked at Astrid for guidance. Astrid sighed and followed Lawson. Charlotte took that as her cue to exit the room as well.

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