Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems
Release Date
February 9, 2011

Previously, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes took the Blue Typhoon and chased the Death Egg III into outer space. During the trip, Shadow, Rouge, and Omega informed everyone about the new information that they've managed to acquire from Dr. Robotnik's database. The data that they've recovered are what appeared to be blueprints to four female hedgehog bio-weapons, which look strikingly similar to Scorch, Splash, and Slush. Additionally, the heroes managed to defeat all enemy spacecrafts and Badniks that Robotnik sent their way. After they were defeated, they entered the Death Egg III in order to have their final showdown with Robotnik; the real one, this time. Will they be able to defeat him in time before he manages to brainwash the Earth's populace and destroy Angel Island? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… So, you meddlesome pests, are you prepared to die?

Scorch: You should ask yourself that question, Robotnik.


Robotnik aimed the Egg Dragoon's machine gun at everyone, and started rapidly firing at them. As they dodged the blasts, they moved closer to the Egg Dragoon, and attacked it altogether at once. However, that proved to be ineffective, since they got knocked back by a surge of energy.

Everyone: UHHHHHHH!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'll bet you weren't expecting that now, were you?

Knuckles: Great! Another barrier! I'll bet it's because of the Master Emerald!

Robotnik: You guessed it! Thanks to the Master Emerald, I was able to generate an energy barrier around the Egg Dragoon, which makes it impervious to your attacks!

Scorch: Oh, yeah? Well, let's see how impervious it is to THIS! *Launches several fireballs at it*

Nack: Here, doc! Lemme show ya how a REAL machine gun works! *Starts shooting it*

Bean: DYNAMITE POWER! *Throws a few bombs*

They kept attacking until an explosion occurred. However, after the smoke cleared, the Egg Dragoon was still standing, completely unharmed.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Haven't you fools put it together yet? There's NOTHING you can do! I am UNSTOPPABLE!

Vector: We're gonna hafta do somethin' about that barrier! Othawise, we ain't gonna be able to do no damage to it!

Tiara: He said that his machine is being powered by the Master Emerald, didn't he? I'm guessing that there's a machine around this place that's containing it.

Knuckles: Most likely. After all, this wouldn't be the first time he's done something like this. I'm gonna see what I could do about finding it.

Orbot: Actually, Cubot and I are gonna take care of that for you. We'd be more than happy to fight alongside you guys, but…Robotnik never designed us for combat.

Cubot: Yeah. We'd just be a burden on you fellas 'f we were to be standin' 'round these parts, doin' nothin'.

Knuckles: Well, alright then. We'll see you when you get back.

*They take off*

Heavy]: So, they're going to try tracking down the barrier-generating machine, are they? HAHAHAHAHAHA… Please. I'd be surprised if those two idiots could find their way out of a wet paper bag.'_Chaotix) Bomb]: Actually, that red, orb-shaped one is kind of smart. The golden, cube-shaped one, on the other hand… He's the one that's lacking in the intelligence department.

Robotnik: Hmph, I'm surprised to see that those two useless hunks of junk are still alive. Anyway, enough of this small talk! Let's resume where we left off!

While Orbot and Cubot were searching for the machine that's being powered by the Master Emerald, everyone else continued their battle against Robotnik. As before, the Egg Dragoon had the upper hand, since it's immune to everyone's attacks. The battle went on for quite some time, until the heroes were hanging by a mere thread.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, well! This time, I have you fools beaten for sure! There's nothing else left for you to do, so you might as well give up while you still can!

Splash: Ghhh…! I…don't think so, Robotnik! As long…as there's still breath left in me, I'll…never allow your plans to succeed! You've made it clear from the beginning, ever since we first met…that you'd cause nothing but pain and suffering in your reign! I'll die before I let that happen!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, now that can certainly be arranged now, can't it? *Aims a crosshair at everyone, gets them locked in target, and starts charging up a laser*


Knuckles: For crying out loud! Haven't they found that machine YET!?

Heavy: Isn't it obvious? Like I said, those two idiots couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag, so it's definitely safe to assume that they've bungled this task.

Splash: They'll find it… Just give them some more time. I'm sure they'll pull through.

Robotnik: Heavy's right, actually. Orbot and Cubot are incompetent fools, and they were better off dying back at the volcano, where I left them.

Splash: But how could you do such a thing to your own robots!? No matter how "incompetent" you may think they are, casting them aside like garbage was completely uncalled-for! Especially when you consider how hard they've worked for you! You even did the same thing to Scorch!

Robotnik: Once again, Splash, thank you for the public service announcement. Now, enough of this small talk! The charge is complete! Prepare to meet your maker! *Gets ready to fire*

Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL! *Freezes Robotnik and the Egg Dragoon in time*

Robotnik: …

Shadow: There. That ought to hold him for the time being.

Splash: "The time beeing". Get it, Charmy? *Giggles*

Charmy: Hee hee hee hee!

Bomb: Now that Robotnik's frozen, why don't we take this as our opportunity to find that machine ourselves? Aside from Orbot's, or at least Cubot's obvious lack of intelligence, this place is pretty big, and it's easy to get lost. Perhaps we should try splitting up to find it?

Knuckles: Good idea. Why don't we split into groups of two, as we did before?

Vector: Sounds good ta me! Splash, you don't mind workin' wit' Charmy, do ya?

Splash: Not at all. Why do you ask?

Vector: Um, no reason!

Charmy: Because he's tired of always getting stuck with me whenever we split up.

Slush: I think I'll stick with Bark. *Clings to his arm* Is that alright with you?

Bark: Y-Yeah, sure.

Charmy: *Snickers*

Amy: & Tiara (at the same time): I'll work with Sonic!

Sonic: Oh, great…

Amy: Hey! Get lost, Boobowski! I said it first!

Tiara: No, you didn't! I did!

Amy: Find your own partner!

Tiara: I already have! I called it first!

Amy: No, I did!

Tiara: Back off! Sonic is MINE!

Amy: No, MINE!

*Everyone sweatdrops as they continue to argue*

Splash: Why don't we let Sonic choose who he wants to work with?

Amy: That's fine. Of course, we ALL know that he's going to choose ME!

Tiara: Oh, please. Don't make me laugh!

Amy: Sonic, why don't you tell this hussy over here that it's ME that you want to work with!

Tiara: Who are you calling a hussy!?

Amy: Who do you think!?

Sonic: …

Tails, I just HAVE to know… Why did you have to bring Tiara along?

Tails: Umm, well…

Amy: HAHAHAHA! You hear THAT, Boobowski!? He enjoys MY company FAR more than he enjoys YOURS!

Sonic: No, it's not that, it's just-

Tiara: Oh, give me a BREAK! If he enjoyed your company so much, then he wouldn't be running from you on a twenty-four hour basis!

*They continue arguing back and forth*

???: HAHAHAHAHAHA… My, isn't THIS entertaining?

Tiara: W-What!? Robotnik's unfrozen!?

Amy: No way!

Shadow: Yes, he's unfrozen, as you can see. The effects of Chaos Control don't last forever, you know. Thanks to you and your petty bickering, you've completely wasted our time and brought the doctor the time HE needed to unfreeze!

Heavy: What better way is there to spend your time productively, than to argue over someone who doesn't want anything to do with either one of you?

Amy & Tiara: WHO ASKED YOU!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA! I don't know about anyone else, but I actually found it rather entertaining while it lasted! Now, then…where were we? Ah, yes! I remember! I was going to finish you fools off with a fully charged blast from the Egg Dragoon's laser cannon! Let's pick up where we left off!

Vector: At 'da risk of soundin' cowardly, I think we should go ahead 'n' make a run for it! It's useless ta try fightin' him right now! Whetha he's frozen 'r not, let's go ahead 'n' look for that machine anyway!

Knuckles: Good idea.

With that said, everyone took off at high speed, in search of the machine that generated a barrier over the Egg Dragoon to make it imperious to their attacks. As they ran off, Robotnik not only gave chase, but fired projectiles at them, as well, which they managed to dodge most of the time. This process continued for a while, until Slush froze the floor, causing the Egg Dragoon to slip and fall.

Robotnik: AUGH!

Bark: Nice one.

Slush: Thanks.

Robotnik: I'll make you PAY for this…

While Robotnik was down, everyone took the opportunity to run off. Eventually, they all got to the room where the machine was located. When they got there, they found that the machine was being guarded by Badniks, which were blocking Orbot and Cubot's path.

Knuckles: Ah, so there you guys are.

Heavy: So, you did manage to find the machine after all… I'm surprised.

Cubot: Yup, we found it, but 'dese here Badnik critters're blockin' our path!

Orbot: We would have taken care of them already, but like we told you before, Robotnik never designed us for combat.

Vector: A'ight, no problem. Just leave it ta us.

So then, the heroes fought against the Badniks and quickly disposed of them. After they were taken care of, everyone turned their focus over to the barrier-generating machine, which was being powered by the Master Emerald. After Knuckles reclaimed the Master Emerald, they all took the opportunity to destroy the machine, leaving the Egg Dragoon vulnerable to their attacks.

Sonic: Alright! Now, all we need to do is head back to where Ro-butt-nik is, so we could finish things!

Robotnik: *Enters the room* Too late, I'm already here.

Espio: Just so you know, we've destroyed the device that was making your mech invincible.

Robotnik: Hmph, so what? With or without the barrier, the might of the Egg Dragoon is still MORE than enough to deal with you troublesome fools once and for all! THIS is the day where my plans WILL succeed! The Robotnik Empire will soon become a reality!

Tiara: In your dreams, it will!

So then, the battle resumed. No longer impervious to their attacks, the heroes actually began to do a significant amount of damage to the Egg Dragoon, much to the evil doctor's dismay.

Robotnik: ARGH! You little PESTS! You're going to REGRET this!

The fight went on for quite some time, and after a while, the Egg Dragoon ended up getting severely damaged to the point where it was about to explode.


*An explosion occurs*

Sonic: Heh heh! Game over, Ro-butt-nik!

After the smoke cleared, Robotnik was on the ground, blackened up and with some of his clothes torn.

Robotnik: Ghhh… You fools are ALWAYS interfering with me!

Vector: Sorry, just part o' the job!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA… Now, Robotnik, fa all 'da times you've set me up, Ah'm gonna go ahead 'n blow ya freakin' brains out! *Points his gun*

Robotnik: W-Wait a minute, Nack! We can work something out here, can't we?

Nack: Too late! It's time ya've finally gotten what's comin' to ya!

Just as Nack pulled the trigger to deliver the final blow against Robotnik, the gun made a clicking sound, indicating that he was out of ammo.

Nack: Ah, crap! I ain't got no more bullets! Whadda 'bout you, Bean? Got anymore bombs ta use?

Bean: Nope, I used up my last one on that Egg Dragoon thing.

Scorch: Alright then. Looks like I'M going to have to finish him, which is fine by me! *Holds out the palm of her hand, and starts powering up a fire blast*

Robotnik: H-Hold on a second, Scorch! Do you REALLY want to go through with this!? I mean, after all… I'M the one who set you free! Remember?

Scorch: …

Yes, I remember all too well…but then you took advantage of me! Even after everything I've done for you, you intended kill me along with everyone else if you were to succeed in destroying Angel Island!

Robotnik: I-I was bluffing! I never met you any harm, Scorch! Honest! I mean, after all… You're a Goddess! I knew that a being of YOUR caliber would be powerful enough to survive something like that! The Death Egg III's laser cannon is powerful, but it still pales in comparison to the power that YOU possess!

Scorch: …

Robotnik: Yes, you're very powerful, indeed. However, there's only one thing that your power pales in comparison to, and that's…your beauty.

Scorch: … *Starts to blush a little* You…you really think so?

Robotnik: Why, yes, of course I do!

*Everyone else anime falls*

Vector: Oh, gimme a BREAK! You ain't buyin' any o' this crap, are ya!?

Sonic: Sheesh… Resorting to sucking up, Robotnik? I thought even YOU were above that. -__-;;

Splash: Yes, really, Scorch… It doesn't take much to see that he's lying.

Slush: Exactly. The guy's simply playing at your vanity to catch you off guard. Why don't you go ahead and kill him, already? If you won't, then I will.

Scorch: ...

Robotnik: Also, just to reiterate, Scorch, I'M the one who freed you from your many years of captivity within that gem! If it hadn't been for me, you'd still be trapped for another thousand years or so!

Scorch: I...I...

Suddenly, before anything else could be said or done, a black and gold-colored Metal Sonic look-alike warped in front of them.

Sonic: Metal Sonic!?

Espio: That's not the original; it's Metal Sonic Version 3.0, a carbon copy that was created by Dr. Nega.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Grabs Robotnik by the arm, and uses Chaos Control to warp away*

Sonic: Hey, get back here!

Suddenly, an alarm began to sound, and the place began to flash with a blinking red light.

Female Computer Voice: The Death Egg III's self-destruct sequence will begin in approximately five minutes.

Everyone: FIVE MINUTES!?


Wasting no time, the heroes took off at high speed, in an effort to escape the Death Egg III. Will they be able to make it out of there in five minutes, before they get caught in the explosion? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To "bee" continued…

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