Birth of the Prototype

Over 70 years ago, an alien leader by the name of Black Doom wanted to destroy the tiny planet of Earth. He had no way of doing so, for his Black Arms had been aniahlated from by the race of Echidnas that lived there. Black Doom disguised himself with his alien technology, and went to Earth. He learned of a space station project underway. The project was labeled A.R.K. The colony itself was called Space Colony Ark. A professor by the name of Gerald Robotnik, and he established it with permission of the Earth army force, G.U.N. After it was completed, Gerald and his granddaughter, Maria, moved there, along with many scientists. The primary purpose was to find a cure for Maria's disease, but Black Doom thought of another way to make use of the Ark. He went to the professor and asked him to create the Ultimate Lifeform, otherwise known as the Black Angel. Gerald agreed. So Gerald and his fellow scientists set to work with creating the Ultimate Lifeform. The first was a complete disaster. They named it Biolizard and sealed it away.

This does not have a prophecy.

The Ultimate Lifeform

The next was a black hedgehog. This new project was labeled "Project Shadow". Black Doom revisited the Ark, this time with another request. He wanted all seven Chaos Emeralds in the next 50 years. He wouldn't say why, but Gerald again agree with the alien leader's request. Gerald needed DNA from Black Doom, and also from someone else, a female. Word went out, and only one volunteered. Her name was Ruby, and she was the Goddess of Power. She gave a black strand of her hair for DNA. She left mysteriously, as did Black Doom. The hedgehog's name was Shadow, and he was called "the Ultimate Lifeform". Shadow became best friends with Maria, and the two hung out together all the time. Eventually, they were like brother and sister. Maria then became deathly sick, and it was up to Shadow to heal her. He did, and Maria lived. Shadow started his training and became an expert with an assortment of weapons, including guns. One day, Gerald announced that he will be creating a set of lifeforms: two female hedgehogs. Both Maria and Shadow were estatic, and soon beings from many universes learned of the project.

The Prophecy

It doesn't ryhme. So what?

If the Ultimate Lifeform shall ever get a hold of all seven Chaos Emeralds, he shall give them to the one known as Black Doom. Tragedy will befall him, and Devil Doom will rise again. Only the power of Chaos and make him fall again.

The Eclipse Cannon

The Eclipse Cannon was made between Project Shadow and Project Angel. It was a government weapon that could destroy a continent in one shot. The G.U.N. commander was wary about the project, but let Gerald proceed. Gerald knew that if Black Doom would ever get all seven Chaos Emeralds, he would be too  powerful for anyone to defeat. He created the Eclipse Cannon in complete secrecy. It's purpose was to destroy the Black Comet, Black Doom's lair, when it came around 50 years later. Shadow would still need to collect the Chaos Emeralds in order to activate it. Eventually, he told only Shadow about it.

The Prophecy

Again, it doesn't ryhme.

When all seven of the Chaos Emeralds combine, the Cannon will awake. Only the power of two hedgehogs, one blue and one black, can activate and use it only for the good of mankind.

Two Angels: Black and White

This projects name was "Project Angel". The scientists needed another set of DNA, one from a male, another from a female. Since he didn't want to get mixed in with Black Doom again, he choose a male hedgehog by the name of Xilax. He gave a drop of his blood and Ruby two hairs: a white strand and a red strand. They went their separate ways and waited for the two girls to be born. When they were born, Ruby was the one who named the white hedgehog: Hali. Xilax didn't show up for a while, so Shadow was offered to name to second one, a red hedgehog. He named her Shima. Xilax came, and wanted one of the babies for his own, the reason he did not say. Gerald refused, and Xilax went away, sulking. Ruby took Hali with her, and so the two children never met each other. Some of the scientists wanted to experiment on Shima, and they did so out of Gerald's wishes. One day, Shima's true power was unleashed. Her red fur turned black and her pupils disappeared. Great, monsterous black and red wings sprouted in her back. She had become Dark! Shadow quickly clamed her and she grew unconcious. Ruby, this time with a much older Hali, came and gave her a power crystal to help control the beast inside of her. Xilax came once again and tried to persuade Gerald to give Shima to him, but was cut down by Hali. The trio left, and Xilax vowed to take Shima for his own. A few days after the mishap, Shima was started to be called "the Black Angel" because of her Darkness inside of her. Gerald blamed her Darkness on Xilax, who was full of evil. In secret, the scientists called Hali "the White Angel" because of her polite demanor and that she had no Darkness inside of her. The day of the Ark's fall came, and it was closed down. Ruby then gave some of her power to Hali, and told her to stay away from a red and black female hedgehog.

The Prophecy

Doesn't ryhme!

If the angels, one black and one white, would ever meet, darkness will spread across to world. The white angel will fall, as well as the golden hedgehog, the black's angel' lover.

Running Out Of Time

When Gerald created Shadow, Shima and Hali, he inserted a device inside each of them. It was supposed to be a full-proof safety device that would shut the three of them down if they went out of control. But the several fights had inflicted major damage on the device, and one day, it was set off. The device caused the three of them them to experience great pain, often coming from nowhere, so they couldn't brace themselves for the next attack. Gerald also made a machine that would save them in a case such as this, but there was a problem: There's only two pods, not enough for them all. They decided to escape to the Ark, where the pods were kept. Each was secretly planning on not saving themselves. After they reached the Ark, Shadow knocked Shima and Hali unconcious and put them inside the pods, after much struggle as the device tried to kill him. As soon as his sisters were safe, he collapsed in front of Shima's, where Sonic and Co. found him some time later. With one last hope, they shut Shadow inside Shima's, which she went out of. Shadow's life was estinguished, but with some suprisement, he regained it. The three siblings were happy that they survived their fatfull ordeal.

This does not have a prophecy

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