What happens when you combine boredom, insanity, stupidity, and extemporaneousness? You get QuidEst, a fictional talk show that is not for the devoid of humor. Because this show is devoid of logic, plot, and sanity.

Readers can participate by "sending in" questions to the "hosts", or having their characters do so. Not that they'd want to, but if they did, the questions would be submitted here.

Included Characters

  • Lance the Wolf, an aspiring comedian who occasionally lets himself be shoved into adventures. He also is passively possessed by the ghost of wizard, who is constantly starting arguments with his host.
  • Brad the Hedgehog, Lance's roommate and friend, whose connections made the show a reality. He once famously Tweeted: "Give me coffee or give me death!"
  • Various other cameos

List of Episodes

Episode 1

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