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Sonic the Hedgehog, everyone's favorite blue-streaked hero, has been defeated by a mysterious new foe. With that, the Eggman Empire has taken over the world. Despite the odds, however, a resistance organization - the Rebellion of Blue - has been formed in order to repel the Empire's hold over the world. Now, a newcomer prepares to join the fight...

Stage 1 - A Fiery Newcomer

Rebellion of Blue HQ, Central City, USA- November 24, X017, 5:32 PM PST

It has been six, agonizingly long months ever since the Eggman Empire has established its iron grip over all of the world. Throughout that time, the resistance group combating the mad doctor’s forces, known as the Rebellion of Blue, had fought harder than they ever have throughout their lives, and then some. However, despite their occasional victories, many of their efforts have been proven to ultimately be for naught, for the Empire is simply too powerful, especially when the masked entity that managed to defeat Sonic without breaking so much as a sweat was taken into account...

In the headquarters of the resistance organization - actually what seemed to be a mere underground bunker with a few advanced computers and several chambers of varying sizes down below - it was a day like it normally was these last six months. Several soldiers fighting as members of the group were seen having their wounds looked after, while several others were in the training grounds, improving their skill either in combat or in their usage of their equipment.

Theme of the Resistance (Title Screen Ver

Theme of the Resistance (Title Screen Ver.) - Sonic Forces OST-0

The Rebellion of Blue - Six Months Later

Meanwhile, at mission control, Charmy, Espio, Amy, and Silver, along with a young, female wolf wearing a dominantly-green outfit and a matching fedora and a much younger she-wolf with arctic white hair bound to a wheelchair and working on the main computer in the room, seemed to be holding a meeting of sorts when the entrance suddenly opened, revealing a visibly-distraught Vector, followed by a kangaroo - likely of Australian descent - sporting what seemed to be a soccer uniform and another she-wolf with a blue-and-white getup.

“Dammit all, there really is no stopping Eggman’s army at this rate,” Vector chimed in as he entered the room, frustration evident in his voice. "His numbers just keeps growing faster than we can take 'em down!"

I’ll say!” the she-wolf accompanying Vector, Aqua Von Fang, commented. “Not even the backup we’ve been getting from back home’s been leaving a dent on that Egghead.”

“As far as I’m concerned, the results of all that buzz are showin’,” the kangaroo, Voltage Bouncealot, added, her distinct accent audible. “If somethin’ doesn’t happen soon, everyone’ll probably just chuck everythin’ out the damn window and give ‘emselves in to despair.”

“As likely as that is, I’m afraid even despair is a luxury we can’t afford,” Silver sternly replied to the kangaroo.

“Even after all this time, I still believe that Sonic is with us,” Amy spoke with a melancholic tone. “Is it possible that...?”

“I’m really sorry, Amy, as much I hope that what you’re thinking is true...” the she-wolf in the green outfit, Glacier Von Fang, answered. “...I’m afraid we’ve no choice but to face the facts.”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, Glacier,” Silver commented. “Unless we know otherwise, we have to accept that Sonic’s gone, Amy, and Tails... Don’t even get me started on Tails.”

“No need to tell us twice, pothead,” Voltage chimed in. “Poor kid’s probably gone nuts by this point.”

“Quite the crude statement, señora Voltage, even for you,” the disabled she-wolf, Windy Von Fang, suddenly called out. “Nonetheless, it would be understandable for Tails to feel quite... distraught. Sonic was his first and closest friend, after all.”

“Regardless, if we’re going to rid Mobius of the Empire’s grip, we have no other choice but to do it without either of them,” Silver answered, finishing his statement.

“Unfortunately, Silver is right,” Espio then spoke in agreement with the psychokinetic. “Despite putting our best foot forward for the last six months, we’ve been praying for a miracle the whole time... but given the circumstances, we’ll have to make our own miracle.”

“Question is, how the hell are we gonna do that?” Aqua questioned towards the chameleon. “The bastard’s pretty much made everyone not with either side complete wussies.”

“That may be so,” Silver replied as a look of determination showed itself on his face. “But if we want the people to rally, we need to show them that there’s still hope for the world, and that there’s more to strength than just raw numbers!”

“Oh! That reminds me; not everyone is terrified!” Charmy suddenly called after listening to the conversation. “Isn’t there a new recruit joining us today?”

“Ah, yes. Thanks for the reminder, Charmy,” Silver answered, apparently having forgotten about their incoming recruit. “A survivor from a remote island, correct?”

“Windy, we have a file on our newcomer, right?” Amy asked the wheelchair-bound she-wolf.

¡En efecto!” Windy answered promptly, as she began typing something into the computer. “I am accessing the file as we speak, señora Amy.”

Meanwhile, in a separate hallway, Knuckles - who had been leading the resistance organization’s efforts these last six months - was seen escorting an unfamiliar face, one that belonged to a crimson-furred, female cat with a purple-and-blue outfit and striking green eyes, towards the direction of mission control.

“So, you’re lookin’ to jump in on kicking some robotic chassis, eh?” the red echidna asked the younger-looking she-cat, who remained silent. “I’m telling you now, it won’t be easy. One wrong move could easily spell your doom.”

“I’m well aware, boss,” the crimson feline suddenly answered in a rather aggressive tone. “The Empire’s going to pay for laying waste to my friends and family!”

As the two continued walking, the notably-violent feline quietly muttered to herself, “...especially that masked freak.

Back at mission control, the main computer began to display the file covering the background of the apparent newcomer in full view to the people present in the room. The file shown then stated the following:

Name: Marilyn V. Salazar
Alias(es): Lyn
Age: 14 years
Nationality: Asian
Homeland: Isla de San Viento, Southeast Asia
Relatives: “No comment.

Theme of the Resistance - Sonic Forces OST

Theme of the Resistance - Sonic Forces OST

A New Recruit - Enter Lyn Salazar

Just as the computer had finished displaying the background information of their new recruit, another entrance opened up, revealing their commander. Behind the echidna was the aforementioned newcomer to their never-ending fight against the gradually-increasing threat of the Eggman Empire, who simply kept to herself.

“Oh, good! Knux is back,” Silver remarked with a hopeful expression. “Anything new to report, Commander?”

“Glad to see you managed to make it here in one piece,” Knuckles quickly replied before giving his report. “Unfortunately, the Empire has managed to utterly crush what little defenses we had left over at Westopolis, as well as take over a couple of more remote locations. Our soldiers have given me reports that the one behind it was whatever it was that finished Sonic...”

Upon hearing the mention of the blue hedgehog and Knuckles’ voice trailing away, everyone present in the room quickly fell silent, as did the echidna.

“Sorry. I still haven’t gotten used to saying that,” the resistance commander lamented for a brief moment. “...whatever that monster is, he’s got almost everyone running in fear.”

The echidna then turned his attention to the crimson-furred feline and announced, “Well, that is, except for this kid who managed to survive that attack and make it all the way to us. Meet our newest recruit, ladies and gentlemen!”

“‘Sup, everyone? The name’s Lyn Salazar,” the she-cat introduced herself with as much confidence as she could muster. “Really lookin’ forward to kicking some mechanical asses with all of ya!”

“Huh. She’s got spunk,” Aqua commented on the feline as the latter received a rough pat on the back from Knuckles, nearly causing her to fall on to the floor. “That’s pretty nice to see, don’t cha think?”

“Maybe...” Charmy replied as he flew towards Lyn, examining her. “She doesn’t look like much, otherwise.”

“Neither do you, Charmy, but I still manage to find a use for that pointy butt of yours,” Knuckles retorted towards the bee, earning the echidna a small chuckle from him.

As Lyn found herself smiling a little from their exchange, despite being somewhat annoyed at Charmy, the red echidna quickly called her over and chimed in, “Here, kid. You’ll be needing these if you’re gonna be a part of the Rebellion of Blue. As is with the rest of the organization, we’ll be counting on you from here on out.”

As he finished his statement, Knuckles then handed her two pieces of equipment. One of them seemed to be an average-looking bracelet, though it seemed there were some devices attached at it - one of them a communicator, and the other something else. The other tool given to her was a rather unique-looking weapon that seemed to resemble a flame. The feline guessed that it was most likely a weapon similar to that of a flamethrower.

“That bracelet over there will serve as your bread-and-butter for many of the missions you will participate in throughout this brutal war,” Knuckles informed Lyn. “Not only will it allow to keep in contact with the rest of us, but that grappling hook at the lower area will prove to be vital in combating Eggman’s forces.”

“Gotcha,” the she-cat replied as she put the bracelet on. “Guess you don’t want me taking it off at all then, right?”

“Unless it is need of maintenance, keeping that bracelet on is of the utmost importance,” the red echidna answered shortly before announcing himself to the others while Lyn put the bracelet on. “Okay, now with all of that outta the way, let's get going! We've a lot of work to do.”

Everyone in the room nodded and expressed their sentiments of agreement. However, an alarm began to sound off in the computer, prompting everyone to turn to its direction. They then saw that someone was trying to contact the base. That probably meant whoever was contacting them had some important intel to be delivered!

Everyone in the room nodded and expressed their sentiments of agreement. However, an alarm began to sound off in the computer, prompting everyone to turn to its direction. They then saw that someone was trying to contact the base. That probably meant whoever was contacting them had some important intel to be delivered!

“This is Roger of the 6th Unit reporting!” the resistance soldier contacting the base - a brown, male Mobian wolf - chimed in as Windy answered the call. “Our squad has just received some vital information, over!”

“Let’s hear it, Roger,” Knuckles promptly answered, eager to hear what the soldier has to say.

“We've managed to discover intel that a great deal of our lost soldiers are still alive!” Roger quickly reported.

“No freakin’ way!” Knuckles cried out, overjoyed at the news while the rest - apart from Lyn, whom simply looked on with a soft smile - expressed their excitement and relief over what they had just heard. “That’s awesome!”

“Just one problem, though,” Roger continued with a stern expression. “They're all being held at some orbital prison and are gradually losing what little morale they may have left the entire time. Not to mention, he's said to have been working them all to death like nothing more than slaves.”

"Damn it all, to think he'd go to such lengths," Knuckles murmured, his expression clearing showing signs of anger. "I shouldn't be surprised by now, but it still pisses me off."

“Sounds like we’ve got a rescue mission on our hands then,” Glacier commented, clearly displeased with the thought of what Eggman had been doing to the comrades they've lost throughout their war.

“If I may, I suggest you send a small squad to the Spaceport in the Chemical Plant and ‘borrow’ one of the shuttles there,” Roger chimed in once more.

“Hm. Not a bad plan, Roger,” Knuckles replied with a curt nod.

“Also, before I forget, we’ll provide you a follow-up report on how much time you have before Eggman decides to do away with them for good," the male wolf continued, maintaining his stern expression.

“Duly noted,” the red echidna nodded. “Your reports are highly appreciated and will be taken into consideration. Over and out!”

Sir!” Roger answered with a quick salute before terminating the transmission.

Knuckles then turned to the others and, with a confident smirk, announces, “C’mon, guys! Who’s up for an old-school jailbreak? What about you, rookie?”

Upon hearing the red echidna ask her his question, Lyn too felt a smirk creep upon her face. After a brief moment of clarity, she answered, “You bet your ass, I am!”

-Stage 1 - End-

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