Silver: Stage 1 - Devastation

Crisis City, Soleanna - September 14, X214, 8:12 PM UTC

The Ruined World of the Future - Sonic the Hedgehog OST

The Ruined World of the Future - Sonic the Hedgehog OST

A Devastated World

For over two hundred years, the world knew nothing but devastation and death. No one knew just how everything turned out the way it is now. Everytime he asked, they all gave him the same answer.

All there is to know lies within the flames, a grey-furred hedgehog with psychokinetic powers, Silver the Hedgehog, thought to himself as he hovered through the devastated city. At that moment, a small group of strange, demonic flying creatures zoomed towards the hedgehog at high speeds. Almost on instinct, Silver channeled psychokinetic energy onto his hand and launched a sharp, crescent-shaped projectile right towards the flying monsters, cutting them in half with a single blow.

“Damn these creatures...!” Silver cursed as he tightly clenched his fist. “When will this suffering end?!”

“There you are, Silver!” a female voice belonging to an orange-furred lioness with a dominantly-black cried out to the hedgehog, standing on the roof of a building a few feet below and away from him. “I’ve been all over the place trying to find you! You’re surprisingly hard to find, y’know?”

“Yeah, sorry about that, Solis. Anyway, what’s going on?” Silver asked the lioness as he hovered down to her.

“I’ve gotten reports of Iblis having resurrected,” the lioness, Solis Magna, replied. “I don’t know how powerful he is right now, but we should take him out before he can get any stronger.”

“Say no more, Solis. Lead the way!” Silver quickly responded as Solis quickly dashed off with the psychokinetic following close behind.

Silver continued to hover not far behind from Solis, keeping a close eye out for any Iblis-spawn that might come out and strike at any moment. Having to deal with Iblis itself was already problematic enough, but the smaller creatures born of the infernal behemoth, including the winged creatures that the hedgehog had cut down earlier, only made the situation even more catastrophic than it already was due to their sheer numbers. They were only at their most active and most dangerous when Iblis itself was around, however.

“All of us have been at this for two centuries, yet there’s still no end to this anywhere in sight,” the psychokinetic cursed to himself, still hovering behind Solis. “There has to be a way!”

“I hear you, Silver. I’m exhausted as well,” the lioness replied. “...but as long as we’re still kickin’, we can’t afford to lose hope! At the very least, we’ve gotta survive for as long as we possibly can.”

Silver struggled to find the words to respond to Solis’ reply. As it stood, there was no way they could end their struggle against the infernal entity; all they could do was keep fighting until they couldn't possibly fight any further. Just as he was lost in his thoughts, a small swarm of volcanic, quadrupedal monsters began rushing towards him and Solis!

“I got this!” Solis cried out as she began to form a blade made of heliokinetic energy on her hand - the Star-Blade, she had named it - before launching a series of flaming projectiles towards them with a few swings of the blade. “Hah! Bullseye.”

“Nice shot, Solis,” the psychokinetic hedgehog remarked on his comrade’s aim. “How far are we from Iblis, though?”

“We should be getting close by now,” the lioness answered. “If we make haste, we should be able to take him down quickly.”

“Then let’s move,” Silver concluded before flying off into the distance while Solis continued to sprint not too far behind.

Silver and Solis had finally made their way to the top of one of the city’s several skyscrapers, where the infernal creature had been reported to have risen once more. However, there seemed to be no sign of him... at least not yet.

“Where’s that monster, Solis?” the psychokinetic asked the heliokinetic, still on guard in the event that Iblis would inevitably arrive.

“I don’t know, but I can feel him getting close,” Solis answered just as a massive gout of flame fired upon the two, who barely managed to leap out of its path but were left with relatively-minor burn wounds in the process. They turned their direction upwards and saw that it was a large, four-armed behemoth with a body made from a large mass of magma only slightly taller than the skyscraper they were standing on.

“Good. He’s only in his Gigant form,” Silver remarked upon laying his eyes upon the infernal behemoth, Iblis, before hovering above the ground once more. “Let’s take him down while we still can!”

“Right behind ya, Silver!” Solis concurred with the psychokinetic, calling upon her Star-Blade once more as Iblis roared once more at the two, as if it had understood that they had come to fight him again.

Silver and Solis VS Iblis Gigant - The Beast in the Flames

Iblis - Sonic the Hedgehog OST

Iblis - Sonic the Hedgehog OST

VS Iblis Gigant

Silver channeled a large amount of psychic energy before letting loose with a large, crescent-shaped projectile towards the flaming behemoth, not dealing a whole lot of damage but making him flinch just slightly. In retaliation, Iblis grabbed a massive piece of debris before throwing it towards the two, only for Solis to cut it into smaller pieces with her Star-Blade, allowing Silver to grab them with his psychokinesis before tossing it back at the behemoth’s rocky shell.

However, the flaming creature cancelled the incoming attack out by expelling a barrage of flaming boulders out of itself. “What the hell?! Dammit, don’t tell me Iblis is actually getting smarter,” Silver cursed upon witnessing the flaming giant defend himself so easily before seeing that one of its arms was rocketing directly towards him, only for Solis to cut its hand off with a well-timed strike.

“Thanks for the save, Solis,” the psychokinetic spoke as the mass of magma that was one of Iblis’ hands landed on the ground behind the two while Solis gave him a quick thumbs up. However, the mass of magma then began to split into smaller pieces before turning into more Iblis-spawn.

“Damn it all, Iblis isn’t letting up, even in this weaker form,” Solis commented as she gripped her blade. “We can probably use this to our advantage, though.”

“I agree,” Silver replied to his comrade, who then quickly zipped towards one of the smaller, flaming creatures and struck it with her blade while the psychokinetic followed suite. Just as Solis had said earlier, however, Iblis was not letting up and continued his assault by expelling more flaming boulders at them!

Thinking quickly, Silver managed to telekinetically catch as many of the boulders headed his and Solis’ way as he could. Just as the Iblis-spawn promptly charged towards them to attack, he fended them off by launching some of the boulders their way, knocking them back a small distance, before tossing the rest back at Iblis! Upon impact, a few visible cracks could be seen on a portion of the flaming behemoth’s shell - no doubt, it was starting to become more vulnerable!

“Nice one, Silver!” Solis called out to the psychokinetic when one of the quadrupedal creatures leaped directly onto her and pinned her down, prompting her to try and wrestle it off of her. Seeing his friend in trouble, Silver immediately diverted his attention to the heliokinetic and fired off a burst of psychokinetic energy at the Iblis-spawn, the force of which blasted the hellish creature off of Solis and directly into the pool of lava below. “Thanks for the save. Guess we're even... again.”

Silver was about to reply but found himself knocked away by an incoming punch from the flaming giant that he had failed to see coming, leaving him temporarily incapacitated. “Silver! Damn you, Iblis... you’ll pay for that!” Solis cursed towards the behemoth before channeling heliokinetic energy onto her free hand before shooting a powerful beam of light directly at the cracked portion of its shell, destroying it and temporarily leaving it incapacitated in the process.

She then turned to the remaining Iblis-spawn and swiftly cut them to shreds with a few cutting projectiles from her Star-Blade before running toward the still-knocked out Silver. “Come on, buddy, don’t die you dare die on me,” the lioness spoke in a worried tone as she began to try and restore the injuries the hedgehog had sustained from the sudden blow with her powers.

Though it initially seemed that she wouldn’t be able to restore his strength, she was fortunately successful in healing the worst of Silver’s injuries and he soon woke up. “Ugh, I feel as if I got smashed into by a truck,” the psychokinetic commented as he sat upright before turning to the visibly-worried lioness. “Thanks, Solis. I owe you for that one.”

“Don’t mention it. We’re not quite through just yet though,” Solis replied as the two turned back to the flaming behemoth, who was now getting ready to attack again by throwing more pieces of debris at their general direction. Without another word, Silver immediately stepped forward and stopped the incoming piles of debris before tossing them all back at Iblis, causing more cracks to form in its shell. Solis then promptly channeled energy into her Star-Blade before letting loose with a series of ranged slashes aimed at the cracks, effectively causing the rest of its shell to fall off and leave it vulnerable for the final blow!

With a mighty rage, Iblis roared towards the two before unleashing a barrage of blows too erratic for either of the two to interrupt, forcing them to stay on the move. Soon enough, Iblis began to gradually slow his strikes down before following it with one last blow that would likely pack enough power to destroy the skyscraper they were standing on and, more importantly, themselves if they fail to stop it.

The two then glanced at and gave a firm nod at one another before Solis assumed a stance so as to maintain focus while channeling energy onto her blade. The flaming behemoth then launched its fist towards them with as much strength as it could muster, only for the lioness to swing her blade just as it was about to crash right onto them. The resulting collision forced Iblis to reel back, leaving him open for the final blow!

Now, Silver!” Solis called out to the grey hedgehog, who then hovered high into the air while channeling psychokinetic energy onto his hand before unleashing a noticeably larger projectile of psychic energy right at the behemoth’s forehead! Having been defeated once more, Iblis began to dissolve into the pool of lava below them.

“Well, we managed to take him down again,” Solis remarked shortly after the disappearance of the fiery monstrosity. “He was a lot tougher than I expected though.”

“Indeed. I hate to say it, but if we keep going on like this, then Iblis will destroy what little life remains sooner or later,” Silver agreed in a melancholic tone, lamenting on the meaningless victories they had achieved. “All of the fighting we’ve done until now would have been for nothing.”

Solis then approached her comrade and continued, “Don’t worry, Silver. We’ll think of something... it’s like I tell ya every now and then - hope is the last thing to die.”

“I know, Solis... but what the hell should we do then?” the grey hedgehog asked the lioness. “How do we destroy Iblis for good?!”

A deafening silence dominated the immediate surroundings of the two, as Solis was unable to provide a proper answer. The silence continued when another voice suddenly chimed in, “By learning the truth for yourselves, of course.”

The two promptly turn towards the direction where the voice had come from, revealing the one who had spoken to be a Mobian hedgehog not unlike Silver, though the other hedgehog had greyish-black fur with pale blue streaks on his spines and limbs, as well as equally pale skin, eyes with dull green irises and slit pupils, and a notable lack of a mouth on his muzzle. “As a flower is to a seed, or a chicken to an egg, so is this devastated world to the unleashing of Iblis; everything has its origin.”

“Already tried that. In case no one told you, we’ve already destroyed everything that could have been powering Iblis up,” Silver argued to the darker hedgehog. “As you can see, he still came back like nothing happened... in fact, he’s only getting stronger.”

“But none of those sources you speak of were how Iblis first came to be,” the other hedgehog argued back. “...but what if you could prevent this catastrophe from even occurring in the first place? That would likely do the trick, no...?”

Silver stood silent for a moment before turning to Solis, who simply shrugged as she herself had no real response. “If you're that sure about how to fix all this, then why don't you tell us who caused our world’s destruction!” the grey hedgehog then demanded the darker hedgehog, who wordlessly stared at them with a perpetually-blank expression.

-Silver: Stage 1 - End-

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