Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems
Release Date
January 29, 2011

Last time on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and all the others took Tails' plane, the Blue Typhoon, in order to reach Dr. Robotnik's base, which was said to be above Angel Island, high into the sky. On their way to the airbase, they encountered swarms of Badniks and enemy airships, which they were able to defeat with ease. As the heroes entered the base, they got attacked by another swarm of Badniks, and that process continued after each room they advanced to. However, it soon came to an end, as Scorch angrily demanded Robotnik to show himself, in which he did. In exchange for Slush's safe return, Robotnik demanded the Master Emerald. Knuckles, knowing that the doctor intended to destroy his island, refused the offer, which caused Robotnik to take drastic measures.

He once again increased the temperature in the room that Slush was locked in; threatening to melt her if the Master Emerald wasn't within his grasp. Luckily, Splash was able to knock the remote control from his hand with a hydro blast, making it shortcircuit in the process. After that, Robotnik hastily fled the room, but the heroes chased him down. Although he got away, the heroes were able to come across the room that Slush was locked in, and freed her by busting the door down. Although Slush wanted to take part in their battle against Robotnik, she was unable to, due to the fact that she was weakened and on the verge of melting. However, Bark decided to take her back to the Ice Cap Zone to recuperate, and Tails volunteered to give them a ride to the Ice Cap Zone in his Blue Typhoon plane. Nack and Bean, on the other hand, decided to search around the base for the money that Robotnik owes them.

Now, all that's left is for the heroes to confront Dr. Robotnik atop the airbase, so they could challenge him to a final, epic showdown. Will they be able to thwart the doctor's plans once again? Or will Robotnik find some way to outsmart the heroes and succeed with his sinister goal to conquer the world? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power!

After going up the stairway, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the others went through a door and entered the rooftop to find Robotnik waiting for them inside of a large, mechanical dragon.

Robotnik: So, you finally made it! I must admit, that was a lot sooner than I expected…

Knuckles: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's go. I'm ready to get this over with.

Robotnik: As am I. *Looks toward Heavy and Bomb* Hmph, I should have figured that you two traitors would be showing your faces again. I know I've already said this before, but this time, you're going to pay DEARLY for the treason you've committed against me! Pay with your LIVES, that is!

Heavy: Ooh, I'm SO scared.

Scorch: Oh, please! You're one to talk about treachery after what YOU did!

Robotnik: Oh?

Scorch: While making your plans to blow up Floating Island, you intended to kill ME along with everyone else! How could you!? I would have done anything for you, Dr. Robotnik… Even at the cost of my own life! THAT'S how grateful I was after you released me! Despite all that, you STILL chose to stab me in the back! You took advantage of me… You used me, you manipulated me! Along with that, you almost got Slush killed! As long as I live, I'll NEVER forgive you for this!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… Oh, that's fine by me! Begging for YOUR forgiveness is one of the last things I'd EVER be caught dead doing! Now, enough of this small talk! You've all interfered with my plans for the LAST time! Now, prepare to meet your maker! It's time you've witnessed the TRUE power of a REAL evil genius! The "Egg Wyvern" should be MORE than enough to deal with you meddlesome pests once and for all!

Vector: You want some!? Well, come 'n' get it!

Scorch quickly flew into the air after the Egg Wyvern and surrounded her fist with fire, getting ready to punch it. Before she could do that, however, the Egg Wyvern quickly flapped its wings and created a gust of wind, blowing her backwards.

Scorch: UHHHHHH! *Crashes into a wall*

Splash: Scorch!

Knuckles: Why don't we all try attacking him at the same time, like we did before?

Heavy: What, so he could blow us into a wall, too? Yeah, that's real smart. Obviously, the direct approach isn't going to work. We're going to need another strategy.

Knuckles: …You know, Heavy, it wouldn't have killed you to say that WITHOUT the sarcasm!


As Robotnik opened the mouth of the Egg Wyvern to blow fire, everyone quickly spread out and managed to avoid the attack.

Robotnik: HAHAHA! Dodge THIS one if you can! *Makes the Egg Wyvern take a deep breath and blows an even larger fire blast at them*

Scorch: Oh, I don't think so! *Gets in front of everyone and starts absorbing the attack*

Knuckles: This gives me an idea! While he's busy blowing fire on her, he's leaving himself open for us to attack him! Now's our chance!

Heavy: Now THAT'S more like it. I knew you could think of a better strategy.

While the Robotnik was busy attacking Scorch, everyone else surrounded the Egg Wyvern and started attacking it. Unfortunately for them, their hits didn't seem to have any effect.

Vector: What 'da…!?

Charmy: Our attacks aren't working!?

Espio: What's going on!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's right, fools! I'll tell you what's going on: The Egg Wyvern was constructed with some of the toughest metal this planet has to offer! The Egg Wyvern's cockpit is being protected by this metal, so there's nothing you can do! Your puny little attacks don't faze me one bit!

Mighty: GRRR…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA! It looks like I've already won THIS battle! This is the day where I'll finally have you fools out of my hair for good! Then, I'll finally be free to conquer this world and build the Robotnik Empire! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Charmy: …

Umm, how could we be out of your hair when you don't even have any? Well, except for that really, REALLY big mustache!

Robotnik: ARGH! It's just a figure of speech! Now, enough of this ridiculous babble! It's time I've put you out of your misery once and for all!

Amy: Great, just great! NOW what are we supposed to do if our attacks don't work against him!?

Bomb: I have an idea. He needs to get close enough in order for me to pull this off, though.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Take… THIS!!!

After making the Egg Wyvern do an aerial backflip, Robotnik made it swoop towards everyone at high speed, trying to ram into them. Seeing the opportunity to put his plan into action, Bomb quickly jumped up and started clinging to the Egg Wyvern's face.

Robotnik: W-WHAT THE…!? What are you doing!? I can't see! What are you trying to do, you imbecile!? Make me crash!?

Bomb: Hee hee hee hee! That's an interesting idea, but no. I have something else in mind. It's guaranteed to have…"explosive" results, if you DO catch my drift! *Starts glowing*

Splash: W-What!? He's going to blow himself up!? But…won't he die if that happens?

Heavy: Whenever Bomb explodes, he has the ability to regenerate himself, so there's nothing to worry about.

Splash: Oh, I see.


As Bomb continued to cling to the Egg Wyvern, Robotnik flew around in circles, desperately trying to shake him off, but to no avail. Eventually, Bomb began to glow, and he exploded on the Egg Wyvern, breaking the protective armor off of the cockpit, and leaving it open for everyone else to attack.


Mighty: Nice one, Bomb! Alright, everyone! Now's our chance!

Now that the cockpit was no longer being guarded, everyone rushed towards the Egg Wyvern, and attacked it at the same time, dealing tons of damage to it in the process.

Sonic: HA! In your face! This is it, Ro-butt-nik! Prepare for another defeat!

Robotnik: GRRR… I haven't even BEGUN to get started yet, you spiny blue pest! I'm just getting warmed up!

Scorch: "Warmed up", you say? I'd say that "scorched" is more like it!

Knuckles: There you go again with the fire puns…

Robotnik: Try THIS on for size, fools!

Robotnik aimed used a crosshair to have them all locked on target, and then started firing missiles at them. Although they were able to dodge them, Robotnik still managed to destroy some of the foothold, leaving them with less space to avoid his attacks.

Vector: Ah, crud! 'Dis ain't good!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, for YOU, that is! It's rather convenient for me, however! Now, I'd LOVE to see how you're going to dodge THIS one!

The Egg Wyvern took another deep breath, but rather than blowing fire like before, it instead blew a cold, icy mist at the heroes, attempting to freeze them in blocks of ice as Slush did before. However, Scorch quickly countered it with a fire blast, causing Robotnik's ice beam to melt away.

Scorch: Surely, you could come up with something better than THAT, doctor? If not, then you're clearly not as smart as I once thought you were.

Robotnik: Insolent fool! You can't even BEGIN to comprehend MY pure genius! *Presses a button, opens the Egg Wyvern's mouth, and starts charging up a laser cannon* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Even if you DO manage to dodge this one, that STILL won't do you any good! If you make a move, it'll destroy the rest of the foothold and leave you all stuck in one spot, and you'll have nowhere else to run! Either way, you still lose! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! VICTORY IS MINE!

Mighty: Oh, great… It's one of THESE again. I don't have anything to clog his machine with this time!

Heavy: Maybe not, but I certainly do.

Just as Robotnik was getting ready to fire, Heavy aimed his arm into the air and launched his fist like a rocket, causing the Egg Wyvern's laser cannon to get jammed.


Before Robotnik had the chance to abort it, the Egg Wyvern exploded and broke into pieces, leaving the doctor on the ground, burnt and banged up from the explosion.

Charmy: Wow! I never knew you could do that, Heavy! That was really, REALLY cool!

Heavy: Thanks. *Reconnects it back to his arm*

Scorch: Now, Dr. Robotnik… This is it! *Holds out the palm of her hand and charges up a fire attack* PREPARE TO DI-

Before Scorch could finish her sentence, his head popped out with a spring attached, revealing the fact that the "Robotnik" they fought was nothing more than a fake.

Everyone: WHAT!?

Robotnik: *Through the speaker* HAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Once again, you fools have been tricked!

Vector: You've gotta be freakin' kiddin' me! Aftah all 'dis time, we find out 'dat it wasn't even 'da REAL Robotnik!?

Amy: Hmph! It's rather typical of him! He's such a coward!

Robotnik: While you fools were busy wasting your time fighting this decoy, I've been making preparations for the Death Egg III's launch! That, of course, includes taking the Master Emerald!

Knuckles: WHAT!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Getting through that security system of yours couldn't have been any easier! I didn't know the password to turn off the electro-magnetic barrier, so I simply decided to break it instead! It certainly did the trick!

Knuckles: GRRR…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There's nothing you could do now, other than sit back and watch, that is! Now, Knuckles, it's time to kiss your precious island goodbye! HAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shortly afterwards, a vibration occurred, and the Death Egg III began to launch.

Splash: NO! We've got to stop him!

Knuckles: Ugh, I really wish Tails would hurry up and get back here with that Blue Typhoon!

Charmy: Hey, look! There he is! *Points*

Knuckles: Well, THAT was convenient!

Tails: *Lands* We're back, you guys!

Slush: We're not too late, are we?

Espio: As it turns out, the "Robotnik" we've been fighting was nothing more than a decoy. A little while ago, the real Robotnik took the Master Emerald and headed into outer space with the Death Egg III!

Bark: Oh, that's just GREAT…

Tails: Don't worry; we'll catch him in no time! Oh, by the way… Look who we ran into on the way back. *Points to Tiara as she steps out of the Blue Typhoon*

Amy: Oh, it's HER.

Tiara: I'm not exactly thrilled to see YOU, either, you know.

Amy: Just stay away from MY Sonic, Boobowski!

Tiara: "Your" Sonic? Don't make me laugh. He doesn't even LIKE you.

Sonic: Oh, boy…

Amy: Yes, he does!

Tiara: No, he doesn't!

*They glare at one another, with electric coming from their eyes (like when anime characters get into arguments)*

Tikal: Hey, hey! Please settle down, okay, you two? There's no time for arguing! We have to go stop Dr. Robotnik before he destroys Angel Island and takes over the world!

Amy: …

Okay, fine.

Tiara: Yeah, whatever.

???: 'Ey! Don't take off widout us!

*They look in that direction and find Nack and Bean, carrying bags of money*

Scorch: So, you finally found the money that you were after?

Nack: Yep, now all 'dat's left is ta get revenge on Robotnik!

???: Don't leave without us, either.

*Shadow, Rouge, and Omega come through the door*

Rouge: Long time, no see, everyone. How've you been?

Charmy: Hey, Knuckles, look, it's your GIRLFRIEND. *Snickers*

Knuckles: You're NOT funny, okay, Charmy?

Espio: We're just fine, but the greetings will have to wait for the time being. Let's hop aboard the Blue Typhoon so we could go after Robotnik.

Shadow: Understood. Also, there's some more information we found while looking through the doctor's database, which I'm sure you'll want to hear. We'll tell you about it on the way.

Sonic: Okay. Let's blast through with Sonic speed!

Wasting no more time, everyone quickly entered the Blue Typhoon as it took off into space, chasing after the Death Egg III. Will they be able to stop Robotnik in time before he succeeds with his plot to destroy Angel Island and conquer the world? Also, what new information did Shadow, Rouge, and Omega uncover that's so important? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To "bee" continued…

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