Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2
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December 26, 2012
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Last time, on Christmas Special #2, Team Dark, after being informed of the situation by Scorch, suddenly burst into Vanilla's house as everyone was continuing the Christmas gathering. After Shadow and company arrived, they, too, began accusing "Vanilla" of being an impostor, just as Metal Sonic Version 3.0 had done prior to that moment. Not only did they accuse the person in question of being a fake, but they also had evidence to back up their claim. That "evidence", of course, was the real Vanilla, who came to the house with them. Now that the real one had shown up after being rescued, "Vanilla" no longer saw a point to continuing that charade, and revealed his true self. The identity of the impostor was none other than Dr. Nega's creation, Metal Sonic Version 4.0.

After revealing himself, he then explained to the heroes that it was in fact he who orchestrated the Christmas gathering, and not Vanilla. According to himself, there was a copy chip that Dr. Nega invented, which not only allows the user to copy one's appearance and abilities, but also their thoughts and memories. Metal Sonic 4.0 then went into more detail, stating that he put on that elaborate charade as a means of getting everyone in the same area, so that he could obtain their data to further his powers. Not only that, but he also revealed that he had plans on conquering the planet, as well as the entire universe.

When Four-Point Zero was finally finished explaining himself, he quickly declared that the heroes have "served [their] purpose", and that he no longer had any use for them. As such, Metal Sonic 4.0 opted to dispose of the group. Using all the data he's obtained from them, he underwent a monstrous "Overlord" transformation, just as the other two Metal Sonics have in the past. When his transformation was finished, the heroes engaged him in battle, but unfortunately for them, they were unable to inflict any damage on the metallic beast. After mocking them, Metal Sonic 4.0 began charging up a beam that was meant to finish them off, but before he could fire it, he was suddenly frozen in time via Chaos Control.

As it turns out, Metal Sonic 3.0 and his "sister", Metal Blaze were the ones responsible, as they had six of the seven Chaos Emeralds in their possession, which they brought to the group. Although they were unable to find the seventh, Shadow revealed that he was the one who had it with him all along. With all seven emeralds together, the heroes decided to use them to transform and undergo "super" transformations in order to combat Metal Sonic 4.0.

Now, the question remains… Even with the power of the emeralds, will they have what it takes to put a stop to Metal Sonic 4.0 and his monstrous power, and stop his sinister plans from going any further, and coming to fruition? Find out in this exciting second-to-last chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

*The effects of Chaos Control wear off, and Four-Point Zero unfreezes*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Wait, what just- *Notices Metal Sonic 3.0* Oh, look. Obsolete pest number two has decided to show himself again. Ah, and Metal Blaze, as well? I'll take it that Doctor Nega sent you to retrieve the chip I've stolen? HAHAHAHAHAHA… Well, you're too late!

Hmm, what's this? Are those…the Chaos Emeralds? Interesting… Now we shall truly see which of us is more powerful! *Flaps his wings, and hovers into the air* Let's take this one into the skies, what do you say? Follow me, if you dare! HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Flies off*

Vector: A'ight, you heard 'im! C'mon, let's go ahead 'n' get powa'd up!

Shortly after Metal Sonic 4.0 took off into the skies, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Team Dark, Silver, Blaze, both Metal Sonics, Metal Blaze, and Luna began using the power of the seven emeralds to transform. As the emeralds encircled everyone, a blinding white glow of light occurred, and after it faded, all of them were in their "super" forms.

Heavy: So, you're all powered up…excellent. As always, the rest of us will be down here, collecting rings to fuel your super forms whenever you need it.

Super Knuckles: Alright, thanks. We'll keep that in mind.

???: Silvra… So you are here, after all!

*They look in the direction of the voice*

Everyone: Goldra!?

Goldra: That's my name, don't wear it out.

Frostina: Oh, so you were able to make it, after all!

Goldra: I suppose so.

Silvra: *Glares* What are YOU doing here!?

Goldra: Aww, is that how you greet your sister after so long?

Silvra: …I've already told you before: You are NO sister of mine!

Goldra: Very well then. Anyway, you wanted to know why I've come, right? Isn't it obvious? To even our score, of course!

Silvra: Well, you're going to have to wait in line, because I don't have time for you right now. I'm busy dealing with someone else.

Goldra: Is that so? Well, in that case, I'll go ahead and lend you a hand.

Silvra: …

Wait, what?

Goldra: I can't have you losing to anyone else now, can I? So, just this once, I'll be fighting by your side.

Silvra: …

Uh, okay. Thanks, I guess?

Goldra: Don't get the wrong idea, though. The moment this battle's over, you're next! Don't forget it!

Silvra: That's fine with me. I'll be looking forward to it.

Goldra: Then it's settled.

Super Sonic: Okay, now that we've got that cleared up, let's blast through with sonic speed!

Cream: Good luck, everyone!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

*The others say something similar, and then all the emerald-powered heroes, plus both sets of Goddesses, shoot up into the sky, where Metal Sonic 4.0 is waiting*

*Music Cue*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Hmm hmm hmm… So, you've come. Let's resume, shall we?

Super Sonic: That's fine with us, faker!

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Fires the large, psychic energy beam that he was charging up before*

*They spread out, dodge the attack, and start charging toward him*

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHA… Yes, that's right! Come and meet your destruction! *Gets ready to swing his tail again*

Before Metal Sonic 4.0 had a chance to attack, the heroes, as they were flying towards him, charged up their emerald power, and used the Team Blast, attacking Four-Point Zero repeatedly, until the core on his chest was exposed.

Metal Overlord 4.0: UHHHHHHHH! *Czzzzt!*

Super Knuckles: Yeah, it's working! Now all we have to do is keep that up!

Metal Overlord 4.0: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* You may have gotten in a few lucky blows, but this is far from over! I have yet to show you the true extent of my power!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: The core on his chest has been exposed… That's his weakness!

Super Shadow: I see. In that case, why don't we use our special attacks on this one?

Metal Overlord 4.0: You're welcome to try if you'd like, but it'll be nothing more than an exercise in futility!

Super Metal Sonic: We shall see.

*They all use their special attacks, ranging from the Sonic Wind, Thunder Arrow, Chaos Spear, etc. and a huge explosion occurs shortly afterwards*

Super Charmy: Alright! I think we did it, you guys!

Super Shadow: Although we may have done a significant amount of damage to him, I don't think we should let our guards down just yet.

*Suddenly, some gusts of wind begin to blow, and the smoke clears, revealing that Metal Sonic 4.0 is completely unharmed*

Everyone: WHAT!?

Super Vector: Are you freakin' kiddin' me!?

Woodra: Yeah, I thought for sure that we were attacking the core!

Metal Overlord 4.0: What, you didn't notice? *Points to it* Thanks to the data I've obtained from Silver, I was able to surround it with a psychic barrier, thus rendering your attacks useless!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: *Clenches his fist in anger*

Super Silver: Geez… Why's everyone always copying MY power!?

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Metal Overlord 4.0: Now, I'm going to crush you all and throw you into the wind…literally!

Super Knuckles: Go right ahead! Give it your best shot!

Using that data that he's obtained from Storm and Tornada, Metal Sonic 4.0 began summoning more gusts of wind. This time, however, he sent a large twister in everyone's direction, getting them all caught in it.

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, that's right! Witness my power, fools!

*A few seconds later, the tornado disappears*

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHA… Wait, what!?

Storm: *Points to the Wind Element Gem on her forehead* It's all thanks to the power of the Wind Element Gem. If you truly think something like that would work on Wind Goddesses such as Tornada and I, you are sadly mistaken!

Tornada: Wait, I thought you were the Wind Goddess, and I was the Air Goddess?

Everyone: …

*Just about everybody facepalms*

Storm: …They're the same thing!

Tornada: Oh, right, okay!

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Starts charging up another beam*

Super Espio: *Looks toward Silver* He said he's using one of your abilities, correct? Do you know whether or not it's possible for us to pierce through that barrier?

Super Silver: Yeah, it's possible. The psy-barrier doesn't last forever. As long as it continues to take damage, then it'll eventually wear down and disappear.

Super Knuckles: Then in that case, why don't we all try attacking it together at once?

Super Mighty: Sounds good to me!

So then, the heroes all flew towards Four-Point Zero, and started attacking the barrier repeatedly, until it eventually disappeared from around the core. Unfortunately for them, however, Metal Sonic 4.0 was finished charging up his beam, and before Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company had a chance to do anything, they ended up getting blasted away at close range, effectively draining their ring energy in the process.

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Streches his tail, and swings it at them again*

*Knuckles, Mighty, Wechnia, Luna, Squash, Stonia, Silvra, and Goldra grab it before it comes in contact with them*

Metal Overlord 4.0: WHAT!?

After grabbing hold of his tail, the eight of them swung Four-Point Zero around in circles. After building up enough momentum, they all hurled him away, sending the gigantic machine flying over the horizon.


Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! That certainly gave me a feeling of déjà vu! How about you, Three-Point Zero?

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: *Glares*

Super Tails: Our ring energy is almost depleted, you guys… Something tells me that Four-Point Zero is gonna be back, so I think we'd better go get ourselves some more rings before he returns!

Super Sonic: Good idea! I'm pretty sure Amy and the others have collected enough of them by now, so let's go grab 'em while we have the chance!

Scorch: While you guys are collecting rings, the rest of us will keep Metal Sonic 4.0 busy when he returns.

Syndra: Yeah. You can count on us!

Super Sonic: Okay, thanks!

Electra: Anything for you, sugar. *Winks*

*Everyone else goes to collect rings, while the Goddesses stay*

Stonia: Geez, Electra. You pick some of the worst possible times for flirting.

Electra: How so? Metal Sonic 4.0 isn't here yet now, is he?

*A suddenly flash of light occurs as Metal Sonic 4.0 Chaos Controls his way back*

Electra: …I guess I spoke too soon.

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Aims his fingers at them, and rapidly fires like a machine gun*

Syndra: Look out!

*They dodge, and rapidly fire back at him, as well, with some of their blasts hitting the core*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Uhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!*

Shock: There's plenty more where THAT came from! HAAAAAA! *Fires a large electric wave at him*

Electra: HAAAAA! *Does the same*

*The other Goddesses do the same, but with their respective elements*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Chaos Control! *Teleports away*

Tornada: Huh!? Where did he go!?

Goldra: HAHAHAHAHA… Isn't it obvious? Something tells me he finally realized what he was up against, and decided to turn tail and run.

Everyone: …

Silvra: Oh, you are SO full of yourself.

Immediately after noticing this, the Goddesses managed to avoid Four-Point Zero's attack just in time. When they got enough distance, they began charging toward Metal Sonic 4.0 in order to attack his core again, but he stopped them via telekinesis.

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have you all right where I-

*Four-Point Zero is suddenly attacked with the Team Blast again before he has the chance to finish his sentence, freezing the Goddesses from his telekinetic grip in the process*

Metal Overlord 4.0: ARGH! *Czzzzzt!*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Oh, I'm sorry, what were you saying?

Metal Overlord 4.0: Go ahead and make a mockery out of me while you still have the opportunity… Yes, relish in this brief moment of pride, for it shall be your last! *Looks toward the Chaotix and company, who've returned with more rings (and were responsible for attacking him seconds ago)* The same applies to all of you, including those two obsolete pests! *Glares at Metal Sonic and 3.0*

Super Metal Sonic: I won't allow you to rise again, Four-Point Zero…

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: This time, your demise will be permanent!

Metal Overlord 4.0: We shall see. *Starts charging up again*

Super Charmy: Uh oh… Something tells me he's about to fire something really, REALLY big at us!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: Ooh, really? You think?

Super Charmy: Hey! I already get enough of that from Heavy, you know!

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Continues charging* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This next attack is bound to obliterate you… Every single one of you! So, if you have any last words, you'd best say them now!

Super Vector: Go ahead 'n' try it! We could take on anything ya have!

A few minutes later…

Metal Overlord 4.0: The charge is complete! Just to inform you all ahead of time, even if you do manage to dodge this one, you'll still die anyway, for this planet will be going up in smoke!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Super Vector: Are you outta your freakin' mind!? Didn't you say before that 'cha wanted ta take ovah the planet!? How're ya gonna do that if there IS no planet!?

Metal Overlord 4.0: As I've stated before, my goal was universal domination. Wiping one planet off the face of the galaxy is a small price to pay in order to achieve this!

Burning Blaze: That's not going to happen! We'll make sure of that!

Metal Overlord 4.0: Or so you say… Now, enough of this prattle! All of you, prepare to die! Chaos… BLAST!!! *Fires one at the group that's larger than a normal one*

Super Shadow: What the…!?

Super Sonic: Uh oh! I don't think he's bluffing! If we let THAT hit the ground, then we could kiss this planet goodbye!

*Everyone groups together, putting their hands on the beam in an attempt to block and/or deflect it back*

Super Knuckles: Ghhhh…!

Woodra: Seedra, let's make him cower before our solar power, eh? What do you say?

Seedra: Sounds good to me, but the sun isn't out right now. I'm still not entirely sure how I managed to pull that off last year, while we were fighting the Ifrit

Scorch: It must have been because of the energy that the Sol Emeralds were giving off. It's either that, or it was because of my own fire powers. If it's the latter, then maybe Volcana, Syndra, and I could try cranking up the heat, and that way, the two of you will be able to tap into your solar power.

Volcana: Ah, so basically, what you're saying is that our powers are gonna be used as a sort of substitute for the sun?

Scorch: Exactly.

Seedra: Hey, that's not a bad idea! Are you ready, Woodra?

Woodra: Ready and steady!

*Scorch, Volcana, and Syndra start charging up their fire power, while Seedra and Woodra begin charging up their solar energy*

A little while later…

*It gets to the point where they've begun to overpower 4.0's Chaos Blast*

Metal Overlord 4.0: WHAT!?

After getting close enough to him, the heroes attacked Metal Sonic 4.0 with another Team Blast, but this time, they went right through his stomach, just as they did to the Ifrit a year ago.


Syndra: Alright, now it's time to finish this!

*Music Cue*

Scorch, Volcana, and Syndra: NOVA STAR POWERRRR!!!

Splash & Oceana: AQUA STAR POWERRRR!!!

Slush & Frostina: ARCTIC STAR POWERRRR!!!

Squash & Stonia: GEO STAR POWERRRR!!!

Seedra & Woodra: SOLAR STAR POWERRRR!!!


Storm & Tornada: AERO STAR POWERRRR!!!

Silvra & Goldra: MULTI-STAR POWERRRR!!!

*The blasts all collide with one another as they head towards Four-Point Zero and blast him, creating a huge explosion in the process*

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Czzzzzt!* Ghhhhhh…! Im-Impossible! *Czzzzzt!*Unthinkable! *Czzzzzt!* How could I have… *Czzzzzt!* …Possibly lost to the lowly likes of them, after having obtained all this data!? *Czzzzzt!* I am… Metal Sonic Version 4.0, the ultimate combat robot! *Czzzzt!* I am the supreme overlord, the ultimate, unrivaled power in the universe!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

*Another explosion occurs as he falls*

Super Sonic: Too bad it's all over… FOR YOU!


Super Vector: Yep, all in a day's work, boys…'n' girls.

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: "The ultimate, unrivaled power in the universe"… Don't make me laugh.

Goldra: My thoughts exactly. He clearly didn't have any idea who or what he was up against.

Despite having masterminded that entire plan, from capturing Vanilla, impersonating her, and hosting a false Christmas gathering in hopes of stealing everyone's data, Metal Sonic Version 4.0's ambitions were never realized, and was permanently laid to rest…or has he? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in the final chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

To "bee" continued…

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