Mac has returned from DoD broken and disappointed with far too many things to do, as well as losses to deal with... but Max, a counterpart of him lost in time is trying to figure out how he got to the Lamak Zone's post-Genesis Wave counterpart. They both want answers, and when their attitudes collide, so do their fists. This is the story of how Max really makes his first appearance in the post-Genesis Wave Lamak Zone, especially after the events of Depths of Dimensions and Secret Discord.

Included Characters

Mackenzie the Tiger

Max Irvaron

Scarlet the Fox

Alexia the Hedgehog (flashback)

Skam (flashback)

White the Rabbit (flashback and mentioned)

Pre-Genesis Wave White aka Alban (flashback)

Pre-Genesis Wave Tina (flashback)

Luna the Bunny (flashback)

Pre-Genesis Wave Luna (mentioned)

Pre-Genesis Wave Alexia (mentioned)



Mackenzie Hartley was spending a Friday afternoon sulking in his bed in Hartley Mansions, looking extremely dejected and disappointed. This was not how he usually liked to spend his free time. he preferred to hang out with his buds, he'd go out on a mission, go stir up some trouble, etc. But ever since their last encounter with Luna, he just didn't feel like doing much of anything that he normally did.

Mac heaved a heavy sigh before sitting up, reflecting on what had happened. The first time Luna had been defeated by them, she hadn't really taken anything away from him. Sure, she broke his pride for a few months, but with that pep talk from Kennedy, he felt like he was able to get up and running again. But now... Luna had gotten smarter. And she'd strategically been placing everything in the right spot to do as much harm as possible. Damn that freak.

Mac began to put on a white and blue t-shirt with black shorts, finally changing from his pyjamas. What could he do, really? They needed to find a way to find Kennedy, deroboticize Alexia, and White needed to heal up from his scars before he could truly do anything. And he couldn't do a single thing about it.

That's what got Mac out of his room.

Mac grabbed his belt of weapons that had Angel, his black and yellow trusty sword, Zip and Zap, his handguns, and two bracelets that tranformed into the Flash Gauntlets. He knew that sitting around doing nothing was just him feeling sorry for himself for a long period of time, and that wasn't going to help anything productive! Mac wasn't a thinker - he was a do-er. He was going to solve every problem that life had given him!

"What are you doing?" he heard. Turning to the side, he saw Scarlet in a purple tank top and shorts. "I thought today was 'Stay At Home and Do Nothing!' day number 14."

"Not today," Mac said with an excited smile. "Today is the day that we finally solve our problems! Today, I'm going to find out where Ken is and how to help Alexia!" He held up a flyer that had a picture of a red Chaos Emerald, but larger. "There was a mission to retrieve whatever this thing is, and the witness said he saw a figure carrying it. If it has the same power that the fragment in Luna's scepter did, we'll be able to kick major butt and solve everything that's been bothering us!"

Scarlet smirked. "Sounds like you're being a bit too optimistic, but whatevs. I'm in. Give me some time to get changed," she said, walking back into her room. Mac decided to go down the extremely long flight of stairs the mansion had, feeling more pumped than ever. He was going to show that while he was downed for a little, he was definitely not out. He was going to find this jewel.

Max Irvaron was in an abnormally large forest with abnormally large trees, running. Oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot-

He could sense them. Three figures chasing him through the woods. There'd been several of them lately - however, most of them backed off once Max shot a Chaos Spear at them. These ones really wanted him... for whatever reason. Max was just contemplating what that reason could be when he let his guard down and one came down on him with a knife, trying to slit his throat. Max managed to react soon enough and sidestepped the potentially fatal blow, getting a good look at his assilant. He was a zebra with red and green stripes, and he looked extremely annoyed when he turned to look back at Max.

Max ran towards the zebra and vaulted over him, giving him a peace sign. "See ya later, Christmas!" He turned around to see another one - this one with purple and yellow stripes - pointing a gun straight at him. He pulled the trigger, and Max went Super for a few moments, causing the bullet to simply deflect of off him. Phew... good thing I've worked on my endurance.

Turning his head, Max saw Christmas running towards him, with the gunslinger in front of him. What did these guys want? Max hadn't done anything - this was obviously not his home. Maybe this place had rules forbidding Chaos Energy users? "Hey, why do you guys-"

A bullet scathed Max's neck, causing the teenager to fall down to his knees. He growled at the gunslinger before firing a green, more powerful Chaos Spear (called a Chaos Arrow) at him, blasting him back onto his back. Mac then spun around, charged his leg with Chaos Energy, and kicked the knife-user behind him, sending him flying into a tree and falling onto his stomach. The gunslinger was just getting up when Max teleported away from the duo.

Max couldn't believe the amount of times he'd been attacked ever since helping to stop the Hyper Division. He remembered fighting against the white rabbit and Alexia being taken, but after that, it all just felt like a blur - he remembered nothing. And that really sucked, because he already didn't know anything about this place. For starters, why didn't Alexia know him? She was not the type to act like she'd forgotten somebody she'd known for too long... maybe someone had erased her memory? That had to be it. But Max didn't recognize any of the people from GUN there... and after GUN took Alexia, the people were completely different again.

Max kicked down a tree and sat on its stump, wondering what exactly had happened. Was he just hanging out with Skam? Yeah, that had to be it - he remembered the fist-bump the two had shared before the bright light appeared. It was like Max could feel the world around him turning to light, and when he woke up, he was in that... different Central City. How long had he been asleep - a month, the nurse told him? Max couldn't believe it. But after doing some digging, he found out that this Central City wasn't really too different from his... though his wasn't being bombed by GUN. So, he decided to do his GUN training, prove his worth (though the new commander was awfully strict), and get a place to stay. Luckily, he had most of his cash on him, so he was able to pay for an apartment (and hide the fact that he was a teen living by himself).

He guessed things really went downhill once the Hyper Division business started. That was a whole saga of rage and confusion and worthiness for Max, but after the whole event, he saw how Alexia hadn't taken any notice of him. When he approached Aqua, it was as if she'd never met him. He could see some memory in her face, but that was the "I think I've heard you before" look, and she didn't seem to ask who he was, so that was confusing.

And then... the white rabbit attacked. Max remembered seeing someone like him back in his original Central City - Alban Ainekas was a dirty thief who seemed to be accompanied by his lovesick and theatric associate, Tina "Sonar" Dante the Bat. But this version of Alban was different - he seemed to know Alexia, and Max could see the disappointment in her face when she realized what he was up to. And Max fought White... but he wasn't anticipating the fact that he had robotic legs, nosiree.

Max remembed Luna, but with weird clothing, and seeing her just smile at him... and that's when everything went black, and he woke up here. Max put his fist into his palm. He needed answers. He couldn't just keep tolerating everyhing life was throwing up. He needed to be fearless and get in the way of obstacles!

...which is why it was so ironic when Max screamed as a black and yellow sword flew right by his head.

Max jumped and turned around to see a brown-haired tiger and an orange-haired red-furred fox, with the tiger sighing. "Dang it! I was just a few millimeters away!"

The fox smirked and lightly reloaded her gun before putting it back on her belt. "Well, you got his attention. But yeah, that has to be a Chaos Emerald. I can sense it. It's so powerful... yeesh. He could do some serious damage with that thing, if we don't take him out quick."

Mac looked Max up and down, putting pieces together. Vendeta said that his doppelgänger was a human who used Chaos Powers... "That thing isn't your ordinary Chaos Emerald. I've heard rumors about them - they're called Super Emeralds, and they're pretty powerful." Since this human had lasted so long with that thing, Mac could only assume that this guy was skilled with its abilities. Everything seemed to be lining up...

"So, you're Mackenzie Irvaron?" Mac said, remembering how Vendeta told him what this version of him's last name was. 

Max winced and lightly blushed. "Don't call me that! I go by Max, 'cuz-"

"Because Mackenzie sounds like a girl's name," said Mac. Of course. He's a Chaos Power-utilizing human named Max Irvaron who has energy signatures similar to me. I did not think it'd be like this to meet my doppelgänger, he thought before pointing at Max. "I have a lot of questions for you, bud, but first, I'm going to need that Emerald. At first I was going to get it over with, but now, it seems like it'd be better to keep you alive."

"Oh, so you're just going to steal what little loot I have and expect me to follow ya," Max said, rolling his eyes at this more... feral version of him. His energy signatures was so familiar, just like his own.... but what was up with his energy signatures? They're like Smash's - pure energy. That's interesting. "How kind of you."

"Hey, you better shut it, bud!" Mac said with an annoyed look on his face. This version of him was already starting to get on his nerves. "I need that Emerald to find my friend and save him from whatever dimensional mashup Luna put him in!"

"Wait, you have a Luna too?" asked Max.

"Yeah. Purple, evil, wanted to kill Shadow...."

"Ugh, she was such a pain."

"I know, right? Like, she didn't even try to turn down the edge factor."

"Ha, yeah! And she was all 'B-B-But muh race should be avenged!' It was so hilarious!"

"And those horns were wicked."

"Your version had horns?! That's awesome!"

"I know, right! Man, we should really talk about stuff sometime."

"Totally! Anyway, you're not getting my Emerald."

"What's it to ya, punk?! If you don't give it to me, I'll have to take it from you!"

This is the most bipolar conversation ever, Scarlet thought, grinning as she was watching the entire ordeal. It's interesting to see Mac literally talk to himself... and their energy signatures are similar, but different. I think I'll sit this one out... if Mac ever needs help, I'll join in. For now, I'll let the boys have their fun. Scarlet then seemingly disappeared, really moving so fast she just appeared in one of the branches.

Max blew a raspberry at Mac. "Ha! A shorty like you threatening to take one of the most valuable objects on the planet from me, a GUN agent-in-training on my planet and skillful Chaos manipulator? Well, one thing we have in common - we both have jokes. And you thinking that you could beat me? Hilarious. But I do want answers...." Max got into a stance. "You think you can beat me? I'd like to see you try-"

Suddenly, Mac equipped his Flash Gauntlets and rushed forward, giving Max a hard hook to the face before releasing another punch to the human's stomach, knocking Max to a tree (and causing that tree to break). Max was dazed for a moment before he jumped onto his feet, glaring at the tiger. "'re gonna regret that, bud."

Mac punched his fists together. "Make me."

Round One (Max: "ok buddy")

Max started by placing a Chaos Arrow (a green, stronger Chaos Spear) behind him and throwing three Chaos Spears at Mac, and he jumped into the air to dodge them. He charged his leg with electricity and kicked at Max while he was airborne, blasting a burst of electricity that Max barely dodged with a flip. Electricity, eh? Interesting. Mac did a diving kick, trying to hit Max in the face, but the human flipped him over before he could hit him, before grabbing his arm and throwing him to the side. Mac rolled on his sides before landing on his feet, taking out his guns and firing a storm of bullets at Max.

Max put up a red transparent shield, and it blocked all of the bullets. Then, Max jumped over it and tried to dash to Mac to deliver seevral kicks to the tiger's side. Mac was hit by them, but he threw in two punches that made Max stagger before firing flares of energy from his gauntlets, knocking Max into the air. Mac jumped to chase him, and Max charged his fist with Chaos Energy, causing it to glow green. Max then punched downwards, sending Mac flying straight to the ground, before teleporting and putting his knee out for Mac to land on. Then, he transferred Chaos Energy to his leg and delivered a brutal kick to Mac's stomach, making the tiger spit out saliva. Mac skidded on his feet before surrounding himself with electricity and firing a burst of it at Max. Max blasted several Chaos Spears at it, but they only slowed it down.

Now's my chance! Mac ran over and grabbed Angel, slashing at Mac and firing a blade beam from it. Then, Max turned around, getting distracted by the new projectile, causing the aforementioned burst of electicity to hit him, and the blade beam did so as well, knocking him into the air. Mac charged himself with lightning before going so fast, he only appeared as a bolt when in reality, he was rushing Max with a flurry of punches and kicks. Mac grabbed Max's face, and, firing Zip to boost him forward in midair, Mac slammed his head into a tree. Max quickly retaliated, releasing a small Chaos Blast that took Mac off of him. Max and Mac began to descend, firing multiple projectiles at each other while dodging the other's. When they hit the ground, Max burst forward and tried to punch Mac in the face, but the tiger blocked them all while running backwards. Mac turned into electricity, causing Max to run through him, and tried to do a hard kick to Max's back, but the human turned around and blocked it with a knee before doing a kick of his own. Mac did the same, and they clashed, hitting each other's punches and kicks repeatedly before knocking each other away.

"All right, you're doing decent," Max said, causing Mac to growl. Then, the human charged two Chaos Arrows in his hands, and fired something like homing drills at his opponent. Opening his eyes wide, Mac did several flips to dodge the incoming projectiles, forcing them to go underground. Max teleported in front of the preoccupied mercenary and kicked him upwards, sending the two grounded Chaos Arrows (along with the one he placed from before) at him, and Mac blocked it in time, causing a huge explosion. Max fired a Chaos Spear to make sure that the blow hit, and out of the smoke came Mac, charged with electricity. Swatting the Chaos Spear away, Mac landed on the ground before seemingly teleporting behind Max. Max was about to turn around and fire a projectile when he felt as if he'd been punched in the stomach twice. Mac then took out Angel and performed a flurry of slashes, doing several quick blows that gave Max bruises. Finally, to end the combo, Mac jabbed Max in the stomach with Angel's hilt before placing his hand to Max's stomach charging his other fist with energy. He released the punch to Max's stomach, sending the preteen punisher flying to a deeper part of the forest.

Max landed on his back with a "thump," grunting. Dang it! He's faster than me, and he has weapons too. Agh, whatever! Even if I don't have weapons on me... Max thought, his hand glowing red. I can still make some. A red lance manifested in Max's hand as Mac (who was being followed by a trail of lightning) rushed forward with a glowing Angel. Max twirled the lance before holding it sideways to block the slash Mac made, causing a large explosion that made Max stagger and Mac to be sent high into the air. Max created another Chaos Lance and threw them both at the airborne Mac, and though he grabbed one and threw it away, he was hit by the second one as it impaled his leg before exploding. Mac used Zap to fire himself near a tree, catching his breath on a branch.

"I'm not done until you tell me what I want to know!" Max yelled, creating two more red lances and firing them at the branch Mac was on. The branch broke off, and Mac grabbed it before throwing it towards Max with all of his strength, landing on his stomach with an "oomph." Max panicked before he surrounded his hand with Chaos Energy in the shape of the blade and he charged straight, drilling through the middle of the branch. He surrounded his other hand with the Chaos Blade, too, and he charged towards the downed Mac, who got up just in time to roll out of the way of Max's first slash. Taking out Angel once again, Mac deflected all of Max's blows, but was still hit by a few that cut his skin. Angered, Mac slashed across Max's chest causing the teenager to cry out with agony, before he charged some energy into his knee and kneed Max backwards, sending him into a tree again.

Mac empowered himself with pure energy before seemingly teleporting to where Max was, and unleashing a power punch to Max's chest, sending him flying through the tree, where Mac seemingly teleported himself again. He put his leg out for Max to hit before quickly zooming to the front of Max and performing an elbow that knocked Max into the sky at an acute angle. Mac zoomed again just in time to release another punch to Mac's face, sending the human diagonally downwards before he zoomed to where he would land, grabbing him by the collar and threw him up. Mac was surrounded by energy and electricity as he decided to yell out the attack's name, just for the fun of it: "INFERNAL FLASH!"

An inferno burst out, consuming Mac and pushing him outwards. A large part of the forest was destroyed, with the trees either burning or completely disintegrated. When Mac was done, he landed on one knee, heaving heavy breaths. He didn't sense Max's energy anywhere. Aw, shoot.... did I kill him? I mean, the kid looked pretty tough, but that was a pretty powerful attack- A bit of blood came out of Mac's mouth as he coughed it up. Damn... he's really pushing me to my limits. But I didn't even need to use TAI with him. 

Mac's eyes were opened wide when a distinct and unique energy signature hit him. That's Chaos Energy.... but it's also the kid's... Mac stood up and wiped some of the blood off of his mouth. It's as if they fused, or if Max absorbed the energy into himself... but there's no way he could've survived that, even less get stronger... Where is that loser, anyway? Mac turned on his "energy-sight," allowing him to see lines of energy sinatures in the air. He saw a powerful yellow one coming from his right, and when he turned around to look, he was uppercutted immediately.

Mac was sent flying and flipping in midair, landing on his side. He turned to look at who had attacked him, and it was Max. The teenager's clothes were pretty ripped, he had spiky yellow hair, and he had red eyes, along with a yellow, fiery aura surrounding him. With crossed arms and an overconfident smile, the teenager said "Time for Round 2, buddy."

Round Two (Mac: "oh, shoo-")

Mac struggled to stand again as he gawked at his doppelgänger, both awfully impressed and awfully scared. He knew Kennedy could morph the Chaos inside of him into different things, but he'd only ever heard legends of someone absorbing that power to make themselves stronger... and boy, did Max make himself stronger. His increase is extremely high - about ten times of when we started! What did this kid do?!

Mac was about to ask what the hell Max had done when he found himself spitting out saliva. Before he could react, Max had elbowed him in the gut, and he fell onto his knee again. Dammit, I shouldn't have wasted all of that energy! Something tells me this is not going to be fun.

Max did a flurry of punches to Mac's face before grabbing his face and throwing him behind him. Max teleported to where Mac was launched and kneed upwards, sending the tiger high into the air before his aura flared and he shot himself upwards. His fist shone with a golden color as he released yet another punch to the airborne Mac's stomach, causing Mac to yell in pain. Max sped up as they rose, and Mac was beginning to catch fire when Max threw him a bit higher. Max seemingly tried to punch Mac in the face, and Mac tried to retaliate - instead, his punch phased right through Max. Then, from his right, Max came flying in with a golden leg and performed a kick to Mac's cheek, launching him across the sky.

Max surrounded himself with a golden orb of Chaos Energy before bursting forward, firing a Super Chaos Hailstorm (a stream of Super Chaos Spears and Super Chaos Arrows) at Mac, with all of them hitting. Then, Max did a flurry of extremely speedy punches and kicks at the tiger, beating him around like a ragdoll. He did another kick to send Mac flying forward, and Max teleported to where he was going to go before vibrating his hand at supersonic speeds and pushing it forward, blasting quick projectiles at the tiger. Mac couldn't do anything to avoid these, and Mac teleported in front of the Blue Thunder, quickly hitting him upwards. Max teleported into the air and did an upside-down kick, knocking Mac back down from where he came from at high speeds, causing the tiger to catch fire again.

Max surrounded himself with that yellow orb of Chaos Energy again before teleporting where Mac would fall and put his fist up, causing Mac to land hard on it and bounce off lightly. Mac charged his leg with Chaos Energy before kicking Mac to the side and rushing him with a Super Chaos Surge, blitzing the tiger from all sides. Finally, Max grabbed Mac's face and threw him down as hard as he could, and Mac was beginning to lose consciousness. Max teleported down again to where Mac was going to land, and right before he hit the ground, Max fired an extremely large beam of yellow Chaos Energy forward that consumed Mac, blasting him through the fire. Max smiled as the tiger's energy signatures faded away.

Mac was losing consciousness, and he hated it. How could I lose so effortlessly? The kid was just beating me up, over and over again... maybe it was right for Vendeta to fight with him instead of me. Maybe he's just supposed to be superior. Maybe I'm not supposed to be the protagonist... damn.

Mac could feel his body slam into multiple trees, trying his hard not to scream and yell from the pain. No matter how hard he tried, though, it hurt.... and it hurt a lot. Mac didn't even have control over anything that was going around him anymore - it was like he'd just shut down. he couldn't move a muscle, and he was completely and utterly defeated. Was Scarlet going to help? What if Max was too much for her, too? Was Mac just putting everyone he cared about in danger? Was he going to fail so quickly?

Mac began to think, I'm sorry for failing you, everyone - Alexia, Kennedy, Scarlet... I'm pathetic. I'm not smart or strong enough. I'm supposed to be the brick wall now that Kennedy's not here... but I failed to save him, too. I'm not supposed to be the hero. I'm just supposed... to lose.

Mac grunted from this thought, and, throwing up a bit of blood, Mac was able to roll to the side. No one gets to treat Mac Hartley this way! I'm tired of being the second-best failure whenever a new threat emerges! I'm not going to let anyone - not even this weird version of myself - beat me! Now, Mac was starting to get back onto his knee, struggling but surviving.

I'm not a failure. I'm not some type of fodder. I'm not some insignificant desperate Mobian who wants to be in the spotlight, no way! Suddenly, Mac found himself able to stand, overcoming his wounds. If I took up this challenge... I'm going to prove why I've lasted this long, why I've overcome all of my obstacles. Mac was suddenly becoming surrounded by a whirling gale of electricity and energy, and his clothes began to change color a little. I'm going to show why I will thrive, why I will succeed, and why I'm going to beat him! Mac let out a yell, and his hair turned turqoise, his fur turned cyan, and his clothes turned blue and white. He gripped his fist as he looked at his doppelgänger, who looked extremely frustrated.

"Hey, bud," Mac said, whipping out his finger and pointing at the human. "You may be a lot like me, but you aren't me, and that's why I will defeat you! You may have fought similar villains, made similar friends, and even be similar in personality, but you will never be the Blue Thunder!" Mac's cyan aura flared as he smiled. "Now, let's go for round three, why don't we?"

Round Three (Max: "What the-")

Max couldn't believe his eyes. He was pretty sure there was no way that Mac could've survived that beating he'd just given him, and he definitely couldn't have gotten back up stronger than he was before. What's it to this guy? He's not even using Chaos Energy, he's just amplifying his own power! That makes no sense! "Hey, I'm gonna make sure that when I whoop you this time, you're not getting back up!"

"I could say the same to you, bud, but I won't. I won't need to run my mouth in order to beat you," Mac said, flexing his muscles. Being in TAI wasn't anything new to the tiger - in fact, he'd been using it more often as of recent - but it was rare for him to pull it out at the last moment. In a way, he felt like when he'd sustained a lot of damage, the increase from TAI was even greater. Wish I'd known that when I was against Flash...

Max's hair was blowing, not because there was any wind, or because of the fire that was started earlier, but simply because of the immense pressure that his feral counterpart was giving off. While he was pretty good at trying to hide it, Max was actually intimidated by Mac's new strength, considering he'd been beating him through the ground beforehand. However, he was still confident that he could overcome him, for he decided that using his Super Emerald as a power source would give him an edge.

The two started by bursting forward at each other, seemingly phasing through each other's punches and both clutching their sides before turning around and running in circles. They both had countless afterimages appearing as they ran across the forest, clashing with each other again and again. Finally, Mac landed a spike on Max's stomach, and the human was sent flying before he grabbed a tree and gripped it, using it to swing around and land on his feet. Mac, slowly descending, was firing multiple electric bursts of energy at him, which Max was deflecting with ease.

Max burst forward into the air (leaving a small crater in the ground where he was) and tried to punch Mac in the gut, but Mac jumped back and left an energy clone in his place. Max was sent spiralling through the air, and Mac, charged with electricity, used two trees to rapidly attack Max from all directions. It suddenly stopped, however, when Max grabbed Mac's face and released a small burst of Chaos Energy from his hand, causing an explosion in that area. Max then threw the tiger down, and he landed on his feet. Mac saw Max create two large orange balls of energy before he fired them at him. Mac gulped before turning into lightning and zooming away from them, but they seemed to be able to track him and keep up with him.

Dang it, these things are huge! Mac thought, still zooming away from them. Maybe I should trick them... Mac decided to run to a tree, and before they could hit him, he phased into the tree, causing one of them to explode and blow up the poor tree. Mac then ran up another tree, charging energy and lightning in his hand and making it form into a ball. Once he was sure he had a clear shot, he fired it straight, causing it to burst through the middle of the Chaos Flare and start heading straight for Max. 

Max didn't seem threatened by the Thunder Grenade - instead, he created a guitar out of Chaos Energy and started playing it, and though it wasn't any real music, the soundwaves seemed to push the grenade back... and instead reflect it back at Mac. With one final strum, Max launched the Thunder Grenade back at his opponent, and Mac rolled his eyes. So we're playing this game now, huh? Charging his fist with energy, Mac jumped off the tree as lightning and punched through the Thunder Grenade, going for Max instead. However, he underestimated the amount of energy he needed to break through it, and was sent stumbling through the air. He still tried to make something out of it, though, and he Spin Dashed into the ground while electric, causing cracks in the ground beneath Max to explode with lightning. The human was electrocuted several times, and when it was over, he looked extremely annoyed.

Mac jumped out of the ground and burst towards Max, but the teenager fired a beam of Chaos Energy from his mouth, blasting Mac into a tree. The mercenary took out his gauntlets and fired pre-readied bursts of energy at him, and while Max did multiple backflips to dodge them, Mac would attack from all sides as lightning before circling around Max, creating a little twister. Then, he allowed himself to get caught in it and fired multiple bullets at Mac that made his aura shimmer. Max took out his Chaos Guitar and whacked Mac upside in the head with it, blasting him out of the whirl. Max used his momentum to go charging at Mac as a yellow blur, and Mac reacted just quickly enough to catch Max's fists. The duo's foreheads were touching before they both started speeding around as yellow and blue blurs, clashing all over the place and causing multiple trees to fall.

The two would eventually cause each other to fall a couple meters, but Mac would hit the ground first, taking out his Flash Gauntlets and firing pre-readied bursts again before equipping Angel and zooming forward. Max would throw two Disco Domes into the air before creating a Chaos Lance and charging at Mac. Twirling it rapidly to swat the bursts away, Max threw it like a javelin just before Mac's feet and it exploded, creating some dust. Just as Mac was done twirling around to make it go away, Max charged his hands with Chaos Energy and clapped, sending a powerful projectile of air to Mac. Mac was hit in the stomach and was flipping in midair before his back hit a tree... and Max followed up with a Chaos Fist, knocking half the tree branch off and causing Mac to flip several times before landing on his feet.

The two clashed with Angel and a Chaos Blade for a bit, though Mac was able to get more hits in with his range advantage while being able to dodge Disco Dome lasers more efficiently. Mac then put Angel back on his belt and took his gauntlets out again, trying to hook Max's side again and again. Mac threw a Chaos Fist, but Mac blocked it with his left arm before striking Max's cheek with a hard blow. Mac then backhanded the boy before twisting him around and heaving him into the air, causing Max to be hit by one of his own Disco Dome lasers. Max was hit against a tree, and he grunted.

"So, what is that transformation of yours?" he said, sliding down the tree. He coughed a little, and felt something on his hand. Blood. Dang it, he's really gotten stronger... Looks like I'm gonna have to up the anty. If he wins this, I'm not getting back home... and I need to know what's going on here. 

"This, my humanized friend, is my tranquil awesomeness incarnate, also known as TAI. It's simply a boost that allows me to project my ergokinesis throughout my entire body, strengthening it. I've been working with this form for a while, so I don't have to worry about stamina. That's because I'm strictly using my own life force as a battery. But you..." Mac smirked and glared at Max. "You're using that Emerald of yours as a crutch. Your power was multiplied by about ten when you first transformed, but now, it's only about half of that... and dropping. Based on how much it's decreasing by, if this fight goes on, you're going to get about... a two and a half times increase. And because I'm better than ever right now..." Mac's aura flared, shooting white and blue light into the air. "I don't say you have much of a chance, buddy."

Max winced and flinched. Dang it! How have I not noticed this before? With more Chaos Powers, the more energy from the Super Emerald I'm using... and I'm getting weaker. I need to limit myself. Max got into a stance and let his aura explode as well, shining bright yellow. "I don't even need this to beat you! I'm just trying to go all overkill on you! You don't stand a chance!"

Mac sighed and shook his head. "Big words from someone with such a small brain."

All right, that's it, I'm going back to punching this guy. Max's aura went from yellow to red, and he burst at Max with two emerald-green fists. Mac blocked the first punch, but Max sent many more, overwhelming him. Mac was starting to lose speed when Max kicked him in the stomach into the sky, and Max teleported there, catching Mac by his collar. "You're not going to stop me, feral me! I'm going to know what I need to know, regardless of who's going to try and stop me!"

Max was about to throw Mac, but Mac let out a small explosive wave, cutting him off. "That's not going to work this time!" Mac yelled as he sparked with electricity. Max's red aura returned, and the two appeared as blue and red streaks in the sky, consistently clashing every now and then. Mac grabbed Max's face before sending them both plummeting to the ground, dragging Max through the dirt before throwing him up and putting his hands in a "P" formation. Mac yelled "TASER LASER!" and a bright yellow beam was shot forward, consuming Max and blasting him through a wall of fire. Max frowned at this before smirking and yelling two important words:


"Chaos Con-wha?" is all Mac could get in before time froze, allowing Max to take five seconds to catch a breather. 

I have enough energy for twenty-three more seconds, Max thought clutching his side and flying up to the frozen Mac. He delivered a powerful blow to the gut before going behind him and slamming his fist into his back, along with creating one large orange ball of energy in his hand. He snapped with his free hand, and Mac was sent flying forward before Max blasted the Chaos Flare forward and throwing a Chaos Arrow into the air and flying to Mac. Max did some hurricane kicks to Mac before kicking him off to the side, where the Chaos Arrow from before fell down and knocked Mac downwards. Then, Max rose into the air and charged another beam of Chaos Energy in his mouth and fired it at Mac, who was struggling to get up.

Okay then... this kid's still got a bit of spirit in him, Mac thought, getting up to see the green and yellow beam heading towards him. He knew that after whatever the kid had done to get that combo on him, it had used up a bit of energy. He'd been wasting it this whole time - this must've been the human's attempted to finish him off. Smiling, Mac created two blue disks of energy in his hand and threw them on opposite sides to throw him off before surrounding himself with energy. This is the do or die... and I'm not going to die. Mac charged energy in fist, and storming forward like a lightning bolt, Mac went to the Disgust Cannon head on, trying to counter it with his fist... and he was actually beginning to power through it.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" yelled Max, not firing the Disgust Cannon anymore and instead making a Kamehameha-like motion to fire a yellow beam of pure Chaos Energy down at Max. "SUPER CHAOS WAVE!" Mac couldn't handle Max's raw power now - he was beginning to get pushed back down to the ground. Max was laughing, and Mac was grunting when finally, the two discs from before went around, nearly hitting Max but the human managed to dodge them. However, Max made one large mistake - he wasn't firing the Super Chaos Wave anymore.

Max finally realized that he was no longer restricting Mac and looked down to see pure lightning charging at him. Max gulped as he felt the shocking sensation of multiple afterimages of Mac going through him before the real one punched him square in the chest, causing him to go back in his base form. Max was about to try to retaliate when the burst of energy was shot through him, causing him to fall far down to the ground and collapse. Mac fell on his knees also, and finally, the Super Emerald resided in Mac's hands. Let's see if we'll meet again, Mac thought, throwing the red Emerald up and catching it. But for now, I'll be taking this, bud.

Mac took around when a red, female figure landed next to him. "Took you long enough," said Scarlet, to which Mac playfully punched her in the arm as they began to head back to Trikon with their mission completed.


  • This was originally just supposed to be some non-canon battle between Mac and Max for fun, but after seeing how their timelines lined up, MaxIrvaron (the user) decided to make it canon.
  • When Max was recounting his memories, especially the ones of White and Tina, these were references to original designs of them - White was to be a cocky thief, and Tina was going to be a dramatic and lovesick thief that worked alongside him. If these two were in the main timeline instead of Post-SGW White and Tina, they might've never left Luna.
  • This is Mac right after DoD and Max right after SD. Had Mac been given his Supercharged and Sparking form and Max with Blazing form (transformations to appear in the future), the outcome might have been different.
  • To clarify, Base Mac > Base Max, and though Super Max w/SE > HT Season 1 Finale Mac, Mac managed to be the smarter fighter with placement. Ultimately, Super forms are stronger than Mac's High Tension, but they drain over time.
  • This could be the start of a battle fanfic series.
  • Max was given his Super Emerald to make the battle more fair. Had we relied on his potent Chaos Energy alone, it's possible HT Mac would've beaten him more quickly, as he would've only had about a 250% increase compared to a Super form's w/Emerald 1000%. (What do I believe HT's to be? I'd estimate about 200% to 250%, based on Mac's, Smash's, Pearl's, Inverse David's, Fa-La-La-La Stu's, and even Frederick's previous performances with it.)
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