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What's up, everyone? This is Crimson speaking.

With Sonic Forces coming out in a few days, I thought now would be as good a time as any other to post this new fanfiction I may begin writing if ever I have the chance.

Now, Rage Against the Empire is mostly an adaptation of the aforementioned game, meaning events that occur throughout this fanfiction will be similar to that of the game. Of course, there will be some elements - both minor and major - that will be modified to fit with the Black Flame Continuity, in which the Darkness Trigger series takes place.

In case this wasn't obvious enough, this whole thing is pretty much a prequel story that takes place ten years before the events of Surge of Shadows. In addition, since the game isn't officially out yet (minus the early releases that happened for some reason), I can't actually begin writing stuff down for this fanfiction until I either play the game myself or watch a Let's Play of it... whichever comes first... so probably the latter.

Until then, this is Crimson signing off.

UPDATE: Okay, so I took a look at a playthrough of the game (only halfway through), and holy hell. Adapting it to fit all the shit I have planned is gonna be a lot harder than I thought. Everything in the game just seems to happen so goddamn fast, I haven't fully grasped the stuff I've seen just yet. Damn.

UPDATE 2: Rage Against the Empire is now being uploaded on my DeviantArt page! Also, I am contemplating whether I should upload it on my Tumblr, as well. Gotta widespread that shit, right?

UPDATE 3: Probably should have done this earlier, but given recent events, Rage Against the Empire will no longer be connected to the Darkness Trigger series as a whole.


The unthinkable has happened - Dr. Eggman has won. With the defeat and disappearance of the world-renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, all of Mobius is now his for the taking. In just six months, the mad doctor has already put over 90% of the world under his rule, all with the help of a certain set of individuals led by a being known only as Infinite. Even so, there are those who have taken up arms to combat the growing threat of the Eggman Empire and loosen its iron grip over their world. Together, they call themselves the "Rebellion of Blue", named after their fallen hero.

Amongst its ranks are Lyn Salazar, a young feline whose homeland was long ravaged by the Eggman Empire and had just survived an attack on Westopolis. Menawhile, another individual, Whirlwind Reyes, is out on a personal, bloody, and rage-driven quest for revenge against the Empire's forces after losing his loved ones to them. In the midst of these bloody battles, the fallen hero may not be as dead as everyone thought...

With the stakes growing ever dire, the very fate of the world may very be decided by the outcome of this war. Now, listen to their story filled with violence, death, and loss...

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Main Characters

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Rage Against the Empire

Prologue - Dawn of the Empire

Hidden Eggman Base, Unknown - May 16, X017, 6:06 PM UTC

There was nothing but an unwavering atmosphere of darkness. No visible sign of light from the outside world seemed to be shining its way through the cold walls of one of the numerous laboratories of none other than the nefarious Dr. Eggman. The only sources of light that could be seen came from what seemed to be a multitude of capsules that were planted into the otherwise-dark laboratory.

Quickening of Evil - Sonic Forces OST

Quickening of Evil - Sonic Forces OST

Evil's Awakening - A New Master Plan

“Sonic the Hedgehog. How I hate him... despise him...” the mad scientist in a familiar bright red coat and an unmistakably-evil mustache spoke to himself. “...and all of that loathing has been focused into this invincible instrument of destruction!”

As the mad genius spoke, he turned to the capsule at the very center which seemed to contain... something. He then continued, “Every defeat, every humiliation at that damn hedgehog’s hands, shall be returned a thousandfold with extreme prejudice by my latest and most unstoppable creation!”

“This my dream come true...” he muttered menacingly as he maniacally admired the aforementioned creation. “With this new power I now have under my clutches, I have everything I need to expand my glorious Eggman Empire across the globe and make the Earth kneel before the mad genius of Dr. Eggman!”

As the mad doctor gloating to himself at the thought of what he believed would finally be his ultimate victory, a human-sized capsule could be seen standing right in front of him. As it turned out, it didn't contain something, but someone - an entity who seemed to be a Mobian. He was sporting an dominantly black outfit with a dark grey metallic mask that covered one of his eyes, with the one left open sporting a blood-red sclera and a yellow iris. In addition, what seemed to be a mysterious, magenta-colored gemstone with a black stripe on each facet was adorned at the very center of his chest.

Whatever Dr. Eggman had planned this time, it was most likely something that he made sure to plan as thoroughly as he possibly could...

Neo Green Hill, Central City, USA - May 17, X017, 5:34 PM PST

The grass and plant life of the coastal forest region on the outskirts of Central City seemed to be as vibrant as ever. However, there seemed to be something about the land that was simply off. Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the graceful waters that were once surrounding and flowing all throughout the region have mysteriously morphed into nothing but a dry and near-lifeless desert. As well, quite a number of familiar-looking robots - no doubt belonging to Eggman - could also be seen scattered around the hills.

All of a sudden, an equally-familiar cerulean blur belonging to a Mobian hedgehog rapidly sped through the grass of Neo Green Hill. As the blue-furred hedgehog ran, he seemed to take note of the gradually-dying flora of the hills of the land that reminded him so much of the island he had called home for some time. Still lost in his train of thought, the hedgehog suddenly received a distress call from his wrist communicator.

“Sonic!” the voice belonging to a young fox with twin tails called out as Sonic the Hedgehog answered the call. “Hey, can you hear me out there!?”

“Loud and clear, Tails!” the blue hedgehog swiftly replied. “What’s going on, buddy?”

“Eggman’s forces are surging right through Central City!” the two-tailed fox, Miles “Tails” Prower, cried in response. “We’re doing all we can to hold them off and get the civilians to safety, but we need you here! Pronto!

“Say no more, pal. I’m on my way!” Sonic answered before hanging up and picking up the pace. As he continued speeding through Neo Green Hill, he spotted a few groups of robots belonging to the mad doctor himself along his path. Upon realizing this, the blue hedgehog thought to himself, ‘There’s no time to waste. Alright then, better kick things up a notch!

Just like that, Sonic gradually sped up while enveloping himself within a destructive, blueish-white aura. He then began charging right towards the robots at breakneck speeds! Just as the robots caught a glimpse of his approach, they immediately met their swift ends upon the raw power of sonic speed!

Park Avenue, Central City, USA - May 17, X017, 5:37 PM PST

Meanwhile, several more hordes of Badniks, including Buzz Bombers, Moto Bugs, and a massive swarm of Egg Pawns, could be seen attacking the populace left and right. Throughout the carnage, several citizens were seen being gunned down by the robots as the mad genius himself oversaw the destruction his forces were leaving in their wake.

“Yes, perfect! Everything is going as planned thus far,” Eggman chuckled to himself. “It won’t be too long before the blue rodent gets here, and he will soon meet his end.”

Just behind the doctor, the Mobian-like figure with the metallic mask and dominantly-black getup simply floated in mid-air as he replied with menace in his voice, “Indeed. I look forward to crushing the spirits of the little blue savior and those pathetic worms he calls his ‘friends’...”

Back on the surface, Tails continued his efforts in holding off the Badniks with his Energy Ball cannon and long-reaching Magic Hand, directing the civilians towards safety all the while. However, some of the civilians decided to stay behind and provide some assistance to the twin-tailed fox and the rest of his companions.

Someplace else, a red echidna with atomic fists swiftly crushed his way through more of Eggman’s robots before another wave charged straight towards his position. Just as the echidna was about to strike them down, however, the Badniks were suddenly swept away by what seemed to be a large, pink tornado, prompting him to turn the direction of the source of the tornado - a pink hedgehog in a red dress and matching boots, carrying a large hammer.

“Heh. Thanks for the save, Amy,” Knuckles the Echidna remarked with a smirk. “But you know I could’ve taken them, though.”

“Oh, I knew you could,” the pink hedgehog, Amy Rose, replied with a slightly sarcastic tone. “I just thought it would be a waste of energy for you to punch ‘em out like always, Knux.”

Upon hearing that, the red echidna gave no response aside from a quiet chuckle before running off to find more Badniks to smash to bits, while Amy ran off someplace else to do the same.

Elsewhere, a purple chameleon possessing expertise in ninjutsu, a tall, green crocodile with large muscles, and a relatively-tiny and hyperactive bee were dealing with several more swarms of Badniks. Accompanying the three was a silver-furred hedgehog with notably-potent psychokinetic powers. With their combined might, the four steadily made progress in clearing away waves after waves of the mad doctor’s forces.

“You know? Despite the circumstances, it’s nice getting to work with you again, Espio,” the psychokinetic, Silver the Hedgehog, remarked after slicing a few Badniks in half with a bladed projectile of psychokinetic energy.

"That much I can agree with, Silver,” Espio the Chameleon answered with a soft grin towards. “It has been a long while since our little adventure together.”

Just as the two began to relax a little at the thought, the hyperactive bee quickly flew towards them and cried, “Hey! This ain’t the time to be reminiscing the past! We’ve still got a lot of work to do!”

“Charmy’s right, Espio.” the muscled crocodile, Vector the Crocodile, added to the statement of the hyperactive child, Charmy Bee. “There are still a lot of Badniks that need a good ass-kicking.”

“Of course,” Espio nodded. “Let’s get moving, then.”

The other three then nodded and dashed towards the distance to find more of Eggman’s Badniks to fend off, at least until Sonic could finally make it back to Central City...

Back with Tails and the rest of the civilians who chose to fight as well, the two-tailed fox was fighting his hardest against the Badniks. However, the sheer numbers of Eggman’s forces eventually proved to be too much for all of them and the group was eventually pushed back against the wall. With the robotic minions and their evil master looming right before them, even as Tails and the citizens continued to stand firm and steel themselves for battle, the situation began to look hopeless...

A Hero Falls - Sonic Forces OST

A Hero Falls - Sonic Forces OST

A Savage Beatdown - Sonic's Defeat

That was, until a bright, blue streak suddenly crashed onto a few of the robots! As the cerulean blur stopped for a moment, the young fox could see that the sudden entrance came from none other than the world-renowned hero and his best friend, Sonic the Hedgehog!

As the blue hedgehog made swift work of the Badniks, even as they tried to land a hit on him with their weapons, he remarked with his usual tone, “Is everyone okay?”

“We are, thanks to you,” Tails answered with a sigh of relief. “Kind of cutting it close, though, pal!”

Sonic merely chucked at his two-tailed friend’s comment and joked, “Yeah, that’s pretty much how I roll, buddy.”

With that, Sonic then turned towards Eggman and gave him a notably cold and serious glare, as the mad genius did the same towards the hedgehog. After a rather chilling moment of complete silence, the blue hedgehog then chimed in, “Alright, let’s get this over with, Eggman!”

“I couldn’t agree more, Sonic, but the one who will be over with is you,” Eggman replied with his signature grin on his face. “Behold, the power of my ultimate masterpiece!”

As Eggman was finishing his statement, Sonic took this chance to take the doctor down with a Spin Attack! However, he was swiftly intercepted by a crimson blur, knocking the blue hedgehog back onto the ground. Meanwhile, Tails had begun escorting the rest of the civilians towards the others, where they would be safe. As Sonic recovered from the sudden intervention, he looked up and saw that the attack had come from a familiar black hedgehog with distinct red streaks.

Shadow?!” Sonic cried in surprise towards the black hedgehog. “What are you-!?”

Before Sonic could finish his statement, as if summoned by his moment of shock, three more figures - a large, muscular, red-and-black Zeti with cyan eyebrows and ponytail, a blue, metallic robot resembling the blue hedgehog himself, and a creature seemingly composed entirely of water with green eyes and what seems to be a brain floating within his head - suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Zavok...!? Metal...!? ...and Chaos, too!?” Sonic called as the three appeared alongside Shadow. “What the hell’s going on here, Eggman!?”

“Oh, you’ll see soon enough,” Eggman coldly answered just as the mysterious entity floating alongside the doctor earlier began to descend towards the blue hedgehog. Without so much as a second thought, Sonic instinctively rushed towards the figure at high speeds, only for the masked man to seemingly dodge it with little difficulty.

“Whoa...” Tails remarked, surprise evident in his expression. “This guy must have crazy-good reflexes to dodge an attack like that!”

The masked one then retaliated with a wide swing with his blade, which Sonic narrowly avoided before jumping towards him. However, his attack was easily stopped and he was sent flying towards a nearby wall, leaving a small crater upon it before falling back down to the ground along with some debris, notably injured from the attack.

“No, wait. It’s something else,” Tails remarked to himself as quietly as he could before placing an eyepiece with a green scanning lens on his head. “Better scan him and see if I can get a read on him.”

Just as Tails began to rush in and help his best friend out, however, the Zeti unleashed his own attack on the fox, who quickly retaliated with a quick burst of energy from his Energy Ball cannon, knocking the large demonic-looking creature back. However, this had left him distracted to another incoming attack from the aquatic-looking entity that knocked him into the air.

Meanwhile, Sonic continuously made attempts to land a solid blow on the masked one but had each of his strikes either blocked or evaded with little effort on the latter's part. As he made his next attempt, he found himself intercepted by both Shadow and the blue hedgehog's metallic counterfeit.

“Outta my way, already! I-” Sonic cried in frustration before being knocked away by the masked man with a brutal kick to his side. Upon seeing how much of a difficult time Sonic is having, Eggman promptly muttered, “Nice!

“Tails! I’d really love to get some intel, right now!” Sonic struggled to speak as he began to bleed a little from his injuries before being attacked once more by the masked entity.

“I-I’m trying to, Sonic, but I can’t get a clear read on him at all!” Tails answered, visibly confused and frustrated from the unclear data his device was giving him, fighting off both Zavok and Chaos all the while. “None of these readings make any sense!”

As Tails struggled to make sense of the readings, he found himself knocked down into the ground by an attack from above by Zavok, rendering him incapacitated. Soon after, Sonic quickly found himself receiving a brutal beating from all five of his opponents. It soon culminated to a savage attack from the masked man that sent the blue hedgehog crashing straight towards the surface before finding himself stabbed through his abdomen by the masked one's blade, leaving him further wounded and bleeding, likely unable to continue fighting from there on.

SONIC!!” Tails cried out for his friend as he struggled to get himself back on his feet. Just as he was trying to do the same, however, Sonic felt a hand firmly grasp the back of his head and lift him off the ground, showing his battered form towards the young fox.

“Your hero has failed, child,” the masked one spoke with cold menace in his voice. “Flee like the worthless maggot you are, or suffer the same fate as this blue rat.”

“T-Tails... run...!” Sonic stammered, heavily wounded from the brutal beating he had just received. “G-get to... t-the others! Now!”

“But, Sonic-” Tails spoke before being promptly cut off by the blue hedgehog.

GO!” Sonic quickly cried before he found himself being tossed into the ground, face-first. He then found himself slowly blacking out, probably due to the sheer pain his body was feeling. The last thing he saw was his two-tailed friend flying back to the others. The last thing he heard, however, was the maniacal laugh of his arch-nemesis, and he soon realized that the unthinkable had just happened...

Dr. Eggman had won.

With Sonic’s defeat at the hands of this new enemy,
Eggman’s forces quickly took over Central City.
Within months, all but a few isolated areas in the world 
fell under the control of the Eggman Empire.

Despite the overwhelming odds,
there are those who have banded together
and formed the resistance group known as the Rebellion of Blue
to continue the fight that their blue hero failed to finish.

And now,
a new face prepares to join their struggle...

-Prologue - End-

Operation I: Fire and Wind

Operation II: True Blue Rescue

Operation III: Infinite

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