Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos
Release Date
August 13, 2011

When we last left off on Elemental Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company finished their battle against Dr. Nega, and managed to stop the deranged doctor's efforts to destroy the planet. After thanking Dr. Robotnik for his assistance, he promptly scoffed at the group, saying that his only reason for doing so is because he would not be able to conquer the world if it's destroyed. After swearing that they'll be enemies again during their next encounter, the doctor decided to head back to his base, with the Fire, Lighting, and Wind Goddesses, Scorch, EG-003/Shock and EG-004/Storm following him shortly afterwards.

Shortly afterwards, it was soon revealed that Dr. Nega survived the Egg Galaxia's explosion. Since he was floating in the vacuum of space, unable to breathe, he pleaded with the heroes to help him, which fell on deaf ears with most of the heroes. Mighty and Splash, being as kind-hearted as they are, felt as if they couldn't bear to leave anyone behind to die if they're asking for help, no matter how evil they may be. As such, everyone else reluctantly agreed to help Nega and bring him with them to Tails' Workshop, with the condition that he returns to the Station Square Mental Asylum.

However, the moment the opportunity presented itself, Dr. Nega quickly turned on the heroes, scoffing at them for being "soft and naive". Just as he was about to use his dimensional camera to trap the heroes, he was unable to do so, as he had apparently forgotten to change the film cartridge. The now-defenseless doctor had no choice but to flee, with the heroes promptly giving chase. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to get very far, as Silver stopped him via telekinesis. Since he was unable to keep that up during the wait for the asylum truck to arrive, the Leaf Goddess, EG-002/Seedra, decided to tangle him up until then.

Sometime after Nega was finally taken back, Shadow the Hedgehog, after hearing Espio mention the Chaotic Inferno Zone, decided to bring the Scepter of Darkness to the Mystic Haunt Zone, which contains a portal to the former. Shadow proceeded to toss the scepter through the portal, and used the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to place a seal on the door in order to ensure that Mephiles the Dark never returns to terrorize the universe again.

Now, there are two questions that remain. What has become of Metal Sonic's battle against his doppelganger, Metal Sonic Version 3.0? With the hint that Dr. Nega has provided Dr. Robotnik, how much time is left until he finds out the truth? Find out on this exciting, final chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Elsewhere, at the Mystic Ruins jungle, Metal Sonic's battle with his doppelganger, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 has finally come to an end, with the original emerging victorious.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Errrgh… *Czzzzzt!* H-How… How could I have lost… again!? *Czzzzzt!* I was created… To be the ultimate machine… *Czzzzt!* One that was…far more advanced… One that…exceeded the original… In every respect…! *Czzzzt!* I'm… utterly baffled… *Czzzzt!* …As to how… I could once again…be overpowered…by an obsolete…piece of garbage…such as yourself…! *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Hmph. Even now, in the face of death, you're still spouting nonsense like that? If I were you, I would choose my last words more carefully.

Metal Sonic 3.0: G-Go right ahead… *Czzzzt!* Finish me… *Czzzt!* I can't…bear this…humiliation any longer! *Czzzt!* Just…just put me… *Czzzzt!* Out of my misery… *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Very well. *Holds out the palm of his hand*

As Metal Sonic held out the palm of his hand, he was preparing to finish off his doppelganger once and for all, with Mephiles' signature piercing beam technique (since he copied data from him and Iblis in the previous story). However, right at the last second, he began to hesitate.

Metal Sonic 3.0: What… *Czzzt!* Are you… *Czzzt!* Waiting for…!? *Czzzzt!* Just…get on with it! *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: (…) I will not.

Metal Sonic 3.0: What? *Czzzt!* You're…sparing me?! Why?? *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: First of all, I take orders from no one, especially those that I defeat. Number two, my other reason for sparing your life, is because somehow, this victory hasn't satisfied me enough, especially because of Amy Rose and the others' interference. I want a rematch where I could fight you alone, while you're at full power. I want to defeat you at your absolute best, and determine once and for all which of us is truly the better machine!

Metal Sonic 3.0: By "full power"… You're referring… *Czzzt!* …To my transformation, correct? *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: That is correct. You stay here and let your auto-recovery system repair you. I have other things to do. *Starts walking away*

Metal Sonic 3.0: W-Wait… *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Hmm? *Turns around* What is it?

Metal Sonic 3.0: There…there is no auto-recovery system…in my design… *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Well, now isn't that ironic? After all that nonsense you spouted about me being an "inferior, outdated model", you aren't even equipped with something as simple as that! Very well then… *Carries Three-Point Zero over his shoulder* I guess this means I'm going to have to take you someplace where you can be repaired. Dr. Robotnik's base isn't very far from here.

After carrying Three-Point Zero over his shoulder, Metal Sonic turned on his jet booster and flew straight towards the entrance to Dr. Robotnik's Mystic Ruins base. From there, he dropped Metal Sonic 3.0., rang the doorbell, and took off just in time before Scorch answered it.

Scorch: What the…? *Looks around and notices Metal Sonic 3.0 on the ground* Oh, so it's you, huh? Aren't you Dr. Nega's Metal Sonic copy?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Scorch: Oh, yeah, I forgot… You don't speak much, do you?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Scorch: I don't know why I'm doing this, especially since I despise Dr. Nega, but I'll go ahead and help you out anyway. *Carries him over her shoulder and brings him to Robotnik*

Robotnik: Ah, Metal Sonic Version Three-Point Zero, is it?

Scorch: Yeah. I found him lying outside near the entrance. Considering how banged up he is, it's highly unlikely that he did that himself. Someone must have dropped him off here and took off.

Robotnik: Hmm, sounds logical enough.

Scorch: So, are you willing to give him a hand? Or should we destroy him?

Robotnik: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give him a hand. After all, I feel as if he could really be of great use to us, especially when I begin the development of Project "EG-005".

Scorch: "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five"? You mean, you're creating another EG Experiment?

Robotnik: Yes, that's right, but this one's going to be different from all the rest. Rather than containing power over one specific element, EG-005 will be my most powerful creation yet, as she will contain the power of the seven elements: fire, water, ice, stone, leaf, lightning, and wind, all wrapped up into one!

Scorch: Sounds interesting!

Shock: Yeah, but are you sure she won't, you know…go haywire?

Robotnik: I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that she doesn't. The last thing I need is another Squash or Seedra, the former especially.

Storm: Alright. By the way, Doctor, did you ever figure out who's been spying on you all this time?

Robotnik: Not yet, I'm still pondering about it, trying to put the facts together. I'll figure it out soon enough. Anyway, Scorch, go ahead and sit Metal Sonic 3.0 on the table over there, and I'll start working on his repairs as soon as possible.

Scorch: Sure thing, Dr. Robotnik. *Walks over to the table and puts him down*

Robotnik: Excellent. Now, ladies, if you please… I would like to be alone for the time being, so that I could concentrate.

Shock: Sure thing, Doc.

*They leave*

Robotnik: This "spy"… This "traitor" that Nega has spoken of… Who could it be, exactly? From the way he talked about it, it must be someone who's very close to me, a lot closer than I may think… Someone who's right under my nose, in fact. According to him, it's one of the last people that I ever would have suspected. Under normal circumstances, given his history of lies and betrayal, I wouldn't believe a word he says, but even before then, I've long begun to suspect-…

Wait a minute!

*Cue flashback #1*

Robotnik: The Chaotix team… For some reason, they were always one step ahead of me…

Slush: What do you mean?

Robotnik: Somehow, they always seemed to have knowledge of my plans before I had the chance to put them into effect! It's almost as if they heard everything about it, first-hand! This just doesn't make any sense!

Slush: Your guess is as good as mine, Doctor. (Heh heh, as if I don't know.) *Smirks*

Robotnik: Hmm? You know something, don't you, Slush?

Slush: Huh!? W-What makes you say that, exactly…?

Robotnik: That look on your face definitely tells me that you know something about what's been going on…

Slush: (Oh, crap… This isn't good. I think he's on to me…) I… I don't know anything, Dr. Robotnik. Really, I don't…

Robotnik: Is that so? You've been here at this base an awful lot, even while I've been away. Are you absolutely sure that you haven't seen any suspicious activity?

Slush: "Suspicious activity", you say? Like what?

Robotnik: I'm beginning to think that we may have a spy among us…

Slush: (Oh, yeah… He is definitely onto me. I've gotta hand it to him… The old doctor is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for… I guess he wasn't kidding about his IQ.) A-A spy, you say…? N-No…at least not that I know of…

Robotnik: Are you sure? You seem awfully jumpy all of a sudden…

Slush: I'm…positive!

*End flashback*

*Cue flashback #2*

Nega Robotnik: Easy, now! Easy! I'm not here to cause any trouble! I come in peace!

Slush: After all you've done, how do we know you could be trusted!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh, look who's talking! Are you, of all people, trying to accuse me of not being trustworthy?

Slush: What do you mean!?

Nega Robotnik: Hee hee hee! Should I spell it out, or do you want to tell them?

*End flashback #2*

Robotnik: So, that's it! Slush… She's the one who's been spying on me all this time! How could I have been so blind!? I should have seen this from the start! AUGH! She's not going to get away with this! I swear it! One way or another, she's going to pay dearly for this blatant act of treason! *Screaming from the top of his lungs*: DO YOU HEAR ME, SLUSH?!? YOU WILL PAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

*That echoes all the way through the base*

Scorch, Shock, and Storm: o_O

Meanwhile, at the beach…

Silver: *Wearing a blindfold while getting dragged by the arm by Amy* How much further is she, exactly?

Amy: There's no need to worry, she's right this way! You're going to be in for a surprise when you find out who she really is!

Silver: *Reluctantly goes along with it*

Elsewhere, in a nearby area…

Blaze: This blindfold…is it really necessary?

Cream: Well, we just don't want to spoil the surprise, that's all.

Marine: Yep! Ah'm tellin' ya, love, this surprise is gonna be rippa!

Blaze: (…) You know, I wasn't going to say this at first, but I already know who you're trying to set me up with.

Cream: You…do?

Blaze: Yes, it's Silver.

Marine: How'd ya know?

Blaze: I've known all along. It wasn't very hard to figure out.

*Amy arrives with Silver*

Amy: Ta-da! *Takes the blindfold off of him*

Silver: Wha--? Blaze? (…) They're setting you up with someone, too?

Blaze: What? You still don't get it? *Laughs a little*

Silver: What's so funny?

Blaze: The "someone" that I'm being set up with is you, silly.

Amy: Well, our work here is done. We'll go ahead and leave you two alone now.

Cream: Bye!

*Amy, Cream, and Marine run off to a nearby area to go spy on them*

Silver: So, the "nice girl" they've talking about up until now… It's been you all along?

Blaze: Of course. I thought it was rather obvious, since they've been suggesting for the past year or so, that we have feelings for each other.

Silver: You're right! I don't know why I didn't realize this from the start!

Blaze: *Laughs again* As always, Silver, you're so naïve.

Silver: *Sarcastic tone* Gee, thanks.

Blaze: But I've…always liked that about you. *Kisses him on the cheek*

Silver: *Blushes*

Amy: Aww, isn't that romantic?

Cream: Yep! It looks like our plan worked after all!

Marine: PFFFT…! *whispering*: Blimey! I've gotta tell Charmy! He's gonna love this! *Snickering and trying to hold in a laugh*

Cream: Marine…that isn't very nice.

Amy: Exactly! There's nothing funny about two people being in love!

Cream: *Notices Silver and Blaze looking in their direction* Uh oh… I think they've noticed us…

Silver: Do you three mind?

Amy: O-Oh! Sorry about that!

Cream: Yes, we're very, very sorry!

*They leave*

Not too far from there…

Charmy: Huh? Hey, I didn't know you were coming to the beach, too, Slush!

Splash: Yes, I mean… Last month, when all of us came here, you decided to stay behind, because you feared that you might melt!

Slush: Well, since I was able to handle being at both the volcano and the desert, I thought I'd give this place a try, too. And besides, there's quite a few shaded areas around here, so I'm sure I'll be okay.

Charmy: Hee hee, "bee okay". Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* Oh, I could just never get enough of those!

Seedra: Neither can I! *Giggles, too*

Wechnia: *Sweatdrops* Oh, good grief…

Tikal: *Notices Knuckles and Rouge walking by* Ah, I'll take it that Heavy and Bomb finally told you the password to the new security system for the Master Emerald?

Knuckles: Yeah. From what I've seen of it, I'm sure it won't be very easy to bypass this one, like Nega did to the other one last month.

Charmy: *Looks at Knuckles and Rouge, and then snickers*

Knuckles: What're you laughing at!?

Charmy: Ohhhh... you know! *Snickers again*

Rouge: Oh, very funny! Just to refresh your memory, if you even think about spying on us again this time-

Charmy: Hee hee! Yeah, yeah, I know. Don't worry, I won't.

Knuckles: Good. I'm glad we're on the same page.

Marine: *Runs up to them* Charmy! Ya've gotta come see this, mate! It's about Silver and Blaze!

Charmy: They're kissing, aren't they? *Snickers*

Marine: Not yet, but they're probably 'bout to! *Snickers*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Charmy: Hey, Vector, Vector! Could I borrow your camera again, so I could take a picture?

Vector: You're gonna spy on dem, this time? Good idea! ...If ya have a deathwish. Fine then, wudevah. Go ahead 'n' use it. You're gonna get yourself caught, though. *Hands it to him*

Charmy: Hee hee hee, don't worry! I won't get caught this time! *Takes it and flies off*

Marine: *Follows him*

Wechnia: Well, this ought to be interesting.

Espio: Indeed.

Tiara: *Little ways from there* Get lost, brat! I called it first! I'm the one that Sonic's going on that romantic stroll with!

Amy: You called it first!? I already called it before you did, a month ago!

Ray: Oh, boy… *Facepalm*

Seedra: (…)

Amy: Sonic is mine, Boobowski! You hear me!? Stay away from him!

Tiara: He is not yours if he keeps running away from you all the time, moron!

Amy: He only runs because he's too shy to admit his feelings!

Tiara: What a load of crap! I'm the one who he has feelings for!

*They argue back and forth*

Sonic: *Starts sneaking away*

Vector: Heh heh heh! Like I always say… Nothin' but quality entertainment! *Records*


Blaze: Silver… Last year, when Mephiles took your life … I… I was devastated. For a moment, I thought I'd never see you again, up until Wechnia suggested reviving you with the Master Emerald. I've… I've wanted to express this to you for quite some time, but… I just couldn't find the words. You…mean everything to me, Silver. I (…) I love you…

Silver: And I…love you, too, Blaze…

*They lean in to kiss*

Charmy & Marine (at the same time): PFFFT...! *They hold in a laugh*

*Silver and Blaze look over there, and the two of them hide just in time before they're seen*

Silver: Eh? What was that noise?

Blaze: I heard it, too. It was probably just the wind or something…

Silver: Maybe you're right.

Blaze: So, where were we?

Without anymore sounds to interrupt them, Silver and Blaze began to kiss after expressing their love to one another. Just as they were in the middle of it, however, a sudden flash of light occurred, which was from the camera that Charmy borrowed from Vector.

Blaze: Huh!? What!?

Silver: Did someone just--? *Spots Charmy and Marine* YOU…!

Marine: Strewth! We'd better get outta here, mate! *Runs off*

Charmy: Right behind 'ja! Get it, "beehind 'ja"? *Follows Marine*

*Silver and Blaze start chasing them around for the photo, much like Knuckles and Rouge did in the final issues of Robotnik Strikes Back and The Last Story*

Charmy: GAAAAAAAH...!


Silver & Blaze (at the same time): YOU GET BACK HERE!

*The chase continues*

Vector: Y'see? I knew that was gonna happen!

Mighty: Heh heh, so did I. Those two could just never seem to stay out of trouble!

Knuckles: Yeah, especially since that's about the sixth time that's happened throughout the series!

Wechnia: …?

Espio: Huh? What "series" are you referring to, exactly?

Vector: What? Ya mean ya really don't know?

Espio: No, I don't.

Mighty: Please, do fill us in.

Honey: Yes, I think we'd all like to know.

Vector: It's…kinda've a long story, so don't even worry about it. We'll tell ya some otha time.

Wechnia: Alright then.

Later on that day, after they were finished spending time at the beach, Slush, not knowing that Dr. Robotnik has caught on to her betrayal, has decided to return to his Mystic Ruins base.

*Music Cue*

Slush: Hey, you guys. I'm back! *Looks around* (…) Hmm? Where is everybody? Dr. Robotnik? Scorch? Shock? Storm? Anybody?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Enters the room, fully repaired*

Slush: Wait a minute, I know you! You're Dr. Nega's Metal Sonic copy, Metal Sonic Three-Point-Something! What are you doing here!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: After another humiliating loss to that outdated model, Metal Sonic, I was brought here in order to get my wounds healed so that we could have a rematch. Dr. Robotnik was generous enough to repair me, so I have temporarily sworn allegiance to him as an act of gratitude.

Slush: You sound almost exactly like Scorch, with the only difference being that her allegiance is permanent.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Have you, by any chance, heard of the new project that the doctor is working on?

Slush: A new project? What kind?

Metal Sonic 3.0: He is currently in the process of creating a fifth EG Experiment, which he has codenamed "EG-005".

Slush: So, he's working on another one, huh? Interesting… What kind of power will this one possess?

Metal Sonic 3.0: See for yourself. The blueprints for EG-005 are right there, in the production room.

Slush: Okay, got it. (…) Say, by the way… Robotnik wouldn't happen to be here right now, would he?

Metal Sonic 3.0: He is not. He said that he had an errand to run, so he has left the base momentarily.

Slush: (Perfect! That's rather convenient for me! Now that he's gone, as well as the fact that my communicator is charged, I could report this discovery to the Chaotix with no problem! ) *Runs off*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm… All too easy. *Takes out a communicator of his own* The Ice Goddess is heading for the production room; I repeat, she is heading towards the production room.

???: Ha ha ha ha ha...! Excellent work, Metal Sonic 3.0! Now, you just leave the rest to me.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Understood. *Breaks contact*

Wasting no time, Slush quickly hurried to the production room in order to examine the blueprints of EG-005 and report her findings to the Chaotix team. Little did she know, however, that she was playing right into the evil doctor's hand…

Slush: *Enters* Alright, so this is the production room. Exactly where are the plans for this "EG-005" that Three-Point-What's-His-Name spoke of? *Looks around* Ah, I see! It's right here, on the computer! *Sits down and examines them* So, this is Project EG-005… Appearance-wise, she hardly looks any different from the other four, but apparently, she's going to have my powers, along with Scorch's, Splash's, Squash's, Seedra's, Shock's, and Storm's powers combined into one! Wait a minute, what's this!? Robotnik… He's planning…to make her invincible by infusing her gem with energy from the Chaos Rings!? This…this isn't good! This is more horrible than I imagined! If Robotnik couldn't control Squash, there's no way he'll be able to control something this powerful! Oh, that does it! I won't allow this to happen! I'd better go ahead and destroy these blueprints! EG-005 must never, and I mean never see the light of day!

???: Snoop pingas usual, I see...

Slush: *Looks toward the entrance* Wha--? Doctor Robotnik!

Robotnik: Ha ha ha ha ha...! That's right! It looks as if you've played right into my hand, just as I knew you would!

Slush: W-What!?

Robotnik: I've finally figured it out. The spy that's been leaking information behind my back for the past month… It's been you all along, hasn't it?

Slush: ...

Robotnik: Ha ha ha ha ha...! I must say, I'm impressed! It even took me, the great Doctor Ivo Robotnik, scientific genius extraordinaire, quite some time to figure it out! For the past month or so, you've played a daring and ingenious game, my clever little friend, but now it's all over, traitor!

Slush: ...!

Uh oh! The unthinkable has finally happened! After thinking long and hard about the situation, in addition to various hints, Dr. Robotnik has finally figured out that Slush is the one who's been spying on him all this time! Although the heroes have triumphed over the likes of Mephiles the Dark, Iblis, Dr. Nega, and Metal Sonic Version 3.0, another problem awaits them. Will this "EG-005" pose a significant threat as Slush has begun to fear? What horrible fate does Robotnik have in store for the Ice Goddess now that he has caught on to her treachery? Find out next time, on Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

The End? Or…the beginning?

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