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Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why make another Sonic '06 adaptation when you've already done it before?" A couple of reasons: 1) I believe SA3:E has begun to show a bit of its age, as most earlier projects tend to do over time,  2) I'm kinda curious as to how I'd be able to write this story mostly on my own, and 3) the former project no longer exists on the wiki as of June 19, 2019 (roughly).

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Soleanna, also known as the City of Dawn, was celebrating its annual Festival of the Sun. This year was particularly special, however, as today was the day that Princess Elise Soleanna III, the only daughter of the late duke before Prince Friedrich Luminosa, her maternal uncle, would be crowned as Soleanna's new sovereign. However, things take a turn for the worse when a certain mad scientist enters the scene. Things only escalate quite greatly from there, as the fates of the Blue Blur, the Ultimate Life Form, and a denizen from two-hundred years hence soon become intertwined throughout the imminent crisis.

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Flames of Fate and Destined Dark

Prologue: A Dark Deal

White Acropolis, Soleanna - September 17, X014, 6:22 PM UTC

It was a cold night like any other at the snowy, mountainous region of the outskirts of Soleanna. Heavy snowstorms plagued the peaks, making it difficult for any normal person to traverse through the mountains without risk of death. Somewhere around those mountains stood a fortress guarded by mechanical, egg-shaped soldiers armed with blasters, among other weaponry, and other robots stationed at almost every possible corner.

Meanwhile, within the main laboratory of the fortress stood an all-too-familiar egg-shaped man in a stark red coat with two golden, square-shaped metal buttons on each side and his trademark large, brown mustache communicating with someone else via video transmission, although the other’s face could not be seen clearly.

“...and in exchange for my help, you will grant me the secrets to these so-called ‘Flames of Disaster’ and use them as I please. Am I correct?” a voice belonging to none other than the mad scientist known as Dr. Eggman questioned the individual on the other end of the transmission.

Indeed. With the true power of the flames under your control, combined with the grimoire you now hold, the world will be yours to command as you see fit for all time,” the distorted voice of the other individual responded curtly. “All I ask in return is that you leave Soleanna be once all is said and done.

“Of course,” the mad doctor responded with his trademark grin plastered on his face as he looked at the grimoire in question - a menacing though incredibly-ornate tome with a purple, oval-shaped gem at the very center of the cover. “When it comes to such deals, I am a man of my word.”

So, am I right to assume that we will proceed with the plan in two days time?” the distorted voice inquired in response.

“Ohohoho, we shall,” the mad doctor curtly replied with his trademark grin plastered on his face. “I just need to make proper preparations for my grand entrance.”

Sunlight Plaza, Soleanna - September 19, X014, 6:56 PM UTC

The Festival of the Sun. A grandiose event taking place annually in the dukedom of Soleanna. However, this year’s festival was particularly special, as it also so happened to coincide with the long-awaited crowning of Princess Elise Soleanna III, the only daughter of the late duke prior to the current ruler of Soleanna and her maternal uncle, Prince Friedrich Luminosa, from whom she will take his place.

Though she had made no efforts to show it, she vehemently dreaded the thought of having to lead people she believed didn’t deserve to be led by someone like her. It’s not that she thought herself as superior or above others, however; rather, it was the other way around - that is, she thought herself to be something that never should have happened. An accident. A mistake. An abomination. A failure.

However, despite all this, she had little choice in the matter due to being of royal blood. If she could, she would have let her uncle Friedrich keep the throne to himself at the first opportunity. What she would do after, however, was beyond her...

“Milady, it’s time,” a slightly deeper female voice called out to the princess. She then turned to see her bodyguard and childhood friend, Bianca Helios, a female Mobian sheep with arctic white fur, pale blonde hair, and piercing cerulean eyes donned in the typical uniform of the Soleanna Royal Guard. “We don’t want to keep your soon-to-be subjects waiting.”

“Of course, Bianca,” Elise replied, trying to fake a smile as she did so. “Let’s get going.”

As it was, she unfortunately had no choice but to shake off those thoughts - likely for the last time, however, as the ceremony was about to begin. She made her way to the podium on the boat, where she would stand and wave towards the people of Soleanna all throughout. This was going to be an exhausting evening...

-Prologue - End-

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