Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #3
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January 5, 2014
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When we last left off on the third Elements of Power Christmas Special, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes crossed into the Lunar Dimension in hopes of thwarting Dr. Nega’s latest scheme and rescuing Luna from his clutches. After dealing with the Badniks in the base and confronting the deranged doctor, he explained that his reason for capturing Luna and holding her for ransom was because of the emerald detector in his N.E.G.A. computer getting destroyed by her. He then added that rebuilding it would have taken hours to do, and capturing Luna to bait the heroes into bringing him the Lunar Emeralds was a quicker, more effective method of getting them. Afterwards, Nega told the heroes about the ancient power that sleeps within the Celestial Emerald, which happened to be an ice creature by the name of “Cryos”, which has been said to have thrown the Lunar Dimension into the depths of terror thousands of years ago before getting sealed.

After Nega was finished explaining his story, the heroes were getting ready to attack him, but ended up coming to an abrupt stop as soon as the doctor held a pair of scissors up to Luna’s card. Using an electrical generator, he began torturing the heroes, shocking them repeatedly in an effort to get them to surrender the Lunar Emeralds. Just when it seemed as if all hope was lost, Volcana, Stonia, Woodra, Electra, and Tornada, in a surprising act of mutiny, decided to go against Dr. Nega by coming to the heroes’ aid. Shortly after branding them as “traitors”, the sound of what appeared to be broken glass was heard from afar. Knowing that it was actually the sound of the Celestial Emerald breaking (due to its sealing power weakening over the years), Nega hurried down to the basement, shutting the entrance behind him with a steel door.

Shortly afterwards, Frostina noticed that Nega had accidentally left behind Luna’s card and the camera along with it, and pointed it out to Oceana, who promptly changed her friend back to normal. After Charmy pointed Luna in the direction of where Nega went, the latter angrily punched down the steel door, effectively allowing herself and the rest of the heroes to go through the stairway that leads to the basement. Immediately upon their arrival, Cryos began absorbing the broken pieces of the Celestial Emerald, undergoing a monstrous transformation in the process. As his size expanded, Nega’s fortress began to cave in, forcing the mad doctor and the heroes to retreat.

Now, the questions remain… Will they be able to escape from the fortress in time before it’s buried under frozen rubble? Will they have what it takes to contend with Cryos’ monstrous power, and put an end to his rampage before it begins? Find out in this exciting chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

*The heroes and Nega make it out of the basement just in time as it floods*

*Music Cue*

Silver: *Uses telekinesis to lift the steel door, and reseals the passage*

Nega Robotnik: *Stops after noticing the Ice Scepter* Ah, there it is!

Luna: Oh, no you don’t! *Grabs Nega by the arm*

Nega Robotnik: Hey! What do you think you’re doing!? Unhand me!

Luna: What, so you could control that creature and use it for your sick, twisted plans? I don’t think so!

Nega Robotnik: You don’t understand! Without that scepter-

*The ice water bursts the door down*

Charmy: Ahhhhh! It’s coming back!

Vector: Then whadda we waitin’ for!? Let’s scram!

*They run off*

Luna: *Does the same, while dragging Nega by the arm*

Nega Robotnik: NO! THE SCEPTER!

Meanwhile, at Tails’ Workshop in the Mystic Ruins

*Music Cue*

*Team Dark and the others enter*

Syndra: Hey, how’d you get here so fast?

Denomi: I entered this workshop via teleportation after detecting the presence of both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. It’s an ability that most robots of my kind possess.

Porkenstein: Speaking of which, would you and that Quattuor fellow happen to be related, by any chance?

Denomi: Yes. He and I share the same creator.

Porkenstein: Ah, I see. That would certainly explain the uncanny resemblance. Just out of curiosity, who is your creator, exactly?

Denomi: Well, you see, that’s a matter to be discussed another time.

Porkenstein: Very well then.

Shock: Let’s see… How do you work this machine, again?

Metal Sonic 3.0: It’s this button. *Presses it and generates a portal*

Shock: Ah, right. I’ll meet you guys there. *Zooms through the portal*

Storm: *Does the same*

*Everyone else goes through, as well*

Meanwhile, outside of Nega’s wrecked fortress…

Nega Robotnik: Curses, now the scepter’s been left behind and possibly destroyed, thanks to you and your careless actions!

Luna: First of all, you should be glad I even considered helping YOU to begin with! Secondly, you’ve already admitted that the scepter wasn’t truly created to seal the creature like you claimed, so why the hell should I care!?

Nega Robotnik: *Groans in annoyance* Ignorant fool… You just don’t get it, do you? Yes, I may have created the Scepter of Ice with the intention of controlling Cryos, but I’ve also added a sealing function as a last resort if, by some chance, I was unable to do so!

Luna: …Oh.

Nega Robotnik: Now, thanks to you and your sheer stupidity, I won’t be able to use Cryos’ powers for my plans, nor will there be an opportunity for him to be resealed! In short, you’ve ruined things for everyone on both sides!

Luna: Don’t you dare blame me, because this entire mess was YOUR fault in the first place!

*They “anime lightning glare” at one another*

Tornada: Listen, you two! No matter whose fault it may be, something still has to be done about this! Pointing fingers at one another isn’t going to solve the problem!

Everyone: …

Goldra: Um, wow. You KNOW something’s wrong when Tornada becomes the voice of reason.

Tornada: What’s THAT supposed to mean!?

*Music Cue*

*Cryos erupts from the roof of the building, transforming into a large dragon/serpent-like creature*

Cryos: *Growls loudly*

Charmy: WHOA! That thing is really, REALLY big!

Cryos: *Opens his mouth and launches an ice blast at the group*

Vector: LOOK OUT!!!

*They spread out and dodge*

Cryos: *Launches ice crystals at the group*

Silver: *Uses telekinesis to catch the crystals and starts throwing them back at Cryos*

Blaze: Firesoul Attack! *Fires*

*Everyone else attacks Cryos, as well*

Cryos: *Growls again as an explosion occurs*

Marine: Alright! I think ya did it, mates!

*The smoke clears shortly afterwards, and Cryos is nearly unfazed*

Vector: WHAT!? Oh, c’mon! Gimme a break!

Luna: We may need to use the Lunar Emeralds to transform. It’s the only way we’ll be able to counter the power of the Celestial Emerald!

Goldra: That’s something I already have, in addition to my elemental powers. I could obliterate that creature within an instant.

Stonia: Speaking of which, didn’t Julia say she was coming back with the Lunar Emeralds?

Oceana: Yes, but for some reason, she hasn’t returned yet…

Luna: That’s alright. We’ll just go look for her. It’s probably safe to assume that she isn’t too far from here. It’s either that, or the Astral Ruins, where her workshop is.

Volcana: In that case, the rest of the Goddesses and I will stay here and continue dealing with Cryos until you guys come back with Julia and the Lunar Emeralds.

Vector: Sure, no problem! C’mon, let’s get movin’!

*They leave*

Cryos: RAAAAGGH! *Opens its mouth and breathes another ice beam*

Volcana: It’s time to pack some serious heat! *Launches a flame blast to counter it*

*Silvra and Goldra do the same, while all the others Goddesses’ launch blasts of their own*

Elsewhere, off in the distance…

Julia: *Holding the seven Lunar Emeralds* It sure has gotten a lot chillier lately. What could possibly be going on? Whatever that is, it can’t be normal. I’m almost there… I just hope everyone will be able to hold out for just a little longer! *Looks ahead* Hmm? Hey, it’s them!

Tails: Julia, there you are! What took you so long?

Julia: Sorry about that. I had to go all the way back to my workshop in the Astral Ruins and haul all seven of these around. Trust me, holding all of them together is a lot harder than it looks. I don’t know how Luna does it! Speaking of which, did you guys manage to save her from Nega?

Luna: I don’t know, you tell me.

Julia: Oh! Heh heh heh! Sorry, there’s so many people over here, I didn’t notice. Do you guys still need these?

Blaze: Yes. It’s just as we suspected; Nega intended to unleash a monster all along. This time, it was an ice creature that was confined within the Celestial Emerald.

Julia: That definitely explains the sudden chilliness…

*Shadow and company approach the group shortly afterwards*

Julia: Hey, you guys! Finished taking care of business over at Robotnik’s, I take it?

Scorch: Yeah, we are.

Julia: Ah, okay. *Notices Metal Sonic 3.0* Oh! They were able to cure you of the virus?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, as you can see.

Julia: It’s great to have you back, Zero! I’m sorry I wasn’t around to help you that time…

Metal Sonic 3.0: Don’t worry about it. You’ve already helped me enough in the past.

Quattuor: …Whoa. He actually said something nice for a change? I’m surprised.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Notices Quattuor* …Whose idea was it to bring THIS trash along?

Quattuor: What did you say!?

Splash: Hey, hey! First of all, I was the one who invited him! Secondly, that was entirely uncalled-for!

Quattuor: *Notices Denomi* W-What!? You!? W-What’re you doing here!?

Denomi: Remember, Quattuor. I’m not the enemy, here.

Sonic: So, uh… What’s the history between you two, exactly?

Quattuor: …It’s a long story.

Denomi: Precisely. Defeating that creature is top priority. As the Doctor has stated, Nega will not be satisfied with simply using it to bring ruin to this particular dimension. If he is to succeed, then he will most likely do the same to all others, including our own world. Surely, this isn’t what you desire?

Quattuor: Well…no. It isn’t.

Denomi: I didn’t think so.

Quattuor: …

Splash: Actually, Dr. Nega’s on our side now…for the time being, at least.

Denomi: I see.

Amy: (A guy who looks like Quattuor with purple armor, long hair, and shades…) …! Omigawsh! Scorch, you did bring him after all!

Scorch: *Facepalm* (What have I done…?)

Amy: This is him, isn’t it? The one with the cute little stalker cru-

Scorch: *Covers her mouth* That was NOT what I said! Those were YOUR words!

Everyone: …

Denomi: (…I can certainly see where Septette gets her personality from.)

Tails: So, anyway… Now that we have the Lunar Emeralds, shouldn’t we go ahead and get powered up?

Knuckles: Sounds good to me.

*They use the power of the Lunar Emeralds to morph into their super forms*

Super Sonic: Alright! Let’s show that monster the REAL super power of teamwork!

Heavy: As always, the rest of us will be collecting rings around the island to help sustain your super forms.

Bomb: Good luck, you guys!

*They take off*

Again, at the scene of the battle…

*Music Cue*

Cryos: RAAAAAGGGGHHH! *Creates a blizzard*

*The Goddesses start resisting the current, while Nega has a much harder time doing so*

Nega Robotnik: Ghhhhh…! *Ends up getting blown away* IEEEEEEEE!!!

Volcana: Doctor N.!

*Someone or something suddenly zooms by and grabs Dr. Nega*

Nega Robotnik: Metal Blaze! It’s you!

Metal Blaze: Yes. I could not allow anything to happen to you, Doctor.

Nega Robotnik: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Metal Blaze: I am glad I was able to assist you. *Faces Cryos* This creature is Cryos, correct?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, but due to certain…circumstances, I am no longer able to control it at the moment. As such, my base has been completely wrecked! Cryos must be stopped at all costs! Will you assist everyone else in doing so?

Metal Blaze: Affirmative.

Volcana: Why don’t we all try attacking him with some more heat?

Silvra: Sounds good to me. *Charges up a fire blast*

Goldra: I have no objection to it. *Does the same*

Metal Blaze: *Same*

Seedra: Neither do I! *Charges up a solar attack*

Woodra: Ready and steady! *Does the same*

Electra: I may not have fire-based attacks, but I’m sure this’ll do just nicely! *Charges up a thunder attack*

Tornada: Dr. Nega, you really should find somewhere safe.

Stonia: I agree with Tornada. You might get yourself hurt.

Woodra: Yeah. Again, I’m sorry to say, but you might just get in the way.

*The others say something in agreement with that*

Nega Robotnik: Very well, but before I go-

*The super-powered heroes arrive, immediately heading into battle with Cryos*

Super Metal Sonic: …I still have a bone to pick with you.

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: As do I. You’ll pay through the eyes for infecting us with that virus!

Nega Robotnik: Infecting you with that wasn’t my intention! The Badniks were my target! You just happened to be within the base’s range at the time! Plus, I’m not the one you should be focused on, here. Why not focus your efforts on defeating Cryos? By doing so, you’ll be obtaining new data!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: …Very well. *Looks toward Metal Sonic* Don’t forget, you and I still have a score to settle when this is all over. *Flies off into battle*

Super Metal Sonic: *Does the same*

Cryos: *Swings his tail at the group*

*Knuckles, Mighty, Wechnia, Vector, Luna, Squash, Stonia, Silvra, and Goldra grab his tail before it comes in contact with any of them*

Cryos: …!?

Super Mighty: I guess it’s time we’ve taken you for a little spin!

*They rapidly swing him around in circles*

Cryos: *Growls*

*They toss him into the air shortly afterwards*

Super Sonic: Awesome job, you guys! Now this is where we step in!

Super Shadow: Yes, it’s time to unleash the ultimate power!

*They charge up, shoot toward Cryos, and use the Team Blast, attacking him repeatedly*

Cryos: *Growls again*

Super Tails: Alright, it’s working! Let’s keep it up, you guys!

*They attack Cryos some more, until they manage to shatter him into pieces*

Syndra: I think we did it, you guys!

Super Shadow: We shouldn’t let our guards down just yet. There’s a chance that he may very well still be alive.

*Suddenly, the ice particles float around and start forming together*

Super Shadow: Just as I thought… He’s able to regenerate.

Burning Blaze: Yes, this certainly seems familiar, doesn’t it?

*After the ice particles form back together, Cryos spins around like a tornado, heads in their direction, and gets them caught in it*

Everyone: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

*Seconds later, they get thrown out of it, causing them to lose rings in the process*

Super Espio: Our ring energy… It’s on the verge of depletion!

*Their super forms wear off*

Knuckles: Actually, I’d say we’re already there.

*Cryos morphs into a pterodactyl*

Cryos: *Screeches loudly*

*Everyone covers their ears*

Charmy: Ahhhh! That is really, REALLY loud!

Cryos: *Flaps his wings and starts swooping toward the group*

Shadow: Chaos Control!

*Cryos gets frozen in time*

Shadow: There. That should buy us some time until the others get back with the rings.

Sonic: Hey, here they come now!

Shadow: I see. How convenient.

Amy: We collected as much as we could. We hope it’s enough!

*They give them the rings, and they go super again*

Super Tails: Thanks, guys. We really appreciate it.

Cream: You’re welcome!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Electra: We’ll collect the rings this time. *Rubs Sonic’s face* Best of luck, handsome.

Amy & Tiara: WHY, YOU…!

Stonia: *Yanks her by the arm* Come on, there’s no time for that!

*The Goddesses take off, and the effects of Chaos Control wear off shortly afterwards*


Super Charmy: Uh oh, there he goes again!

Super Vector: A’ight, now’s the time to strike!

*They resume the battle*

Super Knuckles: *Surrounds his fists with fire* Take this! *Delivers a punching combo*

Cryos: *Growls in pain*

Super Knuckles: And there’s more where THAT came from! *Throws another punch*

Cryos: *Blocks it with one of his hangs/wings and uses the other to backhand him*

Super Knuckles: Uhhhhhh!

Super Vector: Knuckles!

Cryos: *Opens his mouth again and breathes another ice blast at the group, freezing them in the process*

Super Knuckles: W-What!? Oh, shoot!

Cryos: *Does the same to Knuckles*

Super Knuckles: Ghhhhh…!

*The blocks of ice fall to the ground*

Tiara: Ahhhh! Oh, no!

Amy: Quickly, we have to save them! *Takes out her hammer, runs toward the blocks, and starts chipping away at them*

Tiara: *Does the same with her jeweled staff*

*The other strike the blocks, as well*

Porkenstein: *Aims his Laser Bazooka, tries to fire it, but nothing happens but a clicking sound* Oh, blast it all! I must have used up the last of my ammo on those robots!

Denomi: This will be much more effective with Flame Mingo’s power. *Looks toward Quattuor* Don’t you agree?

Quattuor: Uh, yeah. Please stand back, you guys.

*They get out of the way as Quattuor and Denomi engulf themselves with fire and dash through the ice blocks, melt them and free the others*

Super Sonic: Whew, that was close! Thanks!

*The others say the same*

Quattuor: No problem.

Denomi: Don’t mention it.

*The Goddesses arrive with the rings shortly afterwards*

Cryos: *Hovers down in front of the group, giving them a “cold” stare*

Marine: Strewth… He’s sure lookin’ pretty mad, ain’t he?

Cryos: *Opens his mouth and starts charging up an ice beam*

Julia: U-Uh oh! That doesn’t look good!

Cryos: RAAAAAGGGGHH! *Fires at them*

Julia: H-Here it comes…!

Scorch: HAAAAAA! *Launches a flame blast to overpower it*

*Blaze, Metal Blaze, Volcana, Syndra, Silvra, and Goldra do the same, getting themselves in a beam struggle which lasts a few minutes*

Denomi: That creature’s a lot more powerful than anticipated, but unfortunately for him, he’s left himself wide open. While he’s busy firing that ice beam, the rest of us can take this opportunity to attack.

Super Knuckles: Good idea! Alright, you guys! It’s now our never!

Super Charmy: Alright! Time to rock and roll!

*They charge up their emerald power, while Quattuor and Denomi surround themselves with fire again*

Super Sonic: Alright! Let’s do this!

*Music Cue*

*They all dash in Cryos’ direction at light speed, crashing right through him*


*An explosion occurs*

Super Charmy: Alright! We did it, we did it!

Super Vector: Yep! All in a day’s work, boys…’n’ girls!

With all their combined efforts, the heroes have finally managed to defeat the deadly, destructive Cryos! Or have they? Find out next time on the exciting final chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…

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