Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems
Release Date
February 20, 2011

Previously, on Elements of Power, Dr. Robotnik, after being rescued, decided to stay behind to reconstruct the Scepter of Darkness, while Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes chased down Dr. Nega in order to prevent Solaris' resurrection. Although they managed to find the secret underground laboratory where the Solaris Project was being worked on, they were too late, since Nega beat them to the punch. He then explained to everyone that he intended to harness Solaris' power to control and rule over time itself. Blaze and Tikal attempted to explain to him how dangerous Solaris was, but their words fell on deaf ears, since Dr. Nega insisted that he was in complete control of the situation.

Just as Nega was getting ready to release the two halves of Solaris, they both broke through the container and caused an explosion, which sent him flying and knocked him unconscious. Shortly afterwards, Iblis and Mephiles fled the scene, only for them to get chased down by the heroes when they split into groups of two. When both groups caught up with their respective targets, they engaged them in fierce battles. Before Knuckles had a chance to seal Mephiles within the Master Emerald again, he fled the scene once more, so that he could complete his transformation by merging with Iblis. When Mephiles came across Blaze, who was taking part in battling Iblis, he managed to take the Sol Emeralds from her grasp, and used them to reunite with Iblis and complete his transformation.

Now that Solaris has been reborn, will our heroes be able to stop him once again? Or are all worlds, galaxies, and dimensions doomed to be devoured? Find out now, is this third-to-last chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems!

Solaris: Now, come, Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze, and all of you…and get your one-way ticket…to oblivion! I'll… be waiting…for you! HAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Disappears in a bright flash of light*

Splash: Where did he go!?

Shadow: He must have used Chaos Control to teleport himself into outer space again, just as he did a year ago.

Bomb: Is it me, or do they seem more interested in destroying Knuckles, Shadow, and Blaze than anyone else?

Knuckles: I think it's because we've all sealed them up at some point.

Scorch: Gee, I can't imagine how THAT feels. *Glares at Tikal*

Tikal: Well, back then, you were no better than those two! You tried to destroy this world, just as they're doing now! Did you honestly think I was going to sit back and let that happen!?

Scorch: Oh, bite me!

Robotnik: *Enters the room* Now, now… Just settle down for a moment, will you? The two of you could always squabble some other time. For the time being, we must concentrate on the task at hand. The fate of the entire universe is at stake!

Splash: I never in a million years thought I would be saying this, but Robotnik's right.

Shadow: Ah, I see that you've managed to complete the Scepter of Darkness' restoration. However, we just missed our chance to use it. Mephiles just merged with Iblis a minute or two ago.

Robotnik: I see, but perhaps this Scepter will still be of use after he's been defeated and split into two again?

Shadow: Of course.

Robotnik: Also, I've taken the liberty of calling the S.S.M.A. on Dr. Nega.

Charmy: "S.S.M.A."?

Robotnik: Yes, the Station Square Mental Asylum.

Charmy: Hee hee hee! I can't WAIT to see HIM getting taken away in a straight jacket! That's gonna be SO funny!

Marine: Yep! You got THAT right, mate!

Vector: I can't wait ta see it, eitha! Hopefully, it'll be aftah we're done dealin' wit' Solaris. That way, I'll be able to record it!

Charmy: I can't wait to see it, either! That'll probably be even funnier than Tiara's last name! *Snickers*

Tiara: *Glares at him*

Charmy: Whoops, sorry. ;

*Suddenly, an Earthquake occurs*

Tails: Uh oh! That can't be good!

Shadow: I think Solaris is already beginning to destroy this world, as we speak! There's no more time to waste! We have to stop him now!

Charmy: Blaze, the Sol Emeralds are exactly like the Chaos Emeralds, right? Meaning, that we could go super with them?

Blaze: Yes, that's right.

Vector: A'ight, now that we got that cleared up, let's get powa'd up!

Five members of the Chaotix team (Knuckles, Mighty, Espio, Charmy, and Vector), along with Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Silver, and Blaze moved towards the seven colorless Sol Emeralds as they rose into the air and encircled everyone. As the emeralds continued to encircle them, their color began to return, and a bright flash of light occurred. After the light faded, everyone's super transformations were finished.

Heavy: So, you're all powered up...excellent. I know you've all heard this before, but your super forms require ring energy. While you're all battling Solaris, the rest of us will be on the move, collecting rings for you. As always, if you find yourselves running low on ring energy, we'll be sure to send them to you immediately.

Super Knuckles: Got it.

Scorch: Pffft. I'm not collecting rings; I'm taking part in the battle instead.

Slush: So am I. There's no way I'm letting YOU have all the fun. What about you, Splash?

Splash: Sure, why not?

Rouge=]: Well, this is it, you guys. We're counting on you!

Ray: Yeah, good luck everyone!

Amy: Perhaps after you're all finished beating Solaris, we could go to the beach again to celebrate!

Super Silver: Okay, that sounds fine.

Amy: Oh, and Sonic… While we're there, the two of us could go on a romantic stroll. What do you say? *Winks*

Super Sonic: …

Tiara: Oh, in your DREAMS! If Sonic's going on a romantic stroll with ANYBODY, then it's gonna be ME!

Amy: No, me!

Tiara: ME!

*They argue back and forth*

Super Tails: Oh, great… Those two are at it again. *Sweatdrops*

Super Sonic: So, umm… Let's blast through with Sonic speed!

Super Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL!

Using the power of Chaos Control, Shadow warped himself, the Elemental Goddesses, and the rest of the "Super" group into the vastness of space, so they could combat Solaris.

Super Charmy: Look, there he is!

Splash: Huh? What's he doing?

Super Vector: It looks like he's summonin' a void of some sort!

Burning Blaze: Well, that certainly explains the Earthquake now, doesn't it? He's NOT destroying this world… Not on MY watch!

Super Knuckles: Heh… It looks like that core on his stomach isn't being covered this time. What do you say we attack him altogether at once?

Super Mighty: No complaints over here!

While Solaris was busy trying to summon a void, the heroes flew towards him, literally at the speed of light, and attacked the glowing orange core on his stomach, causing Solaris to growl in pain.

Solaris: *Growls*

Super Charmy: Alright! It's working!

Super Espio: The end for you is near, Solaris! Prepare to die once again!

Once again, they all started flying towards Solaris at light speed, attempting to attack his core once again, but he quickly blasted them with an eye laser, knocking them backwards in the process. After that, Solaris began launching asteroids at the group, which Silver managed to catch with telekinesis.

Super Silver: How 'bout this!? *Starts launching the asteroids back at him* TAKE THIS!

Solaris: *Floats there, unaffected, as he begins to cover the core on his stomach*

Super Vector: Ah, crud! This ain't good, you guys! He's coverin' up the core again!

Splash: Then it's up to us to expose it again, I guess. Come on, let's do it!


Slush: Umm, what did he say?

Super Tails: I think he said, "You cannot stop me with such limited power", or something like that.

Burning Blaze: Well, how's THIS for limited? *Starts powering up a ball of flame at the palm of her hands*


Everyone: …

*They stare with blank "WTF?" expressions again*

Super Metal Sonic: I've heard enough of his gibberish. *Starts firing lasers at him*

Super Shadow: Chaos… SPEAR! *Fires*

Super Silver: Psychic… CONTROL! *Fires*

Burning Blaze: Firesoul… ATTACK! *Fires*

Super Sonic: SONIC WIND! *Fires*

Super Knuckles: THUNDER ARROW! *Fires*

Super Mighty: COSMIC CRUSHER! *Fires*

Super Vector: Espio, Charmy! Let's get 'em with the Team Blast!

Super Charmy: Okay!

While everyone else used their individual special attacks, Espio, Charmy, and Vector used their musical Team Blast technique, and released a huge supersonic sound wave. Afterwards, Solaris' weak point was open, and they all began charging toward it once again. Before they could get to it, Solaris fired a large energy blast, which was powerful enough to take a majority of their rings away.


Solaris: HAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I…told you! You cannot…hope to…stop ME with your…l…limited power! *Begins charging up another energy beam* Pre…Prepare yourselves…for your…one-way…ticket to…OBLIVION!

Scorch: You forgot one thing, bub. Unlike everyone else, Splash, Slush, and I don't need ring energy! We're perfectly capable of finishing you without it! Try THIS on for size! Nova Star… POWEEERRR! *Powers up*

Splash: Aqua Star… POWEEERRR! *Same*

Slush: Arctic Star… POWEEERRR! *Same*

After charging up, the three Goddesses combined their powers their powers and unleashed a massive element-based attack, which surprisingly, was enough to not only damage Solaris, but break him into pieces, as well.


Super Charmy: WOW! That was really, REALLY cool!

Super Vector: Yeah, I'll say! That was freakin' SWEET! The three o' you just saved us anotha hour or so, of havin' ta deal wit' 'dose two!

Super Knuckles: Yeah, that was a pretty smooth attack! But…are we entirely sure that Solaris is dead?

Scorch: Hmm hmm hmm! Not to, you know, toot my own horn or anything, but I don't see how anyone could have possibly survived that.

Slush: "Not to toot [your] own horn"? That's pretty much all you ever do.

Super Knuckles: Can't argue with that.

Scorch: Oh, whatever! Slush, flirting with that polar bear is all YOU ever do!

Slush: *Blushes* Oh, shut up.

Super Charmy: *Snickers* Bark and Slush, sittin' in a-

Super Vector: This ain't the time for that, Charmy!

Super Charmy: Hee hee, sorry. Couldn't resist.

Super Shadow: Hmm… I think Knuckles may be right. There's a chance that Solaris is still alive, so we shouldn't let our guards down just yet.

Burning Blaze: I couldn't agree more. Just in case, we're going to need those rings as soon as possible…

Super Metal Sonic: Iblis and Mephiles data… Successfully copied!

Have the Elemental Goddesses actually done it? Has Solaris finally been laid to rest once again? For good, this time? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To "bee" continued…

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