Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2
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December 30, 2012
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When we last left off on the second Elements of Power Christmas Special, Metal Sonic Version 4.0, after revealing his plan to everyone and undergoing a monstrous "Overlord" transformation, took off into the skies. Using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company went after Four-Point Zero in order to engage the robotic beast in a final showdown, but not before being joined by PG-005/Goldra, the Goddess of All Elements, who agreed to fight alongside Silvra in order to make sure that she doesn't lose to anyone other than herself.

After having absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds, the battle wasn't nearly as one-sided as it was during the first round, where they were unable to inflict any damage on Metal Sonic 4.0. This time around, they were able to fight on even terms with the machine. After a long, grueling battle, Metal Sonic 4.0 eventually found himself defeated, and seemingly fell to his doom, thus putting an end to him and his nefarious scheme once and for all.

Now, the question remains… Has Metal Sonic 4.0 truly been defeated? Or could it be that he's still alive and well, meaning that their battle against him is far from over? Find out now, in the exciting conclusion of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

*Everyone descends back to the ground, and everyone who absorbed the power of the emeralds reverts back to their original forms*

*Music Cue*

Amy: Alright! You did it! Great job, you guys!

Marine: Yeah, mates! You all did a bonza job!

Porkenstein: Yes, quite splendid, indeed!

*Many others say something similar*

Sonic: Heh, thanks, guys!

Shadow: Hopefully, this is the last we've seen of Metal Sonic 4.0.

Metal Sonic: If not, then I'm determined to make sure that it stays that way.

Metal Sonic 3.0: As am I. *Starts walking away*

Cream: Um, Mr. 3.0? Do you mind if I ask you something?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Stops and looks back*

Mecha Amy: Why even bother? He doesn't feel as if "vermin" like us are worth speaking to, remember? Unless it involves talking down on us, then he's too good for it. *Glares at him with shifty eyes*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. *Looks toward Cream* What is it that you'd like to know?

Cream: Well, since you were the first one to notice, I was wondering… How did you know that wasn't really my mother?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I wasn't the first to catch onto it, Metal Blaze was. I ran into her while I was on my way to challenge Metal Sonic to a rematch. Shortly afterwards, I asked what she was doing in this dimension and time period, and from there, she elaborated on what was happening involving Four-Point Zero and his plan.

Metal Blaze: In case you're wondering how I've acquired that knowledge, it was because I was around to witness Metal Sonic Version 4.0 stealing Doctor Nega's copy chip. After I caught him, he attempted to coax me into joining him in his rebellion. Instead, I declined his offer, because I did not want to betray the Doctor.

Knuckles: I guess that explains it, but still… *Looks toward 3.0* Why couldn't you just tell us this in the first place? That way, you would've saved us a lot of time and trouble.

Syndra: That's the same thing I said!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Turns his back* I believe Mecha Amy has already answered that question.

Knuckles: WHAT!?

*Tons of people glare at Three-Point Zero*

Vector: Go ahead 'n' say it again! I dare ya!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Ignores him, turns on his jet booster and flies away*

Knuckles: Yeah, I thought so! You'd better run! *Waves his fist at him*

Vector: Yeah, ya stinkin' coward!

Porkenstein: Some things just never change, I suppose. I see he's still the same pretentious wanker he's always been.

Mecha Amy: Yeah, I know, right!? Ugh… Even up to this day, I cannot STAND that guy! He's SUCH an arrogant JERK!

*Other people say something similar*

Metal Blaze: Well, now that my work here is done, I believe it's time for me to go, as well.

Volcana: Hey, before you leave, Metal Blaze, tell me… How's Doctor N. doing? Has he gotten any better?

Metal Blaze: Yes. He has been taking the proper medication, and is on the verge of making a full recovery.

Silver: He's taking the "proper medication", you said? I'd sure HOPE so.

Blaze: Truer words have never been said.

Stonia: You said he's recovering? Okay, cool, we're glad to hear it.

Metal Blaze: *Flies off*

Luna: …You are?

Stonia: As pissed off as I was about that "dimensional invaders" lie he told us, I don't outright hate the guy.

Woodra: Neither do I, I tell you no lie.

Electra: Same here. After all, he IS the one who created us. What about you, Tornada?

Tornada: I don't hate him, either. Goldra?

Goldra: I had nothing against the guy at first, until he started threatening me with that shut-down switch.

Mecha Amy: Boy, do I know what you mean. I've been down THAT road before. Silvra has, too.

Silvra: …

Goldra: You know, speaking of which… *Looks toward Silvra* You and I still have a score to settle, remember?

Silvra: Fine then. Let's get this over with.

Vector: Now THIS outta be good. *Takes out his camcorder*

Charmy: Hee hee, it'd "outta bee good". Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: We most certainly do! *Giggles*

Seedra: Heh heh, yep!

Marine: Like I always say, those puns o' yours 'r' rippa, mate!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Silvra: I'm ready when you are, Goldra.

Goldra: I thought you'd never ask.

*They both surround their fists with fire, and begin charging toward one another*

Suddenly, just as the two "sisters" were closing in on one another, getting ready to land their hits, some metallic footsteps were heard nearby, along with electrical crackling noises.

*Music Cue*

???: HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Czzzzzt!*

*Everyone looks in that direction*

Everyone: METAL SONIC 4.0!?

*Music Cue*

Vector: Ya've gotta be freakin' kiddin' me!

Silver: He's still alive after all that!? No way!

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Czzzzzt!* This… *Czzzzzt!* …Isn't…the end… *Czzzzzt!* You…haven't won yet, fools… *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: How so? You're all tattered and worn-down, barely able to move. In other words, you're powerless against us now.


Mighty: What's so funny? Are we missing something, here?

Metal Sonic 4.0: That's right, fools… *Czzzzzt!* I still…have yet…to play my trump card… *Czzzzzt!*

Ray: …And what "trump card" would THAT be, huh?

Charmy: Yeah, what trump card would that BEE?

Ray: *Glares*

*A few other people do the same*

Charmy: Hee hee, sorry, couldn't resist.

Metal Sonic 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Czzzzzt!* You're about…to find out… NOW! *Releases a large field of telekinetic energy, constricting all of them of any movement*

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Metal Sonic 4.0: HAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Czzzzzt!* You…can't move now, can you?

Heavy]: Gee, what do YOU think, genius!?

Metal Sonic 4.0: I didn't think so! It's all…going according to plan! I may…not have as much power as I did...prior to the battle, since I'm… *Czzzzzt!* …On the verge…of power failure… *Czzzzzt!* …But I'll…never die alone! *Czzzzzt!* I'm…going to take…all of YOU with me!!!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Starts to glow*

Bomb: If…if I didn't know any better, I'd say he was gonna blow!

Metal Sonic 4.0: Yes, that's…that's correct! *Czzzzzt!* Deep within my body is a high-tech explosive device, which was developed solely for emergency situations such as this… *Czzzzzt!* It's comprised of radioactive energy, and contains immense destructive power… *Czzzzzt!* So much, that not even the Double-Oh-Fives will be able to survive it at THIS range! *Czzzzzt!*

Goldra: …!

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Glows even brighter*



*Many of them begin to freak out as the explosion spreads*

Shadow: Wait a minute… The Chaos Emeralds… *Notices them lying on the ground* They're still here! This gives me an idea! Chaos… CONTROL!

Just in time before the explosion spread in their direction, Shadow used the power of all seven of the Chaos Emeralds to successfully teleport himself and everyone else away from it, and onto safe ground.

*Music Cue*

Knuckles: Whew… That was too close for comfort!

Wechnia: Yes…literally.

Seedra: I feel so bad for those trees that got caught in the explosion…

Woodra: So do I, it's a shame they had to die…

Oceana: Yeah, it is kind of a shame that had to happen, but on the bright side, at least we were able to escape with our own. For a second, I wasn't sure we were gonna make it!

Luna: Same here. Good riddance to that hunk of junk!

Woodra: Yeah. I know I'm just reiterating what's already been said, but I hope he stays dead!

Frostina: Oh, Woodra, you always have such a way with words.

Seedra: Yeah, how DO you come up with all those rhymes, anyway?

Woodra: Well, it's just that lots of the things I've said just happen to pop up from the top of my head, and from there, I just go with the flow.

Goldra: *Starts walking away*

Silvra: Hey…

Goldra: *Turns around*

Silvra: Whatever happened to that fight you were going on about? Are we still gonna do this, or what?

Goldra: …

Something else has come up, so it looks as if our battle is going to have to wait another day. I would advise you to be prepared for when that time comes.

Silvra: …

Goldra: Now, with that said, my work here is done, so I bid you farewell for the time being. Enjoy your Christmas while you can, Silvra, for it may very well be your last. *Takes off*

Everyone: …

Stonia: I don't get it… Normally, Goldra would have jumped at the chance to fight with Silvra, right then and there. What's gotten into her all of a sudden?

Frostina: I think I might know. It was most likely because of that near-death experience we all just had, when we almost got caught in Four-Point Zero's radioactive explosion. Although Goldra wouldn't dare to admit it, she finally, for the first time, felt what it was like to truly fear for her life. I can't say I blame her, though. That was a pretty bone-chilling experience, after all. Something tells me she's going to be depressed about this for days…

Silvra: …

Vanilla: *Walks toward the group* So, how is everyone doing?

Vector: W-We're doin' just fine now, thank ya very much! ^^;

Charmy: *Snickers*

Marine: *Same*

Vector: *Glares at them*

Vanilla: Please listen, everyone… I would like to take the time to apologize for the unfortunate turn of events that's happened recently…

Cream: Aww, there's no need to apologize, Mother. It wasn't your fault.

Amy: Yeah. After all, you didn't have any way of knowing something like this would happen.

Porkenstein: Yes, quite so. If we're to place the blame on anyone for everything that's happened up until now, then it's that dreadful Four-Point Zero.

Silvra: That's right. Thankfully, we'll never have to worry about him again, since he's dead now.

Charmy: Uh oh, I just realized something…

Splash: What is it, Charmy?

Charmy: That really, REALLY good food that Metal Sonic 4.0 cooked for us when he was pretending to be Vanilla… WHAT IF IT WAS POISONED!?

*Everyone gasps*

Vector: Ahhhh! Holy crap, I didn't even think o' that!

Metal Sonic: I'm certain that wasn't the case. I highly doubt he would have gone through all the trouble of copying that data without anyone to test his new powers on.

Mighty: You know, that's a good point.

Vector: Well then, I guess we've got nothin' to worry about!

Vanilla: Speaking of which, everyone… Why don't we return to the house, so we could have a REAL Christmas gathering? Not only in celebration of the holiday season, but your victory over that 4.0 monster, as well.

Vector: Sounds good ta me! Whadda 'bout you guys?

*Just about everyone else says something similar*

Silvra: You guys go on ahead. I'll be right back. *Takes off*

Minutes later…

Goldra: …

Silvra: That didn't feel so good, did it?

Goldra: *Turns around* You… What are you talking about?

Silvra: I'm talking about what happened back there, with Metal Sonic 4.0's suicide attack.

Goldra: Yeah, what about it?

Silvra: You felt it, didn't you? You've finally experienced what it's like to actually fear for your life. Am I right?

Goldra: You must be joking! I didn't think for one second that anything was going to happen to me!

Silvra: I don't believe you. I saw that look of terror on your face; Frostina saw it, and I'm sure many others did, too.

Goldra: …

Silvra: Now that you've been in that situation yourself, I'm sure you must know that this is exactly how the people of Sparkling City felt when you attempted to destroy it. Maybe next time, you'll think twice before blowing up anymore cities.

Goldra: …

Okay, first of all, I may have expressed an interest in doing so, but I've never actually destroyed any cities besides the one in Dr. Nega's simulator. Secondly, is this all you came here for? If so, then quit wasting my time. *Starts walking away*

Silvra: Actually, Goldra, there's another reason why I came.

Goldra: *Stops* Alright, what is it?

Silvra: You may think this sounds strange coming from me, and even I can't believe I'm doing this, but… How would you like to come over for the Christmas gathering we're about to have?

Goldra: … *Turns around* Come again? You, of all people, are inviting me to something like this? Not that I'm complaining, but why?

Silvra: Well, not only is it a Christmas party, but as of now, it's also being held as a victory celebration for us, since we've defeated Four-Point Zero and everything. You took part in the battle and fought just as hard as we all did, so you have the right to be there, just like anyone else. Plus, I can't have my…"sister" being alone and depressed at a time like this now, can I?

Goldra: …

Silvra: Well, the offer's on the table. Whether you choose to accept it or decline, the decision is up to you.

Goldra: …

Well, alright, if you insist.

Silvra: Okay, great. Let's go back the way we came. *Begins walking off*

Goldra: Silvra…

Silvra: Hmm? *Turns around*

Goldra: You didn't hear this from me, but… Thank you. I'm very touched that you actually considered inviting me to that party, despite all the conflicts we've had in the past. You…really didn't have to do that, you know.

Silvra: Hey, don't mention it. (Wow, Frostina was right. She…truly has changed!)

Goldra: So, should we get going?

Silvra: Yeah, sure.

*They take off and head back to Vanilla's house*

Later on at the party…

Amy: *Approaches Shock and Big*

Shock: Now what do you want?

Amy: Well…

Shock: Oh, let me guess… You've come over here, because you're still under the impression that I'm trying to "steal" Sonic from you, right? Or perhaps you're going to accuse Big and I of faking our love for each other again?

Big: …

Amy: Well, actually, Shock; I've come to apologize to you, if that's alright.

Shock: …

You have?

Amy: Yeah. You see, I've finally learned the truth, and you really aren't interested in Sonic, after all. Since the two of you had been spending so much time together, I ended up getting the wrong idea about you two. So, basically, what I'm trying to say, is that I was wrong, and I'm very sorry for the way I've treated you all this time. Could you ever forgive me?

Shock: …

Too late, piss off.

Amy: Ooooh…! Well, fine! Be that way!

Shock: HAHAHAHAHA! Hey, relax, I'm just kidding!

Amy: Oh, you are?

Shock: Yeah. As unexpected as it was, I'm pretty glad that you took the time to do this. I accept your apology, Amy. After all, we actually used to get along to some degree before all this started.

Amy: Ah, yeah, that is true, now that I think about it.

Shock: Amy, here's a little piece of advice, from one friend to another. You and Tiara… The two of you are seriously driving Sonic away with all of your constant fighting and arguing over him; and not to mention acting extremely possessive, flipping out on just about any girl who so much as faces his direction. If you want to have any kind of relationship with Sonic at all, why not give him some space, and learn to trust him? I don't think he's ever given you a reason not to. Am I right?

Amy: …

Well, yeah, I guess you're right. I'll try to keep that in mind. Thanks, Shock.

Shock: Don't mention it.

*They hug*

A little while later…

Amy: Boobowski?

Tiara: What is it?

Amy: You and I…we used to be friends sometime ago, didn't we?

Tiara: Yeah, so?

Amy: Well, I just want you to know… If, by some chance, you ever decide to give up on chasing Sonic, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones, if that's okay with you.

Tiara: Sure, that's fine with me. If you ever happen to give up on Sonic, yourself, then I'm also willing to do the same.

Amy: Okay. So, did you ever find out who that "other girl" was that's after Sonic?

Tiara: Besides Electra, you mean?

Amy: Yeah. You know, the one that Charmy mentioned to you some time ago? That was many months before Electra came into the picture.

Tiara: Ah, right, I've almost forgotten all about that. Sadly, even up to this day, I still don't have a clue who he was talking about. If anybody around here does know, then I highly doubt they'd tell us about it, so I guess it's up to us to find out who it is. What do you say we call a truce, and not do anymore arguing until then?

Amy: Sounds good. I'm sure that with my invisibility powers, I'll be able to find something eventually. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I do, okay?

Tiara: Alright, sure.

Amy: For the time being, there's something else I've been meaning to do. That "something else" is turning my focus back to bringing couples together, like I did for Silver and Blaze a while back. Now that I've got them out of the way, the ones that are next on my list are Ray and Seedra, Silvra and Wechnia, and Espio and Honey, too.

Tiara: Ah, okay. I'm assuming you have some kind of plan for this?

Amy: Yeah. Once they're alone, I'll turn invisible and follow them without them noticing, and then I'll place a mistletoe between them to set up the mood. It's just bound to work, I just know it is!

Tiara: If you say so.

Amy: Now, I wonder where I'm gonna find one? *Looks around and spots Electra holding one between herself and Sonic* Looks like I just found my answer. *Starts marching over to them*

Sonic: *Backing away from her*

Electra: Aww, what's the matter, sugar? Like I told you before, I don't bite…

Amy: *Snatches the mistletoe away from her*

Electra: Hey!

Sonic: Oh, boy… Here we go…

Amy: I'll be borrowing THIS for a moment, thank you. *Walks away*

Electra: …

Sonic: …?

Little ways from there…

Amy: Now, who should I use it on first? Hmm…

A few minutes later…

*Espio and Honey are seen walking away*

Amy: Oh, come on, you guys! It's a tradition!

*The same thing ends up happening with Silvra and Wechnia minutes later*

Amy: Aww, you guys are no fun!

Scorch: *Walks by* Oh, there you are, Amy!

Amy: Hi, Scorch! You were looking for me, you said?

Scorch: Yeah. There's something I wanted to give you as thanks for getting me out of that jam a while ago. You know, the time you let me stay with you when Dr. Robotnik and I had our…disagreement? *Holds out a giftwrapped box*

Amy: *Takes the gift and opens it* Aww, thanks, you shouldn't have!

Scorch: No problem. *Notices the mistletoe* You're…not gonna put me under there with anybody, are you?

Amy: No, not at all. However, if that guy you told me about before was here, then it would probably be another story.

Scorch: What guy?

Amy: You know, the one with the cute little stalker crush on you?

Scorch: H-Hey! I already told you, it's nothing like that! Our relationship is strictly professional!

Amy: Aww, there's no use in trying to hide it! How else would Syndra have-

Scorch: He's a robot, okay? There's no way he could possibly be Syndra's…ancestral father, if that's what you're trying to suggest!

Amy: Oh! Well, why didn't you say so?

Tiara: *Taps Amy on the shoulder, and points her out to Ray and Seedra, who are going outside*

Amy: Ah, I can't believe I almost forgot about those two! They're at the very top of my "Couples to Get Together" list!

Tiara: Two out of three of your plans have failed so far. Are you sure you'll be able to pull this one off?

Amy: I'm sure I'll manage. Oh, and by the way, Scorch, I have a gift for you, too. It's right in the other room, where the Christmas tree is.

Scorch: Ah, okay, thanks.

Amy: You're most welcome.

A little while later…

Amy: *Sneaks up on Ray and Seedra while invisible, and places the mistletoe between them*

Seedra: H-Huh!?

Ray: Where did that-

*Before Ray manages to finish his sentence, Charmy and Marine are seen rushing out the door, getting chased by Knuckles, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, and Vector*

Charmy & Marine: AAAAAAHH!!!


*Ray, Seedra, and Amy sweatdrop*

Seedra: …I'm guessing whatever "photos" they're talking about, were ones that Charmy and Marine took of them while they were alone.

Ray: Why am I not surprised?

Seedra: So, um… Where were we, before all of this?

Amy: (WHAT!? OH, COME ON! I was THIS close to getting those two together! They had to pick NOW of all times to do this!? Ooh, they just went and ruined every-… Oh! Oh, my gosh! I was almost sure they'd just walk away like the others did, but…they're actually doing it! I finally got those two together, after all this time! I was right all along about them having feelings for one another! Awww, they're SO cyuuuuute!)

With Metal Sonic Version 4.0 having been successfully defeated, his dark ambitions for galactic domination were never realized. With him out of the picture, Knuckles, the Chaotix, the Elemental Goddesses, and the rest of the heroes were able to have a moment of peace and prosperity, and resume, or rather, have a true Christmas gathering, in celebration of the holiday season and their hard-earned victory over the monstrous machine. Even though the world, as well as the entire universe, is safe from Metal Sonic 4.0's evil grasp, that doesn't mean that there isn't another threat lurking in the shadows somewhere. What new adventures await our heroes in the future? Find out as the Elements of Power saga continues!


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